A Natural Cure For Diabetes type 2? Spirulina?

Is Spirulina a natural cure for diabetes 2?

Blood Sugar Machine, A Natural Cure For Diabetes type 2? Spirulina?


In our post about diabetes, we described the benefits of Spirulina that I have experienced. So, is Spirulina a natural cure for diabetes 2?




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Symptoms of type 2 Diabetes

As your Doctor will tell you, the classic symptoms of Diabetes type 2 include:

Frequent urination.
Increased thirst.
Always feeling hungry.
Feeling very tired.
Blurry vision.
Slow healing of cuts and wounds.
Tingling, numbness, or pain in the hands or feet.
Patches of dark skin.
Itching and yeast infections

I suffered from a number of these. I No longer do.

Best Beta Carotene Vegetables (Source: World Food -Robert Henrikson)

I believe Spirulina has played a significant role in helping me.

It was my alternative remedy Doctor who first introduced me to Spirulina when I visited Mexico to see him. He looks as if he is in his 40´s but is in fact well in his late 60´s. He attends to numerous Mexican Film, TV and other Celebrities. After a brief examination, he told me I had a problem with my kidneys and my Liver. He said, “take 5 tablets twice a day to help”. He added, “very good to help the Pancreas and your Diabetes too”. I was highly sceptical at first.


Sceptical or Skeptical?

How could a “super food” produced from a Green Algae help or be a natural cure for diabetes ? I continued to take my western medicine. However, I also started to take copious amounts of Spirulina too. Regularly, 10 tablets a day. About 4 or 5 grams a day.

Sometimes, where I live, my Western medicine is not available. But I have a good supply of Spirulina. And honestly, when I go days or even a few weeks without my “normal” medicine, just taking Spirulina, I still feel no ill effects. But above all, I still feel incredibly energised.

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Please carefully note, I am NOT encouraging you to stop taking your mainstream medication but I am encouraging you, with your Doctor´s agreement, to try this super food to see if helps you to manage your Diabetes.

I believe the combination of a relatively careful diet, regular consumption of 2 to 3 grams of Spirulina a day, combined with vigorous exercise has helped me. Considerably.

Lady Jumping happily and with energyMy Energy Levels Have Increased

Thanks I believe to Spirulina, I have more energy today than I did 10 years ago.

And I no longer have any of the symptoms of type 2 diabetes. As well as energy I find my mind is thinking much more clearly and quicker than it used to. And I am almost 60.



What the Researchers Say?

Type 1 Diabetes

Korean researchers studying type 1 diabetes found that spirulina indicated a “protective role in the disease”. Concluding that Spirulina may be used to enhance the survival of cells in type 1 diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes

So is Spirulina a natural cure for diabetes 2?

Researchers found in 3 separate lab tests and studies with animals ( One, two, three, detailed report), that Spirulina reduces blood sugar levels.

In a study of 25 people, 2 g/day for 2 months produced results demonstrating “an appreciable lowering of fasting blood glucose” These findings suggest the positive impact of Spirulina in the control of blood glucose levels. Spirulina was also found to improve the lipid profile of those with type 2 diabetes. In a further study there were encouraging results but suggested a further longer term study with a larger group should be undertaken.

Check out this short U-Tube Video that explains how spirulina can help support you manage your blood sugar levels:

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Can we say at this stage that Spirulina is the natural cure for diabetes type 2 or type 1? No. However, as you can see from the research studies, Spirulina certainly seems effective in controlling blood sugar levels. In my own case, I have personally seen excellent results with the regular consumption of Spirulina. I intend to follow up regularly on this site with information to help you.

How well researched is Spirulina? Is it safe for me to take?

Which Spirulina supplier? You are right to be cautious.

These are good questions and fully answered and explained on our page; “What is spirulina about“. Please click though for further information to be reassured that its right for you. You should, of course, also check with your Doctor too.

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