Spirulina Weight Loss Benefits – Exercise too

Spirulina Weight Loss Benefits – Exercise tooSpirulina Weight Loss Benefits – You Have To Exercise Too. When I lived in Iraq during the period of Iraqi reconstruction, I am ashamed to say that I had reached size XXL and with some designs, XXXL Shirts! Yesterday, I bought a new shirt, and in the process of buying, I proudly asked for size L. I was astonished to find that it was too big. By far. I had to buy size Medium. Was this Spirulina again? Are there spirulina weight loss benefits too?

The Benefits of Spirulina – Taz Like

When I was advised to take spirulina to help manage my diabetes and fatty liver, I was delighted to learn and experience other benefits. Above all, I noticed massively increased energy levels. To such a degree that my partner now calls me Taz, the Cartoon Character from Looney Tunes.

How Spirulina Helped Me

As well an improving my blood sugar levels, my fatty liver, as I researched further, I discovered it had also helped me with candida and IBS, hay fever and allergies and muscle development. Could this super food help with anything else?

Spirulina Supports – Body Mass Index Reduction – Play Your Part

I was 118 kilos (18 1/2 Stone/260 US lbs) when I was first diagnosed as a diabetic, two and a half years ago. I was ashamed to have pictures taken at the time, so I have very few. At my last health assessment at the gym I was down to 92.3 kilos, (14 1/2 Stone/ 203US lbs), a reduction of nearly 26 kilos. I know I am still overweight, but better than being obese. And importantly, my body fat had dropped 4.5% since my last check up whilst my muscle weight has increased. I am reducing further on a weekly basis and I am confident Spirulina is playing a supporting role.

Body Mass Index (BMI) (US): You may wish to check yours here for the US

Body Mass Index (BMI) (UK) Or via this UK National Health Service site

An update on 29 February.  Today my assessment confirmed I am no longer obese, I have lost fat weight and gained muscle weight.  I am now weighing 89.6 kilos.  So since I started taking Spirulina regularly I have lost a total of 28.4 kilos.  This has been one of the benefits I have experienced but there are numerous others relating; Andropause (the male menopause – we are researching Menopause); Arthritis, Blood Pressure, Candida and IBS. It reduces “bad Cholesterol“, it has sharpened my mind & may help Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Ihelps your body to detox, diabetics to stabalise their blood sugar and it helps the eyes and is recommended as a nutrition to help symptoms of Macular Degeneration. It has boosted my energy levels, and its a natural medicine for allergies and hay fever. It helps with Fatty Liver, doctors in Bangladesh recommend it for gastrointestinal problems, its a protein that supports muscle growth,  it helps in the management of osteoporosis, my Alternative Remedy Doctor says it is “Very good for Diabetes, Liver, Kidneys and Pancreas”.*  It really is an astonishing superfood.

Spirulina Weight Loss

As I researched Spirulina more and more, I was curious to know whether Spirulina really had been a factor in my weight loss and whether it was still helpful to my ongoing weight reduction campaign. I had put a lot of effort into losing weight by daily exercise and what I thought was self-control. However, one thing I had noticed is that my cravings for food had dropped. Considerably. Might Spirulina have been a factor? Scientific evidence suggests it might have been.

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Scientific Evidence

In a study of 40 Caucasian people in Hawaii, it was demonstrated that Spirulina improved their Body Mass Index – BMI readings. It also demonstrated improvements to their blood pressure readings too.

A Greek study of 13 men, involving Spirulina demonstrated the “beneficial metabolic effects”, in particular “a significant reduction of weight” and health-related quality of life improvements. This suggests, by virtue of the fact that you have more energy by consuming Spirulina, you raise your metabolism, and hence lose weight.

Whilst there is solid scientific evidence to demonstrate that Spirulina helps with weight loss, from my personal perspective, I do not think Spirulina is a silver bullet. I have found it to be a contributory factor that helps. It has reduced my appetite so that I feel satiated quicker and my sweet tooth has subsided. I also have far more energy and so I am burning up many more calories as I move around, Taz like !


This study of 52 men confirmed my thoughts. I am burning many more calories and importantly as my gym assessments are showing, its fat loss, all of which has supported my weight loss. So yes, Spirulina has weight loss benefits, providing you play your part and exercise regularly. Or at least move around a lot!

If however you continue to lead a very sedentary lifestyle, you are unlikely to lose weight.

Spirulina – The History, briefly

You can explore and understand this better via this click through link. But even though spirulina goes back, perhaps to the beginning of time, it is highly relevant today & being investigated for modern day exploration. Check the What is Spirulina About page to learn more.

Check which conditions Spirulina may help with via our FAQ page here.

How well researched is Spirulina? Is it safe for me to take?

If you are new to spirulina, you want to be sure you have clear answers to these important questions. These are answered and explained on our page; “What is spirulina about“. Please click though for further information to be reassured that its right for you. You should, of course, also check with your Doctor too.

If it’s right for you, and most people have NO difficulty at all, you can find specific Spirulina reviews on this page.

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  1. This an excellent product. I have been taking Spirulina for more than a year and I feel much better. I feel less tired and more energetic. I have los fat and gained muscle and I have had a cold for ages. I highly recommend this product, It’s inexpensive and combines lots of properties and benefits. It has also helped me with my menopause symptoms

    • Thank you for visiting our site and for your feedback which is much appreciated. I´m pleased that you find it to be an excellent product and that you too, have felt its benefits in terms of feeling less tired and have more energy. Its great that you have lost fat and gained muscle growth by usiong Spirulina. I assume that is what you were seeking to do in the Gym or from exercising elsewhere? When you say “I have had a cold for ages” I think there may be a typo in that sentence, in that I want to think you meant to say, “I have nothad a cold for ages which has been my experience. Very interesting your comment about how it helps with Menopause. Whe you say it helps with your menopause, is that energy related, stronger bones and muscles? We will look into the science behind that and give you an update on why that might be. Thank you again for visiting us. And grateful for clarification that you menat to say, “I have nothad a cold for ages.


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