A Natural Way To Cure IBS – Can Spirulina Help?

A Natural Way To Cure IBS – Can Spirulina Help?

A Natural Way To Cure IBS
A Natural Way To Cure IBS – Spirulina?


A natural way to cure IBS? Can Spirulina Help? Can Spirulina also help with Candida?  Colitis?  From personal experience we can say it helps and various studies suggest this too. Various medical and academic studies are described, linked and sourced below.



The experience  described in our post of 28 January highlights the experience of one of our team to overcome IBS with the help of Spirulina.  In particular, Spirulina helped him to overcome the embarrassment of excessive gas or wind.

The symptoms of IBS (1) Irritable Bowel Syndrome (1) are pretty unpleasant and perhaps embarrassing (2).

We know from personal experience that the regular consumption of well sourced Spirulina helps to encourage the growth of “healthy bacterial flora in the intestines

What do the scientists say?

This study (3) deposited with the US National Library of Medicine, looked at 134 scientific and medical studies from around the globe, that included functional foods and nutrients and the role of antioxidants in IBS. It concluded that the use of antioxidants seemed promising, calling for, as so many research papers do; for “more research”.

Spirulina is packed with antioxidants (4) .  Scientific studies (5) have confirmed it is full of vitamins and nutrients (5). This study also highlighted the potential of Spirulina to help manage colitis (6)

Spirulina is packed with nutrients

The number of nutrients packed into a gram of spirulina is impressive.  Its hardly surprising then that NASA are studying Spirulina to use it for long distance space flights.  It also appears to inhibit your appetite, so helping with weight loss.

Its quite difficult to believe but 1 gram of spirulina packs the equivalent of 1kg of fruit and vegetables in terms of nutrients.  This scientist explains more:

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Spirulina and Candida

The Symptoms of Candida are highlighted by the UK National Health Service.

Animal studies (7) have demonstated that Spirulina helps with Candida. And a 2001 study found that Spirulina helped to decrease the level of Candida albicans (8)  Another animal study (9) provided further supporting evidence.

The same 2001 study (8)  highlights that it is also useful in the management of the herpes virus too.

Spirulina also appears to be a way to help manage vaginal yeast infections or candida.  A 2017 study (10) from Italy found that it had good antifungal properties with Candida.

A member of our team used to suffer from “brain fog”, possibly caused by candida.  Since taking Spirulina regularly, this no longer occurs. His energy levels have also risen.  Considerably.

This video by Dashama that focuses on Depression, highlights how Candida can also cause Acne, Depression and Brain Fog.


So there you have it, scientific and personal experience that the nutrients from a well sourced Spirulina superfood can help with Candida too.

If you or a loved one suffer from IBS or Candida, you may wish to try some.

If you are in the search for A natural way to cure IBS or Candida we cannot guarantee it will cure you, but from our experience and the science we have identified, it may help you to manage IBS and/or Candida.

History & Origin of Spirulina

The origin and history of spirulina is described on our page, “What is spirulina about?”

We also describe the importance of selecting the right Spirulina for you.

Check Spirulina FAQs here.

Clearly if you are considering taking Spirulina to help manage candida, IBS or colitis, you will wish to check with your Doctor or Medical Professional first, just to be sure it’s right for you.

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