How To Overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Spirulina?

How To Overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Is Spirulina A Way To Mitigate Or How To Overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

There have been very few clinical studies specifically involving spirulina and chronic fatigue syndrome patients. So the jury is still out on the benefits of spirulina for chronic fatigue syndrome. However, there have been a number of studies demonstrating how spirulina helps to improve endurance in sport and helps mental fatigue.

How To Overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Spirulina?

Our Experience With Spirulina Boosting Energy

From my personal experience, I can say it has helped me to exercise for longer and my mind is quicker and much sharper. My memory has also improved significantly, and quite incredibly for my age, my muscles are developing again.





How To Overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Spirulina?
Spirulina Energises Your Body, Naturally

So What Is The Evidence From Sports Studies?

Two sports related studies have demonstrated how sportspeople were able to exercise (1) for longer, before fatigue set in. With the amount of time to fatigue after a two-hour run, being “significantly longer” (2). Spirulina supported “a significant increase in exercise performance”. However, is this how to overcome chronic fatigue syndrome? Or mitigate chronic fatigue? Our experience, is that if spirulina is taken regularly, and in sufficient quantities, spirulina helps to recharge your body with energy.* Once you have the detox out of the way!

In a 2016 study (3) from Ohio, USA, with a double “blind” placebo controlled study, involving a spirulina supplement, measuring physical and mental fatigue in men, it demonstrated a “small but statistically significant increase in exercise output.” And it also highlighted improved performance, four hours afterwards in a maths test, and also eight weeks later. This has been my own experience, I have found my mind is much sharper. I no longer suffer from “brain fog”, and I have been able to exercise for far longer than usual, before I tire. Indeed, on most occasions, after a lengthy gym workout, I am not tired, but typically feel full of energy.

Flip side

On the flip side, we should also highlight a Romanian study (3) dating from 2006. This involved just four people, over a very limited time period, just 4 weeks using spirulina, and it did not (not) mitigate their fatigue in that short period. We would suggest that 4 weeks was an insufficient amount of time to take spirulina to notice a difference. Its important to remember that spirulina is a food supplement, not a medication.

How To Overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Spirulina?

Food Supplement

To repeat and be very clear, spirulina is a food supplement, it’s not a medication. Indeed, I did not personally notice my own increased energy levels, until after a number of months of regularly taking spirulina supplements, which I originally took to help me control my blood sugar levels.

How does it help with energy levels?

Spirulina does this by increasing healthy lactobacillus in our intestines, supporting the production of Vitamin B6 that also helps in energy release. But as we describe in the flip side paragraph above, the only “study” regarding chronic fatigue, did not “prove” it helps. We believe because the study was so limited. They took the spirulina for too short a time period and the study was statistically very small. More research is clearly necessary.


Still Not Convinced?

If you are skeptical (sceptical) about spirulina, we would fully respect and understand that. However, if you have a problem with fatigue or chronic fatigue, we would encourage you to at least give it a try (under medical guidance of course). But please remember, Spirulina is not a medication. It’s a superfood supplement. We would suggest taking the superfood for at least 3 months, starting with 1 gramme a day and then slowly increasing to about 3 grammes a day. It might just help you, and you will also enhance your protein and vitamin intake.

The Odds Are You Will Lose Weight and/or If You Are Working Out, You Will Probably Gain Muscle Weight

You might also lose some weight, as it tends to reduce your appetite slightly as you feel “fuller”, or you may notice your skin is softer, and tiny marks on your skin such as small warts reducing in size*. That was my experience. You may also want to check out the wide range of other conditions we have researched that spirulina may help you with too*. But for these results, you need to take it consistently, unlike the people in the 4-week Romanian trial. You might also like to review these testimonials to see how spirulina has helped them, including with regard to chronic fatigue. You will notice that many recommend Hawaiian Spirulina, which we do too.

It might just help you with chronic fatigue.

Spirulina is packed with vitamins and nutrients. According to the Robert Henrikson book on Spirulina, It has 10 times more beta carotene than carrots and has been demonstrated to help the eyes, and is recommended by Doctors to help mitigate Macular Degeneration of the eyes. I can only speak anecdotally as I do not have macular degeneration although my Mother, also my Uncle, who recently died of Covid 19 did. However, I have noticed a slight improvement in my eyesight recently, to the extent that I now use my glasses and contact lenses much less at home.

This video further describes the benefits of Spirulina. Incredibly, 3 grammes of spirulina is described as being approximately the equivalent of 3 kg of fruit and vegetables in terms of nutrient value. That perhaps explains why I feel “fuller” after taking spirulina: Watch from Minute 7.07:

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Extreme Fatigue

Learn more about the causes of extreme fatigue via this click through.  As you can see, also recommend spirulina as a natural energy boost. That has certainly been our experience. Remember, the key to your success with spirulina is a good quality and clean brand and of course, please remember to take enough, you can find advice on quantities via this click through.  If it is anything like our experience, you will find your energy levels enhanced boosted considerably! So much better than those sugary, so called “energy drinks”, that give you a temporary “high” and then you feel sapped later.

Spirulina and Acupuncture.

As well as adding spirulina to your diet, you might also wish to explore finding an alternative remedy doctor who also specialises in acupuncture*. We understand this can also help to mitigate chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms*. The chances are, the alternative remedy practitioner will also recommend spirulina. I first became aware of the benefits of spirulina from my alternative remedy practitioner.

Where should I obtain my spirulina from?

Where you obtain your supplies of spirulina from is important to consider. You may in due course wish to grow your own. Its remarkably easy to do! But for now, to answer this question, we describe this in some detail on our; “What is spirulina about” page. Please click though to understand spirulina better, to be reassured that it’s right for you. We only support producers on this site with rigorous production and supply chain procedures.

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It might just help you with chronic fatigue.

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