Best Protein For Muscle Growth – Spirulina?

Best Protein For Muscle Growth – Spirulina?After I started taking spirulina to help with my diabetes and fatty liver, I started to see several other benefits. As well as increased energy and a sharper mind, I was really surprised at almost 60 to find that my muscles were developing again. I hadn´t deliberately sought to strengthen my muscles, but was I by sheer accident, taking the best protein for muscle growth – Spirulina?

The Gym

I´m a regular gym goer, but I was really surprised I was finding it easier to lift weights, that in the past, were my absolute maximum. So, I started to increase the amount of the weights and my muscles started to develop even more !

What else could this remarkable super food help with I wondered. I saw many of the younger gym goers taking expensive protein shakes and yet with very little effort, 4, or 5 tablets of spirulina each day and my muscles were developing again. At almost 60 and after a hip replacement a year ago!

I have been monitoring this over a period of some months now and my muscles continue to develop. Quite astonishing at my age! A few grammes of Spirulina a day rather than expensive “protein shakes”. I was fascinated to learn that Spirulina has some 60% protein. According to Gerald Cysewski, PhD, co-author of The Hawaiian Spirulina Equation, 3 US grams of spirulina powder, about 1 teaspoon, has the same benefit as 5 servings of fruits and vegetables.

As I looked further into the benefits of Spirulina, I was interested to find that an animal study had found that Spirulina “may” help with Muscle Growth. Spirulina was also found in two separate studies 1, 2, to support endurance, increasing the amount of time it took to become tired. That was certainly my experience. Whereas before an hour in the gym was my maximum, I could now comfortably manage 2 hours or even longer. And at the end of the session, I still had stacks of energy .

Best Protein For Muscle Growth – Spirulina?

There is also evidence from a scientific  study in Poland that Spirulina helps maintain the immune system when under duress. A study of 19 members of a Rowing team undertaking strenuous training, demonstrated the effectiveness of Spirulina in helping to maintain the immune system.

This spirulina really is quite a superfood.




A Word on The History of Spirulina 

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You may wish to see this short U-Tube Video that further explains how spirulina can help you with the development of muscular strength:

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