Do Men Get Menopause?

Do Men Get Menopause?





Do men get menopause? It might surprise you but Yes. In some cases, men do get a sort of menopause. Only in men, it’s not called menopause but Andropause. Spirulina can help to overcome and mitigate symptoms*




Symptoms of Andropause, the male menopause can include:




and Sexual problems.

According to the UK´s NHS, symptoms of the “the male menopause” include; mood swings and irritability, loss of muscle mass and reduced ability to exercise, fat redistribution, including developing a large belly or “man boobs”, and a general lack of enthusiasm or energy, difficulty sleeping or increased tiredness, poor concentration & short-term memory difficulties.

The super food Spirulina might help you or your partner with some of these symptoms*. Taken consistently and regularly, spirulina is a great natural energy boost, it can also help mild depression. Combined with exercise, which you will be more inclined to do with your raised energy levels, it can also enhance your strength and so boost testosterone levels, enhancing your sex life.*

Andropause & Fatigue – Spirulina Will Boost Your Energy.

Fatigue or a general lack of energy, is a common cause of andropause. The majority of men typically experience tiredness, a lack of energy and fatigue during andropause. Having that feeling of “being continually tired” can be frustrating but this can then impact more widely on work or their personal life. This might for example lead to a reduced work motivation leading to a decline in work performance.

Spirulina is known to boost energy naturally and so may help men experiencing andropause by giving them a natural energy boost.*

Do Men Get Menopause?

Andropause Producing Weakness And Reduced Endurance – Spirulina Can Help You To Overcome This*

And in terms of weakness, (loss of muscle mass) spirulina is known to support the development of muscles, as it is full of protein. Older men report that the regular consumption of spirulina has helped them, combined with weight training, to strengthen their muscles. So in these circumstances it can also help with sexual problems as boosting your muscles will enhance your testosterone levels.*

Spirulina was famed in Aztec times to help long distance runners with endurance at high altitudes. It helped me, hiking, and trekking in the Andes.

Depression – Spirulina Will Give You A Helping Hand, Naturally.


Another symptom that men report suffering from Andropause are mood swings and Depression. The evidence? Spirulina has also been found in studies to help support symptoms of depression as a source of tryptophan. A 2018 (1) paper reported how spirulina with its high nutrient content, was a helpful way to support the management of mental health issues.

Do Men Get Menopause?I Felt Happier

I discovered this by accident. I noticed I felt “happier” or somehow was more content, after regular consumption of spirulina over a period of time – about 6 months. I realised this by accident but I remember feeling, wow I feel good, I have more energy, my memory has improved, my muscles are developing again, I had stopped needing to take Viagra, my blood pressure was lower, my IBS was gone, my blood sugar had improved and my body had been detoxed. I felt rejuvenated.


Spirulina Doesn`t Impact On The Environment Negatively, In Fact It Helps!

I thought to myself, more people should be made aware of this super food, it doesn`t impact negatively on the environment, it might save them a fortune in prescription drugs and boost their health at the same time- naturally. After the many benefits I noticed, I decided to research spirulina further.

I am developing this site to share the good news. To help sustain it, we have added a few ethically driven affiliate links.

What About Andropause And Memory difficulties?

With regard to how it might help your memory. We know from personal experience that since taking spirulina we have not suffered from “brain fog”. Whilst there are no clinical studies involving humans, A 2018 animal study (2) in South Korea demonstrated; that spirulina; “exerts memory-improving effects”. It further describes the antioxidant activities of spirulina are possibly linked to the activity of β-carotene”. A 2011 study from Japan offered further evidence from another animal study (3) that spirulina “may prevent the loss of memory”. That has certainly been my experience, as since my detox, I was delighted to discover that I was no longer suffering from “brain fog” or put simply, forgetfulness.

Do Men Get Menopause?

How Does Spirulina Help The Memory?

Spirulina is loaded in antioxidants and so it helps to protect the memory by supporting antioxidant defences and this reduces inflammation in the brain. Spirulina studies with animals (4, 3, 5,) have demonstrated that spirulina helps to protect the health of the brain from environmental toxins and helps to balance the metabolic health of the brain, reducing the risk to memory loss and , impairment.

Dump The Sugar Loaded Energy Drinks, Try Spirulina Instead

We know how it helps the memory from personal experience. Seriously, start taking spirulina regularly and you won’t need to buy those expensive “pick me up, energy drinks” that are typically loaded with diabetes causing sugar. You are likely to see a wide range of other benefits too.

Let’s Look At Andropause In A little More Detail.

Andropause is brought about by a change in a man’s hormone levels and is usually related to aging. Hormone level changes can involve reduced testosterone levels which can impact on a man`s sex drive. Symptoms include depression, feeling physically weaker with reduced muscle mass, a reduced libido and erectile dysfunction. As we have highlighted above, spirulina may help you with some of these symptoms – naturally.

How To Help Yourself or Your Partner ?

To overcome Andropause, you can look to some expensive treatments which also carry risks, or you can see if your symptoms can be mitigated by taking a natural super food on a regular basis. Why not try the spirulina super food first? You are likely to experience other benefits too.

If You Suspect You Are Suffering From Andropause

If you believe you or your partner may have andropause, you should talk to your doctor for a proper diagnosis. The following, have, from experience been known to make things better:

Eat A Balanced Diet

Eating a well-balanced diet and take exercise on a regular basis. This is known to help people to maintain and develop muscles, remain physically strong, and to boost your energy. Exercise is also known to help mental health and sleep. This is precisely where spirulina can help you. Spirulina will boost your diet, enhance your energy levels, and combined with exercise, will help to strengthen you.

Energy Boosting Spirulina

Depending on your precise condition that only your doctor can advise on, fatigue, weakness, and depression can all be mitigated to some extent by the regular supplementation of spirulina*. Above all, spirulina will give you energy to help you overcome fatigue. Our click through on a natural energy boosting food explains more.

Weakness and Reduced Endurance

And in terms of weakness, spirulina is known to support the development of muscles, with many older men reporting that the regular consumption of spirulina has helped them, combined with weight training, to strengthen their muscles. Spirulina was used in Aztec times to help long distance runners with endurance at high altitudes.


Fatigue is common with andropause. The majority of men typically experience tiredness and fatigue during andropause. Having that feeling of “being continually tired” which can then impact on their work or in their personal lives. It might lead to lower motivation for work, resulting in declining work performance. Spirulina is known to boost energy naturally and so may help people experiencing andropause by giving them a natural energy boost.

As well as exercise, other Natural Treatments for Andropause include zinc, vitamin D (plenty of sunshine), folic acid, vitamin B12 and omega-3.

Spirulina contains, Zinc, vitamin B12 and some folic acid.

Do Men Get Menopause?

(Source: World Foods: Robert Henrikson)

To increase testosterone levels, it is recommended to eat foods high in magnesium, zinc, and vitamin K, all of which are contained in spirulina. Dark leafy green vegetables, egg yolks and shellfish are also recommended.

Spirulina contains zinc, magnesium and large amounts of vitamin K.

Do Men Get Menopause?





Sexual Difficulties and Andropause

A 2018 study (7) on diabetes found “that spirulina has a positive effect on cardiovascular biomarkers in humans. This includes blood lipids. This may explain why it would appear that spirulina might in certain circumstances, particularly diabetics, help men with erectile dysfunction*. Spirulina may also lower blood pressure by increasing blood flow, which will include the penis.*”

Your Doctor & Andropause

Your doctor may order a blood test to check your testosterone levels., and this might lead to him/her recommending tablets, patches, gels, implants, or injections. However, before taking this course of action why not consider a natural alternative that might mitigate some of the symptoms?

If It Can Help Our Planet, Imagine What it Can Do For You?

In our research we discovered that Spirulina was the evolutionary bridge between bacteria and green plants. It was one of the first organisms that helped our planet to develop and contribute to overcoming the toxins in the air caused by the many volcanoes! If it could help our planet then, imagine what it could do for you now & maybe, just maybe, it could help us to overcome the current environmental problems our planet faces today. Whilst not directly related, that is one of the reasons we encourage people to consider growing their own-  It might lead to more development of spirulina in the open environment for environmental philanthropy reasons.

Where to Buy Spirulina? Its Wise To Choose Carefully.

Where you buy your supplies of spirulina from is important to think about. Whatever you do, please don’t buy from a cheap unregulated supplier.

Some people who do are the ones you may find on web sites and in reviews complaining; “it made me sick”. To help you understand the importance of this better, we have researched and we describe this in some detail on our; “What is spirulina about” page. We also recommend you review our page about how much to take as you may also go through a detox. Please click though to understand spirulina better.

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Please, also check with your Doctor too as there are one or two preexisting conditions where it is advisable not to take spirulina. We only support producers on this site with rigorous production and supply chain procedures.

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*Nothing on this website should be interpreted as personal medical advice. Always consult a qualified Doctor or health care professional before changing anything related to your healthcare.

*Please see the About page for the references


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