Natural Energy Boosting Food – Spirulina

Natural Energy Boosting Food - Spirulina

Spirulina Boosts Energy Levels

One of the benefits I started to notice in taking Spirulina was the increase in my energy levels. Almost by accident I noticed this. There was no question, my energy levels were much higher than before. As well as the many other benefits, it seemed Spirulina was a natural energy boosting food too.

Over a period of a few weeks, I noticed I had far more energy and I was walking with more “bounce”. I just “felt” stronger and far more energised. Spirulina was giving me a boost in my energy levels naturally.*

And it would seem, I am in very good company, it seems that Kate Middleton is also a fan of spirulina, precisely for the energy boosting reasons we have described on this site.  Check this click through for details.

I´m not a Doctor but I have an interest in alternative remedies. Since I was encouraged to take Spirulina by my Doctor, my health has improved considerably. I have so much energy and genuinely feel 10+ years younger. My memory has improved too. I have undertaken extensive research of Spirulina and I now try to keep up to date with the results of new studies. I am discovering more and more benefits. Another benefit is Allergic Rhinitis more commonly known as Hay Fever.

Increase energy naturally?

I have always been a regular gym user but enjoy my food and a drink. But despite this I had days when I felt quite weary before a gym session and it was only mind over matter that got me to the gym. I only felt slightly invigorated afterwards and often pretty exhausted. But after a few weeks of taking Spirulina, I noticed I now had far more energy. I was not tiring so easily. Instead of an hour session, I could comfortably manage two hours and still not feel tired.

Initially I didn´t credit Spirulina for this. I thought it was due to losing weight. I researched Spirulina more. I wanted reassurance that Spirulina really was as good for me as the Doctor had said. I found various scientific reports saying that Spirulina increased energy levels. Perhaps this was why I noticed an increase in my energy levels? When I checked with my Doctor again, he confirmed this, but it was reassuring to later read what the scientists had to say.

Natural Energy Boosting Food - Spirulina

What the scientists say?

Whilst researching this new supplement, I was reassured and pleased to learn that it was “win-win” for me and helped me to increase energy levels. I was fascinated to read this scientific sport study of some “moderately trained” men, that explained “a significant increase in exercise performance”. And as an added bonus, it was helping with fat oxidation in my body too! I was also losing fat at a faster rate than normal. I could exercise longer and harder so further decreasing my fat levels, now that was a result worth having! As well as my gym sessions, it appeared that I had the combination of Spirulina & exercise to thank for this. As I researched Spirulina and fat oxidation more, I learnt that my exercise habit of exercising before breakfast was further contributing to me losing fat and weight.

Sports performance and Spirulina

With further research of Spirulina I was discovering more and more indicators that helped to explain my increase in energy levels. I saw more studies that helped to explain scientifically why Spirulina was helping with my rise in energy levels and why I could exercise longer and not feel tired. I was finishing two hour gym sessions and I was still “bouncing” with energy! And I am nearly 60 ! This super food I was taking, really was “win-win”.

Natural Energy Boosting Food - Spirulina

From Very Obese to Overweight – Next Stop Healthy Weight!

When I first faced up to my weight problem, it made for some very uncomfortable reading. Undoubtedly it had been a major factor in my diabetes test results and was also a factor in my high blood pressure. But now with the combination of regularly taking Spirulina, exercise, combined with my increase in energy levels, led to my dramatic drop in weight. I lost 23 Kilos over six months and I went from being Very Obese to Obese and then to Overweight. For me that was quite a result, even if it meant a number of trips to a seamstress to reduce the size of my favourite clothes! Plus a few trips to the Mall to buy new ones!

I continue to exercise regularly and to take Spirulina each day and so look forward to the day when I move into the Healthy Weight category. I will post here, when I do.

Spirulina – The History, briefly

This is a great story with some interesting historical characters mentioned.

Please visit our page on the history of Spirulina, to learn more. But today, it may surprise you to learn that NASA are studying it too.  They want to see how it might be used as food for long distance space travel.

Is it safe for me to take? Where can I get Spirulina?

Please visit our About page to see the references* & click through to visit our page on the history of Spirulina

If it’s right for you, you can find specific Spirulina reviews on this page.

Most people can consume Spirulina with no difficulty.  However, there are a few conditions that Spirulina is not recommended for.  We discuss these here. And if you are at all concerned that you may be allergic, you will want to check our What is Spirulina about? page. Most people thrive on it.

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Where can I find Spirulina?

I have bought Spirulina in Mexico, on line and in Chile. My experience has been very positive. It has helped me to considerably increase my energy levels and if that is something you would like to do naturally, you may wish to try some yourself.

Any questions?  Please leave us a comment below or contact us with a question.

If you haven`t done so already, please visit our About page to see the references*

Spirulina FAQs are here.

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Want to learn about extreme fatigue and other natural suggestions to overcome it? We recommend you also check out their suggestions combined with quality spirulina could help to make a big difference for you.*

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Natural Energy Boosting Food – Spirulina

2 thoughts on “Natural Energy Boosting Food – Spirulina”

  1. This looks good!You have provided vital information about the benefits of Spirulina and provided information of its risks. You have also included your personal experience with the plant in improving your health . Most important you have advised people to check with their doctors.

    • Dear Ali,

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving some feedback. We appreciate it.

      We are continuing to undertake research to allow ordinary people to understand its benefits, without having to be a scientist or doctor, but providing people with links to the evidence that research institutions have undertaken. Other sites tend to highlight the benefits but often do not offer the evidence or if they do, not the personal experience that we have experienced. We know from personal experience how good it is for our health. I feel 10-15 years younger as a result of this wonderful super food.

      Spirulina really is a wonderful super food. It has certainly helped me to rejuvenate, to become more energised. It has helped to preserve and restore my organs. I feel so much stronger after consuming Spirulina for just over two years, eating a balanced diet with Spirulina an important part of that.

      I have not had a cold, an allergy or the flu for nearly three years. Literally, “a spoonful of spirulina a day, keeps the doctor away”.

      It has helped member of our team with diabetes, fatty liver, restoration of kidney health (we will be publishing an article on this in the coming days), candida helps to reduce cholesterol. It also helps with eye health and dementia.

      I have also noticed my muscle´s have grown too! But that is in combination with regular gym sessions.

      We will be posting about the benefits of Spirulina with muscle development soon. And we will be adding pages on recipes, so that you can include Spirulina into recipes. We will be exploring Mexican and Chad culture for ideas as people there regularly include Spirulina in their day to day recipes.

      All in all, Spirulina is an all-round good detox that has certainly helped me to rejuvenate, to become more energised, it has helped to preserve and restore my organs and I feel so much stronger

      You are right to highlight the importance of checking with your own doctor before consuming Spirulina. As with any

      food, it needs to be taken in sensible quantities. Astonishingly, one gramme of Spirulina protein is equivalent to one kilogram of assorted vegetables. We will also be adding a page on recommended daily quantities too.

      And perhaps the most important. Its ESSENTIAL to buy from a safe and secure source. That is why we are careful about which Spirulina we recommend. Buy and consume the wrongly sourced Spirulina and it could worsen your health with So you need to be very careful.

      Once again, thank you for visiting our website Ali. I hope wherever you are, you have a happy, healthy and successful week.

      Best Regards,



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