Natural Treatments For Depression and Anxiety – Spirulina

Natural Treatments For Depression and Anxiety – SpirulinaIs Spirulina one of the natural treatments for Depression and Anxiety? Spirulina is packed with nutrition. Scientists say that 3 grammes of Spirulina (see video below) is the equivalent of 3 kilos of nutrients and proteins from fruit and vegetables. According to a 2018 paper (1), one of the factors that may be relevant in Depression and other mental health conditions, is a lack of good nutritionThis is where Spirulina may be able to help Depression and other Mental Health issues.



And the Evidence Spirulina can help with Mental Health is?

Spirulina is loaded with nutrients. A 2018 paper highlighted how spirulina, by virtue of its high nutrient level, was a useful way to help manage mental health issues. It describes how it can be used as one of the natural treatments for depression, to improve amino acids and nutrients necessary for our mental health. It does this by enhancing amino acids and other nutrients in our body, to support our mental health.

The paper describes how mental health improvements can be achieved by certain nutritional supplements. It goes on to describe how Spirulina is a good source of relevant proteins, helpful in the management of depression as it helps with serotonin synthesis in the body.*

Is Spirulina Helpful with other mental disorders?

The paper also suggests that Spirulina may be helpful with other mental health disorders,  including:

  • bipolar disorder,
  • schizophrenia,
  • eating and anxiety disorders,
  • attention deficit disorder/attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD),
  • autism,
  • substance use disorder.

Is Spirulina right for my condition?

Spirulina may be a helpful “super food” in the management of your mental health issue or that of a loved one. You may wish to try it after you have consulted with your Doctor or Health Professional to check it is appropriate for the condition you are seeking to address.

This scientist explains more: Watch from Minute 7.07:

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Candida & Depression

The nutrition from Spirulina can also help the symptoms of Candida. One possible causes of depression can include Candida.  This video by Dashama explains more:


This cyanobacterium (Spirulina) has been around for 3.6 billion years! Researchers think it’s the; “the evolutionary bridge between bacteria and green plants” and yet Spirulina is not well understood, particularly in the “West”. It was one of the building blocks for plant DNA but it’s not well understood!

Let’s be clear, Spirulina is NOT a seaweed. Technically it’s a cyanobacteria. Encyclopedia Britannica defines it as a cyanobacteria. An even higher authority is referenced here. 

A more recent authority, Wikipedia says; “Modern botanists restrict the term algae to eukaryotes”. However, for the sake of simplicity we will call it a “blue-green algae” and that its from freshwater habitats. That´s why its NOT a seaweed. Whilst there are tiny amounts of iodine in freshwater, e.g. rivers, it depends on the supplier. We are checking with suppliers to establish levels of iodine in their spirulina and will share that information on the supplier page.

Is it right for me?

Is it right for me? The more I have researched Spirulina I have found a few rare examples of people who had not had a good experience with Spirulina. They may have also been unaware if the spirulina they were taking was contaminated or not.

It is so important to ensure you have a clean and reliable supply. Let’s keep things in perspective, this is a natural super food. There are people who are allergic to nuts, strawberries and seafood.

Clearly if you are considering taking Spirulina for the first time, you would be wise to be cautious, to check with your Doctor or Medical Professional first, just to be sure it’s right for you.

A Word About Iodine In Water.

River water has about 5 parts per billion (ppb) in river water. This compares to 60 ppb for seawater. Brown sea weed (This is NOT SPIRULINA) can have as much as 0.45% (dry mass) of iodine. That why you have to be careful not to consume seaweed if you have been advised by your doctor to be careful about your iodine levels.

So Let’s Be Clear

Well produced Spirulina, that is cultivated in fresh and clean water does not have high iodine levels. I hope that helps clarify any concerns about iodine in Spirulina. The key, is to buy from an appropriate producer.

Perhaps it would be easier if we all referred to Spirulina as being a “freshwater, blue green algae”. This is another definition. We think freshwater, blue green algae is the easiest definition for most people to understand. But technically, if you can pronounce it, it’s a cyanobacteria, that is cultivated in fresh water.

We emphasise on various pages in this site, the importance of obtaining your spirulina from a reliable, toxin free and secure supplier. That´s because as the cyanobacteria or freshwater blue green algae grows, it soaks up anything in its environment; i.e. in the water its growing in. So if there is iodine in the water, the Spirulina will soak it up. That is why we labour the point about selecting the Spirulina you consume carefully.

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The History – Its been around for 3.6 billion years

So its been around for 3.6 billion years. Think about that for a moment, 3.6 billion years! Its part of the building blocks of plant DNA. The cyanobacteria or freshwater, blue green algae has clearly played an important role in the early development of our planet! And we know it helps with the symptoms of numerous ailments described on this site.

Natural Treatments For Depression and Anxiety – Spirulina

My Experience

I have experienced numerous benefits regularly taking Spirulina. The list is quite lengthy of how this astonishing “super food”, or freshwater blue green algae helps us via the nutrients that it packs. Please check the following pages related to:

Allergies and hay fever
Andropause (the male menopause – we are researching Menopause);
Blood Pressure
It helps diabetics to stabalise their blood sugar*
Candida and IBS
It has sharpened my mind & may help Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
It helps your body to detox
It has boosted my energy levels
Eyes – it is recommended as a nutrition to help symptoms of Macular Degeneration.
Gastrointestinal problems
It has helped with my Fatty Liver
Muscle development and growth

My Alternative Remedy Doctor says it is “Very good for Diabetes, Liver, Kidneys and Pancreas”.*

And I have lost 28 kilos (over 60 lbs) in two and a half years with the help of Spirulina. It really is an astonishing superfood.


(1) Spirulina as a main source of tryptophan for mental illness: Improving level of serotonin by tryptophan supplementation, Sileshi Demelash

Please visit our About page to see the references*

Spirulina FAQs are here

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  1. Your article was very informative on why Spirulina is good for mental health issues and how it helps improve mental health for those going through mental health problems. I love the fact that you added some other health areas where the product could be helpful and also the video you added. Kudos 

    • Dear Juliet,

      It was kind of you to visit and to leave a comment.

      Yes, mental health benefits was was another surprise for me. I have to say I was not depressed but I did notice how I felt much happier after taking spirulina for a period of time! Perhaps it was all those nutrients packed into the spirulina that the scientist said helped with mental health issues. I´m glad you liked the video.

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  2. Thanks for this reminder. I was taking Spirulina, on the advice of a friend, several years ago. Sometimes when supplements are done, you forget to buy another. I think that was what happened. This article brings home to me the many reasons I should be taking it again. I am just finding out its value to mental disorders. It is such an all around nutritious product. Thanks for all the information.

    • Dear JJ,

      That is so true. That used to happen for me for Ginko Biloba – and for many years I kept forgetting the name & forgetting to stock up again! No problems recently now I have been taking Spirulina, my memory is so clear! I almost don´t need to write lists any more ! I´m glad the article was a good reminder to take it again.

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