Natural Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease? Seriously?

Natural Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease? Seriously?

Natural Treatment for Parkinson`s Disease
Natural Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease? Elderly Lady & Child Preparing a Meal

This might surprise you, but it seems that the spirulina superfood may also play a helpful role in Parkinson´s Disease. Or, possibly offer some hope for the possible mitigation of symptoms* Read on to learn how a Natural Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease might involve the regular consumption of spirulina. *





Spirulina & Parkinson`s Prevention

The Spirulina superfood, which we understand might play a helpful role in mitigating or reducing Alzheimer/dementia symptoms*. Spirulina might also be helpful with regards to preventing or reducing the risk of Parkinson´s too* The gut brain connection is certainly real, with doctors now starting to better understood the link, related to inflammation in the body, so it felt logical to us that it might also help with the prevention or mitigation of Parkinson´s symptoms. We decided to look into it further….

As if you didn´t already have numerous reasons already for taking the spirulina superfood, here is yet another one! Learn more…

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What Is Parkinson`s Disease?

Firstly, what is Parkinson´s Disease? Parkinson´s is a long-term degenerative disorder, that can have a wide range of symptoms that can also lead to dementia. (2)

So, What Evidence Do We Have That Spirulina Can Help Parkinson´s Disease?

To be honest, the evidence in terms of clinical studies is quite limited, but there are various animal studies from different countries, which we have highlighted below, and they suggest spirulina may help.

Inflammation In The Body Seems to be a significant factor… So how does spirulina help?

So Many Diseases Are Caused By Inflammation In The Body – Spirulina Can Ease Symptoms

What we do know, is that the symptoms of Parkinsons can cause a wide range of inflammation in the body. Once again, inflammation is a factor in a disease, as it is with Osteoarthritis, cancer and diabetes. So many chronic diseases seem to be linked to inflammation in the body. And that is where spirulina is such a useful superfood, helping to ease and mitigate inflammation in the body, so it might help with the Natural Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease*

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Inflammation & Neurodegenerative diseases

“Inflammation plays a considerable role in neurodegenerative diseases, including Parkinson’s disease”, so commented a 2018 animal study (1) that also concluded that the anti-inflammatory/anti-oxidant properties of spirulina may produce a “mechanism of action” i.e. a “pharmacological effect”. In other words, in this context, it seems to act like a medication! We are talking here about the superfood spirulina !

The Spirulina superfood which we understand might play a helpful role in mitigating or reducing Alzheimer/dementia symptoms might also be helpful with regards to preventing Parkinson´s too.*

Is There Any Further Evidence?

Check out the 2020 study highlighted below about the Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Spirulina.

Parkinson´s – The Symptoms

According to the UK´s NHS, the main Symptoms include, a tremor – shaking, slowness of movement and muscle stiffness but there are others too, might include; balance problems, loss of the sense of smell, nerve pain, problems urinating, constipation, erectile dysfunction, difficulty becoming sexually aroused, dizziness, blurred vision or fainting, excessive sweating, swallowing difficulties, insomnia, excessive production of saliva, depression, anxiety & dementia. (3)

Unfortunately, there is no cure for Parkinson’s disease. Although there are medications available to help with symptoms. If you or a loved one are already taking medications for Parkinson`s, please ensure you check with your doctor first before taking the superfood spirulina too.

Is Spirulina a Silver Bullet?

Absolutely not. But it might help you or a loved one and whilst the number of studies are limited on spirulina and Parkinson´s disease, we do have the 2018 animal study that is helpful (1). We are not advocating that spirulina is a silver bullet for Parkinson´s, but it is interesting that from our research, we have found that spirulina can be helpful with dementia, anxiety, depression and andropause.* You can check our Spirulina FAQS for other conditions it helps with.

Much probably depends on how advanced symptoms are, but ideally by taking quality spirulina early enough, it may help you delay or prevent the onset of Parkinson`s. It must be worth a try right?

Important. We cannot emphasise enough the importance of consuming clean and quality spirulina.


With erectile dysfunction and difficulty becoming sexually aroused being symptoms of Parkinson`s, lets have a quick word about Maca

Maca, is probably better for erectile dysfunction and encouraging men and women to become sexually aroused.* It was certainly popular in the 16th Century amongst Spanish Troops in Latin America!

You can learn more about the benefits of the Maca superfood via this click through.

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Isn´t A Natural Solution Better Than A Medication?

Doesn´t it just make sense, to improve your diet by taking a superfood to possibly prevent or reduce the risk of Parkinson´s, dementia or other conditions? It has certainly made a huge difference to our health, which was the original motivation for this site, to spread the good news about this astonishing superfood.

Spirulina is High In Anti-Oxidants, has Anti-Inflammatory Properties & Boosts the Immune System!

A study (4) from July 2020 published by Yu T, Wang Y, Chen X, Xiong W, Tang Y, Lin L. studied gut permeability, inflammation, and the taking spirulina. They discovered that spirulina has high properties as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and also boosts the immune system. A superfood that has been staring at us in the face for billions of years!

This study was an animal study too, involving some rats whom were fed a high-fat diet, to induce inflammation and “leaky gut”. They were also fed spirulina. There was also a “control group” who did not receive spirulina to see if there was a difference. The amazing results found that the “control group”, those not fed spirulina, had colon tissue damage and thinning of the intestinal walls.

Those fed the Spirulina too, effectively had their guts and gut lining healed with the inflammation greatly reduced in the spirulina-treated group. Even while they were still eating an unhealthy diet.

Don`t Be Naughty! (oh go on, you probably can a little!)

No! That is not excuse for you to eat an unhealthy diet!  But it just goes to show the benefit of regularly consuming quality spirulina, as we ourselves have experienced.

Further Evidence that Spirulina May Help Parkinson`s

A pre-clinical trial, again involving animals (5) from India assessed the protective effect of Spirulina in combination with amantadine (6) a medication that is used to treat the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. The animals were “treated” twice a day with spirulina. Statistically significant improvements of 34% & 52% were noted with regard to the “lesioned” group. And higher percentage improvements were noted when spirulina and amantadine in combination were used, with improvements of 57% and 78%. Notably, body movements and locomotor activity were “statistically improved”.

There is more evidence highlighting the benefit of spirulina and Parkinson`s…Read on…

A 2017 Parkinson’s disease model in Drosophila, (7) was developed where they demonstrated the therapeutic effect of spirulina in the improvement of lifespan and locomotor behaviour. We recognise that this is a fly-based study, but their results do suggest that the antioxidant boosting properties of spirulina can be used nutritionally as a way to improve the lifespan and “locomotor behaviour” in those with Parkinson’s disease.*

Meanwhile in China

A study (8) involving mice demonstrated the neuroprotective effects of spirulina in a Parkinson`s disease model. Yet further evidence that spirulina may help with the symptoms of Parkinsons. So overall, quite encouraging, that spirulina may be a Natural Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease.*

And of course, we already know from our previous research, that spirulina helps the brain


So whilst the evidence may not be 100% conclusive, Spirulina may help those with early Parkinson`s Disease symptoms* In consultation with your doctor, it might be worth a try. Please carefully note, our advice on the quality
and quantity of spirulina to take, as well as those very few conditions where it is best avoided. The Spirulina FAQs
may also be helpful to you.

We would like to see some clinical studies with spirulina on how it might help with Parkinson`s Disease. The difficulty seems to be, that limited research funds seem to be available for this superfood, whilst large pharmaceutical companies seem to have almost unlimited research budgets to sell their products to the general public.

As always, we would advise you, if you suffer from this condition, that you should consult your doctor first, before you start to take spirulina, particularly if you have already been prescribed a medication to treat your symptoms.

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(1) A spirulina-enhanced diet provides neuroprotection in an α-synuclein model of Parkinson’s disease Mibel M Pabon , Jennifer N Jernberg, Josh Morganti, Jessika Contreras, Charles E Hudson, Ronald L Klein, Paula C Bickford


(3) NHS Parkinson`s Symptoms including Dementia.

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(7) Supplementation of Spirulina (Arthrospira platensis) Improves Lifespan and Locomotor Activity in Paraquat-Sensitive DJ-1βΔ93 Flies, a Parkinson’s Disease Model in Drosophila melanogaster Ajay Kumar, Pearl K Christian, Komal Panchal, B R Guruprasad, Anand K Tiwari, Genetics & Developmental Biology Laboratory, School of Biological Sciences & Biotechnology, Indian Institute of Advanced Research, Gandhinagar, India

(8) Protective effects of a polysaccharide from Spirulina platensis on dopaminergic neurons in an MPTP-induced Parkinson’s disease model in C57BL/6J mice Fang Zhang , Jian Lu , Ji-Guo Zhang , Jun-Xia Xie

*Nothing on this website should be interpreted as personal medical advice. Always consult a qualified Doctor or health care professional before changing anything related to your healthcare. *Please see the About page for the references.

26 thoughts on “Natural Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease? Seriously?”

  1. Thank you so much for presenting this article on Natural Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease. The spirulina superfood can help to mitigate a wide range of conditons and diseases as your excellent site describes. Not only can it help with Parkinson`s but it also helps with other conditons such as Alzheimer’s. I have been taking this natural spirulina superfood for a long time because of my physical problems. So I would say to those who want to overcome various health conditons, that having checked with your list of Spirulina FAQs and the history page, they should give it a try.  Better a natural solution than a medication in my book.

  2. Spirulina is a nature wonder. I take it everyday with my smoothies, I love the color from that as well. This is amazing, I know that it is good for your health but had no idea that it can help with Parkinson’s Disease. I agree, that our brain and our gut are connected. We just have to give them the right nutrients for them to function properly in harmony. Thanks for sharing all the benefits from Sirulina, now I feel good that I made an excellent choice to include it in my diet. 

  3. Thanks for giving us light on the power of Spirulina. I am a big fan of natural remedies, since I don’t really trust all chemicals produced by the Pharmacy Industry. Myself I am a big fan of Colloidal Silver that keeps the body free from all these inflammations and infections, things that trigger almost all diseases. I think Spirulina also does the same work.

  4. Thank you for the informative article. My mom is old and has been on parkinsons medication for years now.  I am however a fan of natural ways to good health. I hope I can be able to convince her  to take Spirulina, even if she does so alongside her medication for now. Most importantly I think it is important that for most of us who are still healthy to do our best to prevent Spirulina 

    • Hello Bogadi, I`m sorry to learn of your Mom`s condition.  Its important you/she discuss the idea of taking spirulina with her doctor.  If He/she gives her the go ahead, great.  Remember its not a cure but we would be very interested to learn, if after she takes it for say 6 months, how her symptoms have changed or been mitigated.  She will need to take enough too, dont expect results on one tablet a day, its a functional food, not a medication.  We give a suggested approach on how much spirulina to take, via this click through

      We fully agree with your last sentence, and this is where we hope this site will help people to learn about the benefits of spirulina and so avoid or reduce initial symptoms of such horrible conditions.  Do also check out our history of spirulina page to check she does not have any of the conditions we have listed there.  As we said, I recommend a conversation with her doctor before taking spirulina.  I hope your your mom improves. 

  5. I learned a lot about spirulina after surfing the site. I had no idea this existed and it’s interesting that it can help with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. My father suffered from Alzheimer’s and died from a stroke. Im definitely going to follow up on this superfood. Thanks for the info. And keep up the good work 

    • Thanks for the visit Thomas.  A lot of people are unaware of the spirulina superfood and its many benefits which was the main reason for creating this site.  Without good health, it can make our lives more difficult than they need to be, and here nature has provided us with this astonishing functional food that can help us with so many conditions.  My health has improved immeasurably taking spirulina regularly.  Yes it can help with Parkinson`s, Alzheimers and Dementia but its not a cure, but if it helps to delay or reduce symptoms, it seems like a no brainer to us. Its best application might in fact be as a preventative to stop symptoms arising in the first place.   Do check the history of spirulina page as we list a couple of conditions where it is best avoided, and as always, do be very careful to buy good quality.  The amount of spirulina you take and your consistency is also important.  My own energy levels are astonishing now.  I have just finished a weights session and a 10 k speed walk and will work now for about 8-10 hours.  I still have loads of energy.  Its down to the spirulina ! 

  6. Hello, it is amazing that studies show that spirulina is good and helpful for Parkinson disease. I hope that studies continue and find a cure for Parkinson. But until this will happen,  I agree with you, that for how long that spirulina can improve and makes things better for the people that suffering from parkinson, giving it a try under medical supervision is the best thing to do. 

    Thank you for sharing 


    • Thank you Alketa.  The more we have used quality spirulina and the more we have studied it for our articles, the more we have been amazed.  As well as weight loss, memory improvements, mental health improvements in our family !  To the extent that my partner, no longer uses seratonin, that used to be essential, the list of benefits from taking spirulina regularly seems to grow.  We are currently researching Migraines, and we have found anecodotal evidence that it helps to reduce the risk of migraines.  But as you rightly say, always under the guidance of your doctor. Do check out our spirulina FAQS, the history of spirulina page and the how much spirulina to take? They will give you the key factors to consider   Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  7. I take spirulina in my smoothies at least once or twice a week! I find it fascinating that food can do so much to help heal our bodies.  It’s too bad there are not more studies with humans,  out there showing the benefits of spirulina in helping with the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. However, I bet there are a ton of anecdotal statements showing the power of spirulina.

    You have lots of great research here, which is awesome to see.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge about spirulina!


    • Thank you Anna, its great to hear that you already take spirulina a few times a week.  Want a top tip?  Try and take it daily!  The results will be even more awesome, particularly in terms of your energy levels. But for many other conditions too.  Check our spirulina FAQs for details. 

      We agree with you that its a shame, there are not more studies.  One of the challenges is that spirulina companies are generally small, with limited research budgets whereas the “health” industry, in particular the pharmaceutical companies have huge research budgets.  Its interesting that the Pharma industry have been struggling for a long time to find an effective medication for dementia.  Meanwhile, spirulina has been staring at us in the face for decades and we didn`t really understand it.  Even me !  I lived in Mexico from 1995-2000.  I used to visit Xochimilco from time to time and remember seeing “dirty green” water from the boats as we went around the canals, little did I know the potential healing power of the spirulina in the water around us. Please carefully note, with the levels of pollution in Mexico City you should NOT consume spirulina from the water in Xochimilco.) Our recommendation is to only use quality spirulina. We are about to add a further brand to our website which we have discovered. Its probably the best spirulina in the world. 

  8. Very interesting article and helpful to know this. I personal haven’t heard of this product before now, but it allows me to research it before I could comment.  For sure its a natural plant base food that can help with inflammation, and high in many nutrients.

    This is great information for others to know of, especially in the medical field since it is good for variety of illnesses. I personally don’t have any experience with it, but I am sure adding it to my list to try.

    I appreciate this review.

    • Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment. We are pleased to learn you plan to try it.  Do check our history of spirulina page for a lost of those few conditions where spirulina is best avoided. The how much spirulina to take page is also key.    I  notice you have a connection with Amazon.  If you are planning to order some via them,  we would advise you NOT to do so. We recommend using smaller specialist suppliers, as Amazon in particular, have huge supply chains and often hot warehouses that do not necessarily handle this specialist product in an optimum way. This impacts on the effectiveness of the spirulina.   

  9. This is a great read. Thanks for making this blog. I do believe that there are a lot of natural ways we can heal our bodies from disease and toxins.

    I just wish that the medical industry invested more research into natural healing vs surgeries and medications. I know sometimes it can’t be avoided, but many times it can. 

    I know that if more natural healing methods would surface, the medical industry would loose money, which is a sad thing to think about because they not be as incentivized to do more research that would put some out of business.

    Thanks again for this great read and would love to keep hearing about natural healing discoveries. 

    • Thank you Greg.  We absolutely agree with you, particularly regarding research into its benefits and the bottom line of pharmaceutical giants.  We believe that if a natural approach can overcome or mitigate health issues, then take the natural approach.  But we also recognise that spirulina is not a “silver bullet” but as with eating any good diet, it helps to keep us fit and well.  You are what you eat! But on occasions, of course, it may be appropriate to take a medicine.  Always follow Doctor`s orders!

      You might find the spirulina FAQs helpful.  Ditto the history of spirulina page that discusses those few conditions where spirulina is best avoided. The right quality spirulina is essential, as is taking the right daily amount, some people expect results taking 1/2 gram a day.  Yes, thats a great way to start, particularly if you are detoxing, but then you need to increase the amounts.  Our advice on how much spirulina to take may also be helpful to you.  Thank you for your positive feedback.  Its appreciated.


  10. I find that you are quite straightforward in your writing about the benefits of spirulina.  I had not heard anything about the possibility of it helping the symptoms of dementia.  It does make sense in that many people believe that dementia is a secondary problem of cardiovascular difficulties.  I understand that spiralina is good for the cardio-vascular system.  I am going to look into this more because dementia is prevalent in our family.

  11. I am a believer, I believe just like you do in the numerous benefits of spirulina. Up to a year ago I was losing a lot of hair, I guessed it had to do with my hormones, and started taking spirulina on a daily basis. And the hair loss has completely stopped. A healthy diet and spirulina do indeed heal the gut and keep it healthy, and a healthy gut means a healthy brain.

    • Thats great to hear Karin.  Those of us regularly taking quality spirulina do indeed as we can see the benefits.  In my case, it has turned my health, my memory, my gut, my energy levels  are phenominal and much much more.  Not least, losing 28 kilos in weight!  Yes my hair growth has also enhanced so I`m pleased to learn of your success no longer having hair falling out. There are three key things that people typically overlook.  This is not something you buy the cheapest brand, but the most expensive brands are only marginally more expensive that poor quality spirulina.  & another big mistake is that people buy via large distributors, far better in this case direct from smaller companies/distributors who do not have huge supply chains.  How much spirulina to take is also very important.  I currently take 4 grams a day but its an amount to slowly build up to. Finally, there are a few conditions where spirulina is best avoided.  This we have highlighted within our history of Spirulina page. BTW I see you mentioned fluctuating hormones, Maca is also brilliant for that.  Much better than pharmaceutical pills or roll on hormones.*

  12. I was suffering from Parkinson’s since 5 years & life had become disastrous for me.75 % of my body was covered by Tremors.After taking an alternative herbal remedy under supervision of a doctor, i started getting results within three to four weeks of the remedy .Treatment went very well and tremors are gone. I’m a strong advocate for other PD disease patients seeking help , multivitamin herbal remedies it the right process, “What they’ve done for me and my life, it’s been almost a miracle.”

    • That is great to hear Ohnev. The great thing about quality spirulina is that spirulina rebalances your body. As with your multivitamin experience, quality spirulina is a multivitamin but also with proteins & minerals. Spirulina slowly cleans toxins out of your system. But its essential to purchase quality spirulina – there are many cheap brands that contain fillers or are not produced in optimum conditions. Please read our History page for details and also the “how much spirulina to take?” page. Its almost pointless buying bottles of 60 tablets which cheap brands often sell, as if you are taking them properly that is only about 6 day´s supply. We recommend a Chilean spirulina as the best on the market but outside of Chile its difficult to come by. We can arrange exports for those interested, please contact us at Other good brands are available via this click through.


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