Spirulina Cancer Benefits [Can it help? Studies Suggest Yes! It Can!]

A Healthy Diet that includes spirulina may help prevent cancer
Healthy Vegetables

Some Studies Suggest Spirulina May Help.

With cancer being one of the leading causes of death in high income countries (5), does spirulina help to prevent or mitigate cancer symptoms at all?  Some studies suggest spirulina may help. *



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3 grams of spirulina = 3 Kilos of Mixed Fruit and Vegetables! Seriously!

Nutritionists and Doctors encourage us to to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.  To exercise too. Cancer Research UK say, that exercise helps to prevent 13 different types of cancer. Whilst eating fruit and vegetables, according to Cancer Research UK, may also help, with “a small protective effect against cancer”. We know from scientists, that 3 grams of spirulina is the equivalent of eating 3 kg of mixed fruit and vegetables, check the video in this click through.

Spirulina Cancer Benefits [Can it help? Studies Suggest Yes! It Can!]
Powerful Lion – Spirulina – A Powerful Antioxidant

Spirulina Contains Some Powerful Anti-Oxidative Properties

Spirulina contains some wonderful anti oxidative properties that help the body to seek out and eradicate free radicals and so help the body to reduce oxidative stress.  The antioxidant/anti-inflammatory activity of Spirulina has been tested in a large number of pre-clinical animal studies,” (2) (3) and show that “Spirulina activates cellular antioxidant enzymes”.

Spirulina Supports Your Body to Eliminate Harmful Molecules

In plain language, the studies suggest that spirulina supports your body to eliminate harmful molecules.  This helps to reduce the risk of damage to your cells and so reduce the risk of damage to cells, that might otherwise lead to cancer*.

However, please carefully note, we are not suggesting it will cure cancer, but it might, along with a healthy diet and lifestyle, help to reduce your risk. Its got to be worth a try to help right?

The Importance of Using Good Quality Spirulina

We discuss the importance of using quality spirulina throughout our site.  However, if you are planning to use it, to try to mitigate or lower the risk of cancer (or indeed any other condition)*, we cannot emphasise enough, the importance of using quality spirulina.  You can learn more on our history of spirulina page,  along with some suggestions on how much to take.

The same history page highlights other conditions where spirulina is best avoided. But do check with your Doctor, to ensure he/she gives you the green light, even if in your case, or of that of a loved one, it may only be to enhance your nutrition. Its great nutrition for adults and children alike.

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Spirulina Helps To Protect The DNA Molecule

Spirulina and Whey protein has been found in an animal study (4) to inhibit DNA damage.

“Oxidative stress is known to damage the DNA molecule, alter signalling pathways, & regulate progression of various cancers, including cancers of the brain, breast, colon, liver, lung, ovary and prostate” (5). Studies have found that Oxidative stress, can interfere with your DNA and can lead to cancer. Overeating may generate free radicals, & so elevate oxidative stress. Obesity is also highlighted as a risk. (5).  Studies (11)  have indicated that Spirulina is a “master antioxidant” helpful in reducing free radicals.

Is Spirulina a Cure?

Is Spirulina a cure? No, but studies (2, 3, 4) suggest it might help to prevent and possibly mitigate symptoms. Due to logistics problems with cancer patients, few human cancer prevention trials exist.  However, a studies (6 – paragraph 2.5), (7), (8) involving hamsters demonstrated how 45% of them saw complete regression of leukoplakia – (a condition that can develop into mouth cancer over time) (9) , “after taking Spirulina supplements for 1 year”.

Breast Cancer – Spirulina May Help

Research (1) from 2013 into breast cancer suggested that spirulina combined with selenium was found to be helpful in inhibiting growth.*

The anti-cancer activity of spirulina is also discussed in this Korean study (13) looking at spirulina grown in deep sea water. “It was found that the spirulina extract, effectively suppressed the expression of certain cells, as well as inhibiting various human cancer cells”.

Pre – Oral Cancer Conditions – How Spirulina Helps

A 1995 a study (12) of 44 chewers of tobacco in India taking just 1 gram of spirulina a day, over a 1 year period.  45% of them experienced complete regression of lesions. And complete regression was seen in 16 of 28 (57%) cases with homogeneous leukoplakia.  Improvements were also seen in a few (not all) of the cases of erythroplakia
and verrucous leukoplakia.

See our suggestions on how much to take.

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Spirulina Cancer Benefits [Can it help? Studies Suggest Yes! It Can!]
Remember to apply sunscreen too!

May Prevent Skin Cancer (But hey, still use sunscreen in the sun!)

Researchers from Japan and Indonesia conducting an animal study  (10) in (2014) into the effects of spirulina with ultra violet light ,  found how “dietary” spirulina “suppressed tumor induction and development” with skin tumors; commenting that “UVB-induced skin tumor development, was significantly suppressed by dietary Spirulina”.  

This is very encouraging news for those who live in regions with high UV such as the Southern Hemisphere or people who are susceptible to skin cancer and is yet another good reason to include spirulina in your diet.  But please, just because you are consuming spirulina regularly, doesn`t mean you should forget to put on plenty of sunscreen or wear a hat, top or a shirt, when you are on the beach or in the sun, as the researchers did not find that it prevented all tumors!  But it definitely helped!

This video further highlights the benefits cancer researchers have found:

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We hope you find this collation of research and links to studies helpful. Obviously, prevention is better than cure.  Whilst we would not wish to suggest that spirulina is a cure for cancer, it certainly appears to be a helpful tool in terms of mitigation and prevention (& perhaps in early cases of certain cancers).  So as if we needed another reason to include spirulina in our diet, common sense suggests, it is yet another reason for doing so! If nothing else, the intense nutrition may help you and your body at such a stressful time.  Please remember, that spirulina is a superfood, not a medication. It needs to be taken regularly over a period of time to see an effect.  You should also check with your doctor that it is appropriate in your case, as there are certain conditions where you should not take spirulina.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How Much To Take?

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Where to Buy?

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In the USA/Canada/Worldwide, E-Vitamins are very good suppliers of quality spirulina. If you are in the UK, E-Vitamins are a good supplier but you may also wish to check Whole Foods. They both sell spirulina powder and both have regular turnover. Shelf life really matters with spirulina, which can sometimes be an issue even with large online companies. E-Vitamins and Whole Foods are specialist suppliers.


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*Please see our “About” page.

*Nothing on this website should be interpreted as personal medical advice. Always consult a qualified Doctor or health care professional before changing anything related to your healthcare.

12 thoughts on “Spirulina Cancer Benefits [Can it help? Studies Suggest Yes! It Can!]”

  1. Hello Trevor, it’s really nice to be seeing well informed articles from the Internet.  I was sad before seeing this post, but pleased that I learnt something new from this post. It’s really amazing to see how beneficial to human`s spirulina is.  We should all should seek more knowledge, so we know what our body needs.

    • Thank you Justin for your comment.   As you say spirulina does have many benefits for people. It was encouraging to us that spirulina seems to help and possibly help with certain types of cancers.  The difficulty is, there are not enough studies to prove that it helps.  I hope by having drawn together as many of the studies that there are, this will help people.  Please check out FAQs for a detailed list of how it may (or not) help.  The history of spirulina page is also worth reviewing, as indeed is the “how much spirulina to take” page. Thanks again for your comment.

  2. Spirulina helps prevent cancer, and can even help once you have cancer.  What exactly is spirulina, I’d like to check it out.  It does help protect the DNA molecule; that must be the most simplistic way to explain why it helps with various types of cancers.  Wow, it’s also an anti-oxidant!  I haven’t seen a single product to be so helpful in multiple ways against the treatment and prevention of cancers.  I would recommend this post to others.

    • Thanks for the feedback Anthony.  Its important to add a “May” help prevent cancer and “may” help once you have cancer but the evidence we found suggests it may help*.  Always, of course under the guidance of your doctor.  We recommend you check out the Spirulina Frequently Asked Questions and another essential part of the process is to buy from a good source. That is critical.  A lot of people are unsure about, how much spirulina to take.  There is no official guidance which is why we have suggested a common sense approach based on our own experience.  You may also wish to check the history of spirulina which is fascinating and includes a few conditions where spirulina is best avoided.  

  3. Hello Trevor, it’s really amazing to see a product that helps to deal with cancer and for the fact that it is made from natural stuff, makes it really amazing and I’m beginning to believe if natural things are explored more, the cure to so many diseases would be found in a short time. I feel really happy about this spirulina product for real.

  4. Beyond all reasonable doubts, the facts presented here prove that spirulina can make a lot of difference for anyone willing enough to use it in helping to at least reduce the excesses of cancer. Surely, with the benefits listed here, spirulina is worthy enough to be used or better, combined with other cancer treatment to achieve the optimum result

    • Thanks for visiting us Bruce.  Yes, we think spirulina is pretty awesome.  It certainly helps with a lot of different conditions, but its important to remember its a superfood so not a medication that “cures”.  But we do support the growing number of doctors and medical professionals who say that we should “eat our way to health”. Spirulina is packed with nutrients so its a great thing to add to your diet, along with exercise. 

    • Dear Lauren,

      Thank you for your comment and visit. We would NOT want to leave you with the impression that spirulina is a cure for cancer (s), but in those types of we have listed in this article, along with the studies/research we have researched and included as sources, it does seem to help mitigate certain cancers (see the article for the different types).* Prevention is better than cure, so taking it MIGHT lower the risk of cancer.*

      The best way to think of spirulina is that its a type of functional food. You are what you eat ! Increasingly doctors think that eating the right diet is the way to overcome illnesses, as the pharmaceutical industry does not have all the answers to all the diseases, Dementia/Alzheimers is a particular case in point. You might find our article by our guest writer, the Gut-Brain connection interesting on that one.

      Its really important to take the right quality spirulina and to take it consistently and in sufficient amounts. I hope that answers your question fully?


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