Spirulina FAQs

Spirulina FAQs

Spirulina FAQs

Learn About Spirulina

Do you want to learn about spirulina (Also Chlorella & Maca) and the conditions it might be helpful with? This is our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page about Spirulina with links to supporting articles and pages on our site. We also have a few other subjects that we hope you will also find interesting.

You may find Spirulina to be helpful to you. As a super food, it has been found to be a useful supplement for a wide range of conditions, supporting physical activities and for different parts of the body*. We have experienced this ourselves with a complete turnaround in our health. We have also researched it for a wide range of conditions which are listed here on our Spirulina FAQs.

There are however some pre-existing conditions where it is not a good idea, these too are highlighted below.

Check Out the Different Summaries

Please review the different summaries and click through to the appropriate pages to learn more. Don’t forget to check out the history of spirulina which you may find quite surprising.

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You are what you eat”. Spirulina helps you best from the inside out. Spirulina has been found in a study to be one of the building blocks, DNA related, for the vegetables that we eat. Providing of course you have a securely sourced, contamination free supply.

Spirulina may be helpful to you for a wide range of conditions, activities and for different parts of your body that we have experienced personally or have researched. Please review these summaries and click through to the appropriate page to learn more.

Agent Orange“.  We understand it was used to help detox people who suffered from Agent Orange poisoning in Cambodia/Vietnam.

Allergic Rhinitis: Allergies, Hay Fever, Allergic Rhinitis, spirulina appears to help symptoms. Check out this page for details as to how.

Allergies: Do you suffer from allergies? Spirulina might help you with symptoms. This page describes how it might help you

Alzheimer’s: Studies have found that “Spirulina might prevent loss of memory and reduce oxidative damage”. This page with links to supporting studies, describes how Spirulina might help Alzheimer’s sufferers

Andropause: Andropause is the male version of Menopause. Spirulina may help you with andropause: it has with members of our team. Check this page to learn more of this little-known condition.

Anti-Ageing skin care: After you have read this page you might want to dispense with many of your expensive creams and lotions. And save a lot of money in the process. Seriously, we feel rejuvenated! And look it too! Why do you think so many celebrities and members of the Royal Family, rave about spirulina or quietly keep it as “their” little secret? This is a must read for those looking to slow down the development of wrinkles.

After Antibiotics: If you have been taking antibiotics your system might have been weakened somewhat. Spirulina can help to boost your system again. Read here about why this is.

Anti Inflammatory Food Various studies have shown the anti-inflammatory effects of Spirulina.  Check this click through for details.

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), the Spirulina superfood might help you or a loved one with ADD, Why not give it a try? Check out this article with a study highlighting how the spirulina super food may help ADD.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).  Likewise a study has highlighted how the Spirulina superfood might help your or a loved one with ADHD.  Learn more via this click through.

Anxiety: Does spirulina help with Anxiety and Depression. We found some evidence that it does. Learn more on this click through.

Asthma: Studies have found that taking spirulina daily, significantly improves asthma control in mild and moderate cases*.  Please check this click through to learn more.

Autism.  Does spirulina help autism beyond helping with good nutrition? In some cases, it seems to help.  Check this blog for the evidence.   If you are interested in learning more about autism, you might find this personal experience, from a Mother with an autistic child interesting or helpful.

Avocados are another superfood with many benefits too. Learn more about avocados via this click through with healthyfoodieonline.com

B1 Vitamin, See Thiamin below. May help with the management of cytokine storm, caused by Covid 19*. Spirulina contains thiamin.

Blood Pressure: So, does Spirulina help mitigate hypertension (blood pressure)? Various studies suggest it does. Read the article in full to learn more.

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), the Spirulina superfood might help you or a loved one with BPD, particularly if you suffer from problems with your gut or IBS  Why not give it a try?* Learn more via this click through.

Brain Health: Learn more how spirulina can help to beat inflammation in your body.  So its particularly good to reduce the number of those “senior moments”!*

Brain Food: The stomach and brain connection is a fact. The gut is even referred to as being ‘The second brain‘. Not long ago, it was discovered  that the gut and brain are connected by one of the body´s largest nerves called the vagus nerve. Learn more how having a healthy gut is important for our brain health and how spirulina can help your brain!

Blood Sugar: Spirulina appears to help mitigate problems of raised blood sugar. This article describes how it helped a member of the team to control his diabetes.

Blood-thinning medication: – If you are taking blood thinner medications it is probably best to avoid spirulina unless your doctor tells you otherwise. Please check this page for more information.

Boost your immune system: Boost your immune system with this natural super food supplement. See what we found.

Body Detox: Spirulina is a terrific way to detox. It’s been used in some pretty extreme circumstances to help detox people from “agent orange” poisoning in Vietnam and Cambodia to Radiation poisoning in Chernobyl, Ukraine. But you can use it just to boost your own health and “detox”. If it can help in extreme circumstance, just imagine what it can do for your body to rejuvenate those organs you might have abused over the years, eating and drinking too much!

Buy Quality Spirulina or Maca: We´ve reduced the risk for you by researching the better suppliers. Those people that complain about “not liking” or having “had a bad experience,” may have purchased contaminated supplies. This is a risk, particularly if you buy “the cheapest”. The idea is to improve your health taking these supplements or adding spirulina powder to smoothies or meals. We can recommend the following; suppliers.

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==>And for Maca<==

Cancer: We have unearthed evidence that suggests spirulina may be helpful with a  range of different cancers,  in particular with prevention.  Check this click through to learn more, how this powerful antioxidant may be able to help you.*  With 3 grams of spirulina the equivalent of 3 kg of mixed fruit and vegetables, is it a surprise?

Candida: On this page we explore how Candida can help with Candida. Some people have found it helpful for this condition.

Carefully choose the spirulina you are going to buy. We cannot emphasise this enough. Where you obtain your  Spirulina from is so important.  Getting this right is essential.  Some suppliers e.g. from China do not conform to strict best practice standards.  So if you are not going to grow your own, we currently only suggest the suppliers that you can find via this click through. Many people that have complained  “it made me sick” purchased cheap or contaminated supplies. Or they did not understand that it would detox them first and had some of the symptoms we experienced and are described on our page about how much spirulina to take.  Getting the supply right is critical. This page makes some suggestions as to where.

CBD Oil No, this is nothing to do with spirulina, but can CBD oil also help dementia and Alzheimer’s patients? What is CBD oil? Learn more at mywellbrain.com

Celebrities & Spirulina – HRH Kate Middleton, Gwyneth Paltrow, Oprah Winfrey, and Miranda Kerr all seem to be spirulina enthusiasts and may explain their energy and zest for life. “You look so good for your ageIt does ours. We are researching an article for the site.

Chernobyl: We understand spirulina was used used to help detox and mitigate radiation poisoning at Chernobyl. If it was used in such harsh conditions, imagine how it might help you?

Children and Spirulina.  Its a Powerhouse of nutrition.  Learn more in this article.

Chile: anecodotal evidence of successful use of spirulina, with one of the best Spirulina´s in the World.

Chlorella: Learn more about Chlorella and the evidence we found about Chlorella in our blog; what is chlorella about?

Chlorella is also considered to be a natural superfood, similar but different to Spirulina.  Spirulina has more protein than Chlorella, about 60%, compared to Chlorella`s 40% protein.  Chlorella is reported to be great for cleaning the blood stream, so possibly better than spirulina for detox purposes (& spirulina is fantastic! for detox) and helps to clean the bowel by keeping the blood stream clean and so helps to protect the liver.*

It is said, that Chlorella also helps to balance blood sugar and through this, supports pancreatic functions, brain, and heart function.  It is also said that like spirulina, it helps with the normalisation of blood pressure too. It’s also reported,  to be helpful to maintain white blood cells, for those undertaking radiation therapy or chemotherapy for cancer, helping to prevent Leukopenia and might help to slow cancer cells.  However, the evidence is sparse.  Chlorella is also said to be helpful with the repair of nerve tissue damage, so possibly an ideal supplement for people with degenerative brain and nerve disorders*.  Please carefully note, unlike spirulina, for which there are numerous studies and evidence, there are far fewer studies for chlorella.  Many of the claims we found, seem to be based on anecdotal evidence.  Please see our blog for what we have found.

We further understand that Chlorella, has “a high concentration of iodine”, so you should check with your Dr if this might be an issue for you. Please check with your Doctor before using Chlorella, particularly if you are taking any other medications.

Cholesterol: Can Spirulina Help Lower Cholesterol?  The Evidence we have researched, certainly suggests this to be the case* Check this article for specific details.

This was our first look at spirulina and the evidence that Spirulina helps to control cholesterol*. If this is a concern for you or a loved one, please check here for details.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: If you suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, this article describes how spirulina might offer you a solution or at least a possible way to help you mitigate your symptoms. Learn more here.

Cognitive Health and the brain: Want to improve or support your memory? Learn from our experience.

Colitis: The evidence appears to be good for spirulina with colitis too. Details are explained here.

Covid 19: Management of Symptoms.  See Thiamin, Vitamin B1 below.

Dementia: This page explores how spirulina appears to help with symptoms of dementia and how it might help the brain and memory*. Spirulina appears to generally help cognitive health, beyond the elderly suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson´s disease.  There is growing evidence that gut health is linked to brain health, check this click through to learn more.

Dental Plaque:  If you need yet another reason to try spirulina, we have found evidence in a study that spirulina can possibly help to reduce dental plaque and gingivitis, discover more via this click through

Depression: Does spirulina help with Depression and Anxiety? We found some evidence that it does. Learn more via this click through.

Detox: Been eating and drinking too much? Spirulina can help you “detox”. You will be amazed how much energy you have after you have taken it for a while. It has been used in some extreme circumstances to help detox people, e.g. in Vietnam and Cambodia with “agent orange” poisoning and radiation poisoning in Chernobyl, Ukraine. Imagine what it can do to help your body too if you have abused it over the years, eating and drinking too much! Come on admit to it, we have all done it on occasions! Learn more here.

Diabetes Type 1: Spirulina appears to help people manage problems of raised blood sugar. This click through describes how it helped a member of the team to control his diabetes.

Diabetes Type 2: Spirulina appears to support the management of raised blood sugar. This page describes how it helped support a member of the team to control his diabetes.

Diet.  What can you do as a simple way to improve your diet? Good nutrition and a healthy diet has always been important, but in a post Covid-19 world, it is going to be even more important.  This article explains more.

Eyes: We have noticed how spirulina strengthens our eyes. But there is also evidence from studies that it can help your eyes. Whilst this link focuses on Macular Degeneration, this page also discusses the benefits to the eyes and why.




Exercise and Working Out at the Gym: Are you a regular gym goer? Or suffer from insufficient energy to work out for long periods? Spirulina might be a solution for you. Discover more via this click through.

Increase your energy. Many celebrities take spirulina to help them with their hectic lifestyles. We discovered this before we had had heard these celebrities were taking it as their “secret” ingredient for energy, vitality and to keep their skin and hair looking beautiful & shiny. Now you can too.

An equilibrium for your body.  Learn how spirulina helps.

Fatigue: Do you suffer from bouts of fatigue or tiredness during the working day? Even after a good night`s sleep? You might want to consider learning how spirulina may help you. We wish we had known this years ago. It is so much better than so called “energy” drinks, that are packed with sugar.

Fatty Liver: One of the original reasons a member of the team started to take Spirulina, was to help overcome his Fatty Liver. From personal experience, we know it has helped us. This article provides some supporting clinical and academic reasons as to why it helps those suffering from Fatty Liver. It was one of our early articles and so we plan to give it a refresh.

Gastrointestinal problems: Do you suffer from gastrointestinal problems? Members of our team certainly did. And no longer do. This page explains how Spirulina might be able to help your symptoms.

Gout. If you conduct a search for spirulina & gout on the internet, you will find that most recommend against taking spirulina if you suffer from gout, as it contains uric acid.  However, you will also find sites that say in small quantities 500 mg to 3 g a day, it is fine.  I myself (Trevor) have suffered from gout on 3 occasions and had a gout attack when I first took spirulina.  But at the time, I was also detoxing. My experience of detoxing is described via this click through.  Since that one attack, after starting to take spirulina, I have detoxed, and used spirulina daily 2-3 grams a day, I have not had a repeat of any form of gout attack but seen many of the benefits as described on this site.  If you suffer from gout, our recommendation is to only take small amounts, initially just 500mg a day and carefully monitor,  providing you have checked and cleared this approach with your doctor first. I have not had a gout attack since that one gout attack, in the early stages of detoxing.

Gingivitis: It may surprise you to learn, that according to a study, spirulina can help to reduce dental plaque and gingivitis, learn more via this click through

Spirulina FAQs

Grow your own spirulina: Want to learn how to grow your own spirulina? This page describes the simple steps to take to have your own simple spirulina “garden” at home! You will never have to worry about ordering or obtaining fresh and contamination free supplies again!

Gut Health.  Spirulina can be a great way to help improve the health of your gut and mitigate and manage IBS, possibly after you have gone through a detox*.  Learn more about the importance of gut health and the link that it has with our brains at wellbrain.com

Hair You are what you eat, so it’s not surprising that Spirulina works from the inside to help your outside. Spirulina is great for your hair. Also, your nails and skin. Learn more via this click through.

Spirulina FAQs

Hay Fever: Do you suffer from hay fever? Spirulina might help you with symptoms. This page describes how it might help you.




Herpes Spirulina may help you or a loved one to mitigate herpes outbreaks. We have found some evidence which is linked in this article as to how it might help you.

History of Spirulina If you think ancient history is Greek or Roman, think again. The story of Spirulina goes back 3 Billion years or more! A reference in Genesis, Chapter 9, Verse 3 in the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible hints of a possible reference to it. But we are not exactly sure. However, it certainly goes back many thousands of years to the beginning of our planet. Read about it here.

How much spirulina should I take: How much spirulina to take for different conditions is explained here and includes our own experience. Ensuring you have a clean and safe supply in the first place and then start taking spirulina slowly! Learn why via this click through.

Hypertension Studies have found that spirulina can help mitigate high blood pressure which this article discusses. If you have raised blood pressure, please check with your Doctor whether you can also take the super food or supplement spirulina. A member of our team takes Cozar for blood pressure and since taking spirulina too, his blood pressure readings have been markedly lower.

Hyperthyroidism Some people “swear” by spirulina to help them with hyperthyroidism. Read what we have found in our research.

IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Can spirulina help mitigate symptoms of IBS? Can it also help with Candida? Colitis? Our experience suggests that it can help. Learn more on this page*

Inflammation and Leaky Gut: Inflammation in the body can lead to serious health consequences including, arthritisdiabetes, cancer and dementia. A 2020 study has shown that Spirulina effectively heals the gut lining and inflammation was greatly reduced with a “spirulina-treated group”.  Learn more via this click through.

Learn more about Spirulina: Check out the history page.

Lecithin & Spirulina.  Combining a good quality spirulina and lecithin may help you reach your ideal weight.  Check out this example from Chile.*

Learn how to work from home and earn a sustainable income on a subject you enjoy. This includes training and up to two free websites with free hosting.

Lose weight sustainably If our experience is anything to go by, spirulina may help you lose weight. Primarily as it seems to help satiate your appetite, but please check this article to learn more

Lupus: Please carefully read the advice on the page; What is Spirulina About?

Maca Powder:  Learn about this astonishing superfood, that is particularly good to enhace the libido of men and women. Its particularly recommended for post-menopausal women too. We will be adding more information about Maca, so please do check our site updates.

Macular Degeneration: There is evidence spirulina helps the eyes. This article explains why it can be helpful to mitigate the symptoms of Macular Degeneration.

Malnourished? Spirulina can help with those who are malnourished or underweight* This page explains more.

Memory.  Do you have the odd “senior moment”?  Spirulina`s nutrients may help you to sharpen your memory.  Read this page to learn more.

Male Menopause? Do men get menopause? Surprisingly, the answer is Yes. Men can get a sort of menopause. But in men, it’s not called menopause but Andropause. Spirulina can help to mitigate and overcome symptoms* Please read this click through for details. In particular its great for helping to enhance muscles – combined with exercise, supporting testosterone levels, helping with your sex life.

Menopause: Spirulina appears to help with the symptoms of menopause. In this article we explore the evidence that suggests it can help to mitigate symptoms. You may wish to consider trying it after reading this page.  Maca is also recommended for post-menopausal women

Mental Health: Discover how spirulina might help you with anxiety and depression. It has even been suggested by a study (1), that it might help with attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, eating disorders, attention, autism, and substance use disorder. Check the click through to learn more.

Multiple sclerosis: Please see and carefully read the advice we highlight on the page; What is Spirulina About?


Muscle Growth and Development: Learn how you can boost your strength, combined with lifting weights, allowing you to exercise more sustainably.

Nasal Congestion. One thing we can say for sure, is that ever since taking Spirulina regularly, none of our team members have suffered from those dreadful seasonal “blocked noses” that are so common after colds and influenza. See allergic rhinitus.

Acute Nephritis” (inflammation of the kidneys). See comments below from A




Osteoarthritis: You may find spirulina is helpful to you if you have Osteoarthritis (repeat Osteoarthritis. Learn more via this click though.

Osteoperosis: Boost your diet with Spirulina.  This page explains why.

Overactive immune system conditions: Please carefully read the advice on the page; What is Spirulina About?

Pancreas Check out our page on how the spirulina super-food might be added to your diet. After you have checked with your Doctor of course.

Parkinson`s Disease:  There is some evidence that quality spirulina could help mitigate the symptoms of Parkinson`s Disease, learn more via this click through.

Pregnancy: Is it safe for expectant Mothers to take Spirulina? Is it safe for your baby? We are currently researching this in detail.

Plants & Vegetables:  So you have enjoyed a spirulina shake or smoothie but have some left on the sides of your mixer.  Don`t waste it by washing and pouring it down the sink. Wash it off and pour what is left on your plants or vegetables, you might be surprised by the results! we did and they grew faster and bigger.  Spirulina is thought by researchers to be one of the building blocks of plant DNA!

Radiation Poisoning.  Spirulina was used at Chernobyl to help detox children exposed to radiation poisoning.

Rheumatoid arthritis. Not to be confused with Osteoarthritis which is a different condition. Please carefully read the advice on the page; What is Spirulina About?

Recipes.  Check out our delicious recipes that include Spirulina powder rather than taking supplements.

Reviews of different Spirulina brands.  Check the Pros and Cons of Pure Hawaiian Spirulina Powder/Tablets.

Sciatica Might spirulina be an alternative treatment sciatica? It appears to help. Please check the results of our research.

Sea Vegetables. Not spirulina, but are you interested in learning about sea vegetables? Check this click through from wholeearthgoodness.com to learn more.

Sex Life.  Improve your sex life taking spirulina. Check this click through.  It might save you a fortune in viagra! Maca is also highly recommended if you are looking to enhance your libido – men and women! Learn more via this click through. Believe me, spirulina helped my libido, but combined with Maca, it was another level! Did somebody mention rabbits?

Sinusitis – Do you suffer from “blocked noses” after a cold or infection? As with Allergic Rhinitis: Allergies, spirulina seems to help, we are preparing an article. 

Skin Care: Evidence we have found highlights the evidence that spirulina is great for the skin. You might save some a lot of money on those expensive skin care products.  Many high end “skin care treatments” contain spirulina!

Sleep Apnea Those who are overweight, particularly men and those over the age of 50, who are or were smokers with high blood pressure, may be susceptible to sleep apnea.  Advice on sleep apnea is available via this click through. If you suspect you may have sleep apnea, we recommend you consult your doctor.  Spirulina will not directly help with the symptoms of sleep apnea but could perhaps help you indirectly, by helping your efforts to reduce weight and helping to reduce blood pressure*. Please see how spirulina may help with weight loss and blood pressure via these click throughs: Reduce weight. Blood Pressure.*

Stomach Ulcers, gastric stomach ulcers: Doctors in the research we undertook recommend spirulina for this condition. Learn more here.

Spirulina for the stomach and the brain:! The  brain and stomach connection is a fact. The stomach or gut is even referred to as being ‘The second brain‘. Not long ago, it was discovered  that the stomach and brain are linked by one of the body´s largest nerves called the vagus nerve. You can learn more via this click through on why having a healthy gut is important for our brain health.  Also how spirulina can help your brain! A supporting study confirms this.

Strengthen the Immune System After Antibiotics: Strengthen your immune system with this natural super food supplement. See what we found.

Storage of Spirulina. Please Don´t make the mistake of leaving your spirulina in your hot kitchen with your other vitamins. Spirulina needs to be stored in a cool, dry, and dark location. The Fridge can be a good spot in a sealed container. But anywhere dry, cool, out of direct sunlight and ideally dark is fine.

Stroke Patients: Can stroke patients take the superfood spirulina? Can it help people recovering from a Stroke? A 2005 animal study (1) found that diets that had been enriched with spirulina experienced “improved recovery of movement following a stroke” and experienced less brain-cell loss.  However, please carefully note, we are not doctors. We always recommend that you check with your doctor or medical professional, if you have any pre-existing conditions, before taking spirulina.  Whilst spirulina has many benefits, as highlighted on this site, with links/sources to supporting studies, there are some conditions where it is best not to take spirulina.  You can check these via this click through. In particular, we understand that spirulina combined with blood thinning medication is best avoided.   If you or a loved one are a stroke patient, please check with your doctor before taking spirulina, in particular if you are taking medication.*


(1) Researchers at the University of South Florida College of Medicine, James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital.

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==>And for Maca<==

Suicide.  No, spirulina does not stop suicide, but it might help the mental health of somebody at risk, so reducing the risk.     We support those who are seeking to raise awareness of the effects of bullying, to help prevent bullying and suicide. The impact of bullying and cyber bullying can take a terrible toll on people, particularly with children and young people.  If this is something that concerns you, or might be impacting a loved one, you might like to check the articles at bullieshurt.

Spirulina is a Superfood. Please carefully note, spirulina is a superfood, not a medication, so it needs to be taken consistently for a period of time, to see and experience the many benefits.

Supplies: Where do I buy Spirulina? Getting this right is so important as contamination in Spirulina can be a serious health risk. This is often the cause of some people`s complaint about how “spirulina made me sick”. It will if its contaminated, so getting the supply right is critical.

This page highlights those suppliers we recommend due to their quality production standards, and why it’s so important to get this right. In our experience specialist suppliers such as these for spirulina are best:

==>Click Here If You Are Interested In Buying Quality Spirulina Or Chlorella<==

==>And for Maca<==

Teeth: As with your hair, nails and skin, spirulina seems to be a terrific option to support teeth health. Our article explores this in more detail.

The 16th Century Viagra.  Learn about the benefits of Maca Powder. We have tested it and it works. Well!

Thiamin (Vitamin B1); Whilst brands vary on precise quantities, spirulina contains a high concentration of thiamin or thiamine, otherwise known as Vitamin B1.  Some Doctors (see attached video)  say it is helpful with the management of Covid 19 symptoms, adding that it appears to “reduce the impact of cytokine storm that Covid 19 patients suffer from”. Watch the video from 0:30 seconds (NB: It is quite technical).  Yet another reason to add a good quality spirulina to your diet.*

The same doctor recommends adding vitamin D to help with prevention of Covid 19. (Spirulina does not contain Vitamin D)

Toasted skin syndrome.  No, we hadn`t heard of this before, but thought it might catch your eye.  Learn more about toasted skin syndrome, via this click through.

==>Click Here If You Are Interested In Buying Quality Spirulina Or Chlorella<==

==>And for Maca<==

Weight Loss: Need to lose weight? Want to lose weight sustainably? Spirulina helps to satiate your appetite. I lost 28 kilos with the help of Spirulina combined with regular exercise. Learn how via this click through.

Weight Loss & Chilean Spirulina.  Check out this click through on weight loss and spirulina.



And since you are here, just one more, unrelated point to spirulina. But it might help you change your life:

Work from Home? Would you like to change your lifestyle? Sick of commuting? Learnt to appreciate working from home during Covid 19 but now must commute again? Learn here how you can achieve a sustainable income by working from home or on the road!

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(1) See the blog for details

*Nothing on this website should be interpreted as personal medical advice. Always consult a qualified Doctor or health care professional before changing anything related to your healthcare. *Please see the About
page for the references.


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    • Thank you Rodrigo for your visit, where you describe the success your wife has experienced in overcoming gastrointestinal problems and IBS thanks to spirulina. We are delighted you have found our site helpful and above all that the pain she was suffering has gone, thanks to regularly consuming the superfood spirulina. You are right to highlight that it does take a while before you see the benefits of spirulina, as its a superfood and not a medication. Did she experience a boost in her energy levels at all? You are also right to highlight the importance of a quality supply, that is absolutely essential, as is the amount you take. Thank you again for stopping by. We wish you ongoing success, now your wife is regularly using spirulina.

  3. Hi Trevor! your article about spirulina was so extensive…it almost covers treatment for all the disease in this whole wide world, I didnt know that it is also good for radiation injuries as a detoxifying agent . Actually my wife introduce spirulina to me few months ago and we mix it in our smoothies through blender and take it after exercises. It works because it decreases my belly fat but it should be match with dieting, Thanks for the share Trevor!

    • Thank you Laertes.  Your comment made me smile.  It certainly seems to help a lot of conditions and that is probably due to its excellent nutrient profile.  Its been around for Millenia and is part of the building blocks of many of our plants.  Some doctors are now saying that diet is the way to approach illnesses now.  But I should add the proviso, that it is not a silver bullet for everything.  But it has certainly helped my health and I hope it helps yours. I was fascinated to learn during our research, that it was used to help detoxify people who suffered from radiation sickness after Chernobyl. And also used to treat people poisoned by agent orange from the Vietnam war.  Logical if you consider the theory that one academic has suggested,  that it helped to orginally cleanse the air of our planet to allow life to develop here. 

  4. Wow! You have not just educated me about spirulina but you have also opened my eyes to a lot more questions that I had never considered asking about before. The best part is that you have provided answers to it all. This is really worth reading.  Thank you so much for sharing this here. I really like what you have shared here as it is such a useful resource. Thumbs up to you for such a helpful page and resource. 

    • Thank you Kinberly, We are glad you find it to be a useful resource.  That is what it is intended to be, to help people find out quickly if spirulina can help (or not) with different conditions or whether the superfood is right for them. We always try to find supporting studies or research in support of the different conditons.   You may also find it helpful to check the how much to take page and the history of spirulina.

  5. An article having this quality takes time and energy to develop. Most especially when its designed to help out people with useful information with links to so many pages covering so many conditions such as boosting your energy but also highlighting the risks such as why it is so important to purchase from a reliable and good supplier. I also commend the beautiful website that you have created with nice templates. I look forward to more articles from you. Thank you very much for this. 

    • Thank you Lucas for your comment.  I`m glad you found it helpful and that you also like the design.  I`m pleased you also found the energy page helpful and that you captured the key point of buying from a clean supplier of spirulina.  That is critical. Sometimes, people have dismissed this astonishing superfood simply because they have bought cheap and low quality brands, that may well have been contaminated, hence their experience. 

      If you have a chance, when you next visit, check out the history page, its well worth perusing to learn more. The other surprising benefit beyond helping with IBS, Candida and helping cognitive health (memory) is how it can also help mental health and in certain circumstances has been found to mitigate autism symptoms.  Diet is increasingly becoming regarded as a key factor by doctors in our healthcare. Spirulina has certainly helped turn my health around and I hope those who find this site and start taking it as a result, also see their health and fitness improving.  Thanks again for stopping by. 

  6. Its so good to learn about this supplement that seems to be very good for a wide range of things and ailments that is known to man. I was introduced to this quite recently when a friend of mine started having anxiety disorder and I see that this can help with anxiety but can it help with it’s disorder?

  7. I saw a documentary the other day about spirulina.  I had no idea that it has a lot of benefits. Do you know that astronauts on a mission out in space are taking Spirulina? Thank you for sharing the benefits of Spirulina. It is amazing that Spirulina can help with allergies, How long do you think that we have to take to see the positive result? 

    • Thank you Nuttanee for your comment.  What was the documentary called?  Yes, I did know that astronauts are using spirulina on space missions. Its great for allergies too. You ask a highly pertinent and good question; 

      “How long do you think that we have to take it, to see the positive result?  The important thing to remember is that spirulina is a food.   A superfood.  We are all so used to taking medications, that we expect to see quick results.  

      Spirulina takes time.  It requires consistent patience, particularly if you have had an unhealthy lifestyle as I used to. It takes time for your body to react, before spirulina helps you to “clean out” your system.  I think you need to take spirulina consistently and on a daily basis, for at least 3 to 4 months before you notice improvements.  In my case, at first I had a horrible detox, but my alternative remedy doctor encouraged me to continue, as it would help my fatty liver and clean out my kidneys and blood (cholesterol).  Once I had recovered from that, at about 9 months, I started to notice I had increased energy, my mind was sharper, I no longer had colds or the flu, I somehow felt “happier” and the real surprise was I noticed my muscles were developing too – that was at about month 12. I was also losing weight! And then I noticed I didn`t have hay fever in spring anymore!  I used to suffer 2 or 3 head colds a year with horrible “stuffed noses”, all now gone!  My body started to feel rejuventated.  Other people commented to me that they no longer experienced herpes outbreaks anymore after regularly taking spirulina

      But yes all of these benefits takes time. Spirulina is a superfood that boosts your system.  Taking 2 -3 grams of spirulina a day, is like eating 2 or 3 kilos of fruit and vegetables a day, it boosts your system, helping you to fight off health problems. But its essential you consume a quality brand, or you will not see these benefits, in fact it could be the reverse. I am also taking some Chlorella now, and I feel even more energetic.  I`m 60 this year! The sooner you start taking spirulina regularly, the sooner you will see the benefits, but don`t expect an overnight result. Thanks again for your great question.

  8. Hello, clearly, health is wealth and I have to say I  am really happy to finally get to see a clear knowledge of what this is.  I have heard lot of things about it and from various people who knew a thing about it. Reading through this post I realise it can help our health in so many ways.  There is so much that can be learned here and I would love to share it with others.

    • Thanks Justin.  Good health certainly is so important.  Spirulina has certainly helped to turn my health around.  I`m glad you found this “knowledgeable”.  We try to research our articles thoroughly, based on evidence reather than hearsay. Although my personal experience has been the main driver for the site, as I feel rejuvenated having taken spirulina for a number of years now.  It might sound corny, but I feel a bit like the Dr Who character from the BBC!  

      Do check out the history page for more background and the “how much to take” page is also recommended for people who are new to spirulina. And finally, where you buy spirulina is critical.  the local health food shop or Amazon where it may have been sitting in hot warehouses or on their shelves for a while, may not be the best. Spirulina has a very limited shelf life for it to be effective and of course, the production methods by the companies are critical.  That is why we are highly selective as to which companies we suggest.  

  9. Thank you for sharing this wonderful and insightful article about spirulina. I really enjoyed reading your article ‘FAQ’ s Learn About Spirulina’. I think the supplement is a really great product and I was surprised to hear about the many illnesses and ailments that it treats. If this is as good as you say it is then I’m definitely interested in buying it 

    • Thanks for stopping by Sean. I`m glad you found this article enjoyable.  Just to be clear, spirulina is a superfood, so it doesn`t “treat” as say a medication does (typically a medication is poison killing other infections & then impacting on the body in other respects, you know how drained you can feel after a course of antibiotics)  but spirulina helps your body to heal itself with the nutrients it provides. Please be cafeful to choose a quality brand. The local “health food store or even e.g. Amazon, may have had them in stock either in the shop or their warehouses for some time, and its important spirulina is as fresh as possible and not stored in hot conditions or its impact reduces.  That is why we recommend specialist suppliers such as E-Vitamins (Globally)  and Whole Foods (UK).  You may also want to check our page on “how much to take” as that can be confusing at first because there is no official advice as its a superfood. 

  10. A family member has used spiraling based on several reviews highlighting its phenomenal benefits to human health. She lives in India where there are numerous spiraling production sites possibly not controlled by authorities. 
    I think the culprit for not working spiraling is its quality. It’s production and preservation techniques are unique. If exposed outside, it can lose its quality and potency.

    It is nice to find the right source one rely on potency. Then only it can work for so many complex symptoms. 

    • Dear Anusuya, thank you for your thoughtful and intelligent comment. You are absolutely right; If spirulina is not produced in optimum conditions, it does not work, indeed it can even be dangerous.  You are right, if it is exposed to any kind of pollution, as is likely in large population areas with heavy industry, as seen in India, China or elsewhere, it can lose its potency and quality.  That is why we are so careful as to which spirulina`s we suggest or recommend. Clean production processes are absolutely critical, we explain this in detail on our, “how much spirulina to take page” and the history of spirulina page. 

  11. Hi, I heard about spirulina but have very little knowledge about its benefits. I just watched the Ted talk video in one of your articles and am surprised on how powerful Spirulina can be. I am sure I had taken it in one of the vitamin drinks or smoothies when in Australia, as they love to mix healthy stuff down under. 

    I will be reading more of your articles and will most probably give Spirulina a try. Thank you for the information. Marisa

    • Thanks Marisa for your comment & glad you found the Ted talk video helpful.  The fact that 3 grammes of spirulina is the equivalent of 3 kilos of mixed fruit and vegetables was enlightening to us at first, that is why we have included their video, even if it is quite long !  I suspect in Australia there is quite a lot of spirulina from China.  Caution, a lot of this supply (but not all) can be contaminated.  Good growing conditions are essential, as we highlight in our, “how much spirulina to take” page and the “history of spirulina page“.  We trust the suppliers highlighted in our “where to buy spirulina” page.  There are others we are reaching out to, and hope to include them in the near future, in particular, a supplier from Chile. 

  12. Interesting read. Years ago I was confined for acute nephritis. I was advised to drink lots of cranberry, and a new supplement was added to my daily intake list: it’s Spirulina. Since then I have been drinking a tablet of this and I feel healthier. The powder form can be used also in milkshakes or fruit juices. However, it should be in small amounts, because it doesn’t really taste good! Literally tastes like algae. Haha but overall, I like how this superfood is so cheap but it has a lot of benefits. Thanks for the info. Cheers!

  13. Very informative! Great explanations! Each section of the FAQs had very descriptive and highly detailed paragraphs that were easy to understand as well as very informative. I was never aware of all these benefits and before I came across this article I wasn’t aware of spirulina at all. You opened my eyes to something that I believe can improve my health drastically, so after reading this I definitely want to try it out! Thank you!

    • Thank you Brianna, I`m glad it has opened your eyes.  If you do try it out, please follow the advice described on this site, in particular with reference to supply, I cannot emphasise this enough.  A good brand is not that much more expensive than cheaper suppliers, whose productions methods might contain contaminants.  You can learn more via; “how much spirulina to take?”.  Our history page might interest you and also highlights the few conditions where spirulina is best avoided.  Thanks again for stopping by.  

  14. I think learning about spirulina from your site is very good.  The fact that we can use it for a range of things that would help my health is great news. I think though that it would be best for me to first seek advice from my doctor to tell me if it is fine, if I should be able to get it and use it, for my allergies. I just have to be sure it does not impact on any of my medication.

  15. It’s amazing how a product have so many benefits to you and I have to say that I’m impressed. Lots of people go about suffering from most of the listed health issue but in the end we go about getting really poor products which seem more like a wastage of money. This is just one product I feel it’s good enough 

    • Thanks for your comment Justin.  As a superfood, Spirulina has a wide range of benefits. But neither are spirulina companies particularly cash rich, so therein lies much of the problem, they are “kind of competing” with massive pharmaceutical companies with huge marketing and research budgets.  They cannot afford the sort of lengthy and indepth studies that large pharmacuetical companies can.  But the bottom line is that spirulina has helped to turn my health around.  Imagine if you daily ate, 4 kilos of mixed fruit and vegetables? Check the video out, in this click through for evidence of how 1 gramme of spirulina is the equivalent of 1 kilo of mixed fruit and vegetables.  I take 4 grammes of spirulina a day, that is the equivalent of 4 kilos of mixed fruit and vegetables!  “You are what you eat”, and we believe you can help to heal your body, by eating to good health.  Spirulina can play a really helpful role to help you in that process which might save you a lot of money in traditional medications*  But we always recommend you check with your doctor first. Just in case it impacts on any traditional medications you might be taking. 

  16. Wow! That’s a ton of information! Good work on all the research you did for this page 🙂 so Spirulina works really well with preventive measures and alleviating symptoms from different diseases and mental issues, I’d like to know what other mental disorders it could help with! Like BPD, ADD, ADHD, etc. Great article!

    • Hi and thank you for your thoughtful comment regarding how spirulina might help Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).  You are right to think that spirulina might be a way to help, via diet, to help mitigate the sort of conditions you mention including ADD, BPD and ADHD*. We discussed these in our article; ” Natural Alternatives for Mental Health“.  From personal experience I can say that it has helped my health, a lot.  My gut was in a mess for a while and although I was not formally diagnosed, I think, for a while I was on the spectrum for BPD. I used to eat badly, really badly and I am sure my gut was impacting my mental health.  This click through on the gut -brain connection might be interesting for you to read.  Elsewhere on this site I describe how my mind is so much sharper after taking spirulina regularly. If you know somebody who suffers from ADD, ADHD or BPD,I would encourage you to get them to try spirulina.  Spirulina seems to work by e.g. soaking up and cleaning out your system.  It also seems to reduce the risk of a hangover too!.  

      The challenge, as always is the evidence. There is some which we have highlighted in the mental health article. One of the specific challenges we have observed is that spirulina companies, on the whole, are quite small.  They don`t have large research budgets, to demonstrate via e.g. clinical trials that would put them in direct competition with large Pharma companies for different conditions.  My advice would be for you or the people you know with ADD, BPD, ADHD etc., to try spirulina (subject to the usual provisos) over a period of some months.  if the spirulina superfood makes a difference to them, we would love to hear from you again.  

      Please also carefully note.  We cannot emphasise enough, the importance of obtaining a quality spirulina supply such as those we recommend on this site.  That is essential for the spirulina superfood to help boost your health or help those with ADD, BPD, ADHD.  

      Please do not experiment with unknown suppliers from e.g. India or China.  Learn more via this link on how much spirulina to take. You can buy quality and reliable spirulina via these links at no extra cost or cheaperMaca too, which also seems to help mental health.* 

  17. Hi Trevor,
    Thank you very much for all this information you have on your Website. It’s a great study of Spirulina. The truth is I have no ideas of what is this all about? and what kind? I learned a lot from your articles here. It is really amazing where they came from, they just grew on the freshwater. I saw the video, wow! this spirulina was the secret of the good health of people in Chad, it acts as their superfood or healthy food for their body. Thank you so much for the very useful information, I wish to drop by again one day, to read more the specific suggestion about if purely a vitamin and/or cure any illnesses. Yes, it is very important to remind people where to buy the best quality of the product. Good luck with more of your articles.

  18. It is a very good thing that you thought of sharing this article here, this is actually the first time I’m getting to read extensively about spirulina and I’ve really enjoyed doing so. I like the fact that these questions are being attended to and also spirulina is of great benefits, it’s thoughtful of you to share.

  19. I have been using spirulina for a very long time, the pills are green and small.  They have a specific smell and do not bother my gastrointestinal system, I have never had any problems. They are very good for the overall condition of the body as well as for speeding up the metabolism, they have a lot of healthy substances in them.

    • Thanks for your feedback Trudno. I´m pleased to see you have had such a positive experience with spirulina.  You are absolutely right that spirulina speeds up the metabolism of the body which helps with weight loss!  You must be in very good shape if you have been using spirulina for a long time.  Our history of spirulina might interest you. 

  20. Hello there.  Your site looks very wonderful.  I`m so impressed by all of the information you offer on this spirulina FAQs page.  I also looked at the history of spirulina page.  The information on herpes was fascinating as well as the fact that spirulina is great for children who are studying at school to help them improve their grades.  Wow! And its great for the memory and boosts your energy,  I have to get some of this spirulina and make it a regular part of my diet.  Thank you for this information.

  21. I appreciate the information you’ve provided about Spirulina it’s been a real eye-opener for me. There are so many conditions that this superfood seems to help with if you take it on a regular basis and you use a good quality supply of spirulina from a good supplier as you suggest. Seriously it seems like a great superfood that everybody should have in their store cupboard unless of course they are one of the minority of conditions where it is best avoided.  What I really like about these FAQs are the links to the detailed articles and also links to related sites that are complimentary to spirulina.  Great information and really helpful.  Thank you.

    • Thank you for the visit Misael.  I`m glad you found it helpful.  We agree, spirulina is a great superfood, absolutely loaded with minerals and vitamins.  We are glad you found the Spirulina FAQs page helpful. You might want to check our history page for more advice and also the how much spirulina to take page for advice on quantities.  Thank you again for the visit.

  22. Thanks for providing us with this information about spirulina. Though I have always heard about it before, I have never understood it to be something that is so beneficial.  However, when I stumbled on this topic here, I feel this could just be the perfect time to learn how this works and what we stand to gain from its usage and all. And honestly, I am shocked by some of my findings in here. Thanks 

  23. It’s very understandable that people are anxious to know more about spirulina and how it really does work. Many time, we don’t know all the facts about products so we tend to ask some questions, these ones are very good in exposing people to what spirulina is all about and how it can be utilized.

  24. When I first saw something online about spirulina, I didn’t know whether to agree that it was a good one or not. I had so many questions to ask and when I can where to your website, you have treated all the questions and answered all my questions so well. Now I don’t have anything anymore that I don’t understand. I could even write about spirulina myself.

    • Thank you Jackie.  The purpose of this site is to help people to understand spirulina better and to enhance their health in its use.  Obviously people need to check with their doctors with their specific circumstances, but what is striking is that many doctors do not understand spirulina properly.  Whilst many doctors receive regular visits and free samples of medications and supplements from sales representatives of large pharmaceutical companies, with huge marketing budgets, (look at all the free samples given to new Mums at hospitals!) rarely can small superfood companies afford to do that.  

      We believe it is better to “eat your way to health” than to bombard your body with antibiotics.  Its striking that many people who are obese, diabetic and those who are weakened due to antibiotics seem particularly vulnerable to this horrible virus at the moment.  Spirulina is not a “silver-bullet” but speaking from experience, it has really turned my health around. But always using a quality spirulina brand, produced under pristine conditions.   Maca too, has recently enhanced my health further. Anti biotics should be saved for situations when nothing else can help. Superfoods that strengthen our bodies naturally, are, we believe, better than having superbugs resistant to antibiotics. 

  25. Spirulina and asthma, are you serious? I’ve not heard of this plant before. Before continuing with the FAQ, I just did a quick research to get a basic understanding about it. I became more curious when you it’s mentioned with asthma. My niece have asthma and I’m looking for a more better ways to help control the symptoms. I’ve already clicked on the link on the asthma FAQ to learn more about it. I see that spirulina is something we should all take from time to time. Very informative.

    • Thank you for you comment Kevin.  That was my reaction initially.  I became a passionate fan of spirulina after I personally experienced the benefits. I wanted to spread the good news.  Far better to take a superfood than another trip to a doctor/prescription for a medication.   It does also seem to help asthma, again in a mitigating way, a sort of prophlactic.  Please bear in mind spirulina is a superfood.  NOT a medication.  So it needs to be taken regularly, i.e. daily and in sufficient amounts.  And your niece should have her traditional medication available, just in case. 

      The anti-inflammatory effects of spirulina seems to be the way it helps with asthma.  We would be very interested to hear from you after your niece has taken it for a while.  The quality of the spirulina is ESSENTIAL.  Don´t buy old stock from a large company or from a local health shop where its been on a hot shelf for months, because most people don´t understand its benefits.

  26. Hello there! Thank you very much for sharing this article on learn about spiriluna. I’ve gone through it and it’s a wonderful article. It’s well detailed and contains valuable information and I commend you for that. I’ve heard of spiriluna a lot of times from my sister. She talks good of the product all the time but she gets it from Mexico and refuse to share. Do you know if I can order online? 

    • Thank you Sophie, your sister is right in the sense you need to take it regularly and consistently!  You make an interesting point about suppliers.  I first tried spirulina from Mexico.  There are some good small local brands there.  Yes, you can buy it on-line. In fact that is we believe the best way to buy spirulina, if you do not produce your own or live near to a spirulina farm where you can buy it locally. We recommend these smaller suppliers on line.  

      We are hoping to add a shop soon to our site for a small organic Chilean brand.  The most important thing to bear in mind with spirulina is to buy fresh and from a good quality supplier.  Often that is not via e.g. discounted clearance from e.g. Amazon or if its been sitting on the shelves of your local “health food” shop for months”. Smaller suppliers & on-line are typically better with spirulina.   We have advice on how much spirulina to take via this click through.  We also recommend you peruse this page too, just to be sure spirulina is right for you (there a couple of exceptions).  

  27. This provides some really useful information, thank you. I am a big fan of discovering natural herbs and supplements. I had heard of spirulina, however until now I hadn’t really given it the attention that it obviously deserves. The list of conditions that it has proven to help is quite amazing. I strongly believe that so many modern ailments are as a result of excessive inflammation in the body so I was intrigued to see that a number of inflammatory related conditions are mentioned here. 

  28. Hi Trevor,
    This is really an excellent website! Thank you very much! You are providing so much information. As a professional nurse, I only want to say that it is all true. I am now myself very much into taking spirulina and chlorella for my own health, because I have been really ill, couldn’t do very much when I was ill. I used to get easily exhausted and developed an autoimmune disease. My passion has always been the alternative ways of getting healthy. Spirulina and chlorella are really Superfoods. My health improved copnsiderably thanks to spirulina and chlorella, so I too can recommend these two superfoods.

    I am always looking for good products without any contamination. This is a very good site. I will visit again and order. Thank you very much for your passion for helping others to heal. I am sure you will only receive honest reviews of very grateful people you have helped getting their health back.
    Many Blessings,

    • Thank you so much Sylvia for your supportive comment. Its great to hear from a nurse from the European Union who speaks so highly about spirulina and chlorella. But above all, that it has helped you. We were fascinated to learn that you took spirulina and chlorella to help you overcome an autoimmune disease. Now that really surprised us as we are always cautious about recommending spirulina in those cases, indeed we specifically mention them on our; What is spirulina about page? We would love to hear more from you on what specific autoimmune disease you had and which spirulina helped you with it? You make an excellent point about the importance of obtaining products without any contamination, that is absolutely critical with spirulina, we only recommend quality suppliers. In fact, we have recently identified what we believe is the best spirulina producer in the world. We will shortly be adding some articles and a new shop page. Follow our site for more details. My Best Regards, Trevor

  29. The numerous effects of spirulina on illnesses of all kinds just show the importance of nutrients which can be only obtained from natural sources. Obviously, spirulina is one of them. It’s amazing how “little” we need to stay healthy or improve our condition. I think the majority of people are still not aware of that, consuming main-stream food like white bread, sugar and products that have nothing to do with their original name, such as “fruit yoghurts” full of modified starch, high glucose-fructose syrup and so on. People need to be educated on the importance of good nutrition and superfoods like spirulina. Just like a car needs the right fuel, so does our body. 
    I wonder if spirulina also helps with low blood pressure. I suffer from it, and it’s not a big issue, only feel dizzy sometimes when I get up too quickly.

    • Thank you Lenka for the visit and the comment.  We certainly agree with you! To answer your question we recommend you review our article on anemia, its possible you might be slightly anaemic (its common in ladies, in fact in the USA, its the most common blood condition!) This can cause low blood pressure.  Spirulina is loaded with nutrients, including vitamin B12, perhaps this will help you overcome your low blood pressure?  And as you can see from this FAQ page, there are lots of other benefits too.  Just check that none of the other conditions we have highlighted on this click through apply to you, if they do, check with your Doctor first that its ok to use spirulina. You may also wish to review our how much spirulina to take page too. And as we always say, please ensure you only use quality spirulina

  30. Hi there! This is a beautiful write up and I must say and it’s quite explanatory and I’m glad I came across it. The information contained in the write up are valuable and note worthy. I never knew Spirulina was such a nutrient-dense and a healthy food supplement as well. But on a fast check, can I add it together on my diet when eating?

  31. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing information about Spirulina. I saw a documentary and it said that Spirulina has a perfect nutrition that is so affordable and has a long shelf life that is why the astronauts take spirulina with their meals daily. Right after I finished watching that show, I take Spirulina daily with my smoothies. I love the way it tastes and also the bright green color that my smoothies looks, I feel that when I take spirulina in a smoothie, I am drinking a life force. 

    • Thank you Nuttanee.  I know exactly what you mean when you say, you feel you are drinking a “life force”, I fully agree.  Providing its a quality spirulina, I feel so energised.  Have you seen the film “Lucy” about the drugs they tried to force her to export from Taiwan? It feels a little bit like that….! My mind is just so much sharper, thanks to spirulina. It does have a fairly long “shelf life” but only if it is maintained in the right conditions, away from heat, and sunlight and not in a fridge.  You are in the minority liking the taste though!  I add yoghurt to mine 🙂

  32. Thanks for this thorough review of the Spirulina. I love that you created the FAQ page as I got answered many questions. Looking forward to trying the product and improve my body’s health and support my physical activities, as because of the working from the home condition, I haven’t been that active other than doing yoga practice. 


  33. Hi.  Your website is very popular, with lots of comments and enquiries.  Good content and information about the Gut/brain connection and the importance of good gut flora.  Didn’t know that spirulina helped the gut biome, so I’ve learned something today. 

    The only downsides I could see were the duplicated headings and titles in the categories and posts listed to the right – might be a little confusing to readers.  Otherwise a nice site. 

    • Thank you Anne.  We really appreciate your comment regarding the categories, we will take a look at improving that.  Glad you also learnt something!

  34. Thank you for sharing your website. I have gone through some of your articles and found your website quite engaging and well resourced. I also liked the additional linking from good sources. It is something really awesome to think of to be honest with you. 

    After reading your article, I have come to know about Spirulina and its benefits on our health. The fact that it could protect us from Anaemia and some other diseases caused due to lack of Vitamins, are valid reasons to consider adding up Spirulina in our daily foods. I would also consider suggesting it for other people. 

  35. Hi Trevor, I have been aware of the benefits of taking Spirulina, but am absolutely amazed at all the benefits it provides. Thank you so much for this well researched article. I have taken spirulina in the past, but found that it gave me hunger cravings, is this common, and if so, what do you suggest I do to curb it? Thanks

    • Thank you John.  I´m glad you have found the list of spirulina benefits useful to you.  Hunger cravings?  Interesting.  We have not had any such issues recently, but now you come to mention it, when I first started using spirulina and I was going through a detox, I did.  Would you mind me asking (perhaps you may want to reply via contact@whyspirulina.com) what your weight is?  It might be related to internal candida, often found in people who are overweight.  That used to be my problem.  My doctor told me to stick with the program.  Spirulina is not a quick fix, but requires taking on a daily basis in the right quantities to see the benefits.  Rest assured, now, I have no hunger cravings as my own internal candida that was also IBS has long since been resolved.  Why not give spirulina another try, and see the detox through.  if you do, I´m sure you will experience considerable benefits, including weight loss! 

  36. It’s very nice to read this frequently asked questions about spirulina, it contains some questions I’ve been bothered and wanting to ask about which makes it perfect to have this. Spirulina is a very good product to have, I like the fact that it is very vast in the number of conditions It works for and it is a natural supplement.

  37. Thank you for this informative article. I have heard about Spirulina supplements previously but never bothered to learn more about their benefit until recently. I think it’s a good health booster for our body. Can you recommend any trusted Spirulina supplement brand? I want to increase my health by consuming it. Thanks

    • The brand I use in Chile is the one I rcommend.  I can send you details if you e-mail us on contact@whyspirulina.com  Failing that I recommend the brands in this link.  Please be careful, there are many brands that are not that good & so you will not see the benefits or worse, they may be poisonous.So as our site, says, choose carefully!  The Hawaiin brands are good but they contain iodine.  For some people it is not recommended to take extra iodine.

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    • Thank you Shevonnne.  I`m glad it was helpful to you.  If you are building a website, it does require time and dedication.  Have a great day.  Trevor


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