Obese? Lose Weight Sustainably

Great for losing weight

Need to lose a few pounds or kilos? Or more? Fed up with all the costly Diet Plans? Are you Obese? Lose weight sustainably with the help of Spirulina. Clinical Trials have confirmed that it helps. And our personal experience mirrors the finding of the trials.

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Obese? Lose Weight Sustainably

Very Obese 10 years ago

A member of whyspirulina.com in October 2009

Obese? Lose Weight Sustainably

Confirmed Our Experience

The second picture above, is of the same member of our team in 2018, a year after being told he was a diabetic, but by then he was taking a daily amount of 2 ½ grams of Spirulina a day.

In our page on weight loss, we described the success of one of our team members. A review paper published (1) on 8 March 2020 about Spirulina, Weight Loss and blood lipids, has confirmed our experience.


The study (1) has confirmed our personal weight loss experience. The review (1) is based on various human clinical and preclinical studies where participants were given spirulina that lead to “significantly lower body weight”. Furthermore, the Spirulina was found to reduce triglycerides. This is something we explore in detail on our page, “Natural Ways To Reduce Cholesterol And Triglycerides

The review also highlights that Spirulina helps to satiate or reduce your appetite, precisely our experience. It concludes by saying, that spirulina has a number of benefits to enhance weight loss and reduce obesity. We at whyspirulina.com can confirm this from personal experience and advocate that this is best achieved, by combining spirulina with a regular exercise regime to help you achieve your weight loss goals:

Obese? Lose Weight Sustainably

Obese? Lose weight sustainably

And this is the same team member in January 2020, after taking Spirulina regularly for 3 years.


Spirulina has numerous other benefits too related to:

Allergies and hay fever, Andropause (the male menopause), Osteoarthritis, Blood Pressure, helps to stabilise blood sugar. Its also helpful for Candida and IBS, it reduces bad Cholesterol, it even helps to improve your memory! Dementia and Alzheimer sufferers can also ease symptoms with Spirulina. It also helps to ease Depression and Anxiety*. It helps you to detox and you will notice you have increased energy levels. It also helps with Herpes & eases symptoms of Macular Degeneration – that`s to do with the eyes, Gastrointestinal problems, Fatty Liver – that’s the stage before Cirrhosis of the liver, Muscle development and growth, and even Osteoporosis*,. And it helps with weight loss – it is packed with so many healthy nutrients that you feel “fuller” and so eat less!

Its also great for skin care and your friends are likely to say to you, “you look so good”. And you will feel it.

What motivates this site?

This site is motivated by our positive experience of using Spirulina. Not money. In due course, we hope some income will cover our time and expenses, but it is not a niche driven by profit. But a site driven by enthusiasm and a desire to spread the good news about Spirulina, that has helped their owners to overcome their own health challenges. Many people in the US, Canada & Europe in particular are not aware of the amazing benefits of one of the best natural supplements.* And for a 4 week supply, its at highly accessible prices, when compared to e.g. the cost of a junk meal for a family of 4.

History & Origin of Spirulina

You can find details of its origin and its history on our page, “What is spirulina about?” Some people are allergic to strawberries, nuts and seafood. Here we go into a bit more detail as to why, but the vast majority of people have no difficulty at all.

We also explain the importance of selecting the right Spirulina for you.

Thank you, For Visiting

Thank you for visiting whyspirulina. We hope you found this information helpful. If you have any comments or questions, kindly leave them below and we will get back to you.

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Something that is essential is that if you decide to try Spirulina, is that you use a good brand. This is explained in detail in our page “what is spirulina about”. Basically, wherever Spirulina grows, it’s a bit like a sponge, so it sucks in any minerals or contaminants in its growing environment. That is why we are very cautious about which brands we at whyspirulina.com recommend. Please, take a look at this click through to see which brands we recommend and perhaps try some yourself.

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Please visit the About page to see the references* & to learn more about spirulina, click through to visit our page on the history of Spirulina.

Please also see our About page.

Natural Energy Boosting Food – Spirulina

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  1. Awesome success story! It’s amazing to read about, thank you for sharing! I also like that you attached resources, because this helps me to know this has been researched.

  2. I like this how it can help you to lose weight. To feel great as well and make changes in your life, that can benefit you in the long run. It is highly informational and has so many facts about spirulina, that it makes me want to get it for myself. It helps with osteoarthritis, and blood pressure. This is a great thing for people to realize this is just not for weight loss. For just being healthy as well, awesome post.

    • Dear Matthew,

      Thank your for checking in with us. It really was quite a bonus for me to find out that it helped me to lose weight, as this was not the original reason that I took the spirulina for. My initial reason as you can see on the page a about diabetes, that it was to help e to reduce my blood sugar and help my “fatty liver“. It was only later that I noted the many other benefits that we describe including blood pressure. And it has helped my mild Osteoarthritis too! Glad you liked the post.

      Best Regards,



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