Natural Cure For Dementia? Spirulina?

Is Spirulina A Natural Cure For Dementia?

I don´t have dementia but there were two additional things I started to notice after taking Spirulina for my Fatty Liver & Blood Sugar Control. I had far more energy. And my mind was far quicker and sharper. I was thinking much more clearly and my memory seemed sharper. I was no longer forgetting “silly things”. I have been semi-retired for 2 years but over a period of months after taking Spirulina, it felt as if my mind was more finely tuned. Whereas before I was forgetting things, now, it rarely happens. My mind feels much sharper than before I took Spirulina. Does Spirulina help the brain, or is it a natural cure for Dementia I asked myself? Might it have helped my Mother?

I decided to undertake some research.

Natural Cure For Dementia
Former Royal Naval WRENS during WW2



It was distressing to see my once highly active Mother suffer from Dementia in the later years of her life. In a 2018 study they highlighted that due to advances in technology, lifespans were extending. Oxidative stress, one of the causes of dementia had led to Dementia coming under the spotlight more. In an animal study it was found that; “Spirulina may prevent loss of memory and reduce oxidative damage”. I wish I had known that 10 years ago, to help her more.




In Other Studies

In another study, Spirulina blueberry and spinach “has been shown to reduce stroke-related brain damage”. And in the case of a brain related ailment, Spirulina has been shown to protect against Alzheimer’s disease. And in a University Health News article from 2017, they speak of its benefits for brain function and memory. And how it helps with Allergic Rhinitis, Asthma and how it lowers cholesterol too.

This study highlights how consuming Spirulina has the “potential to prevent the progression of cognitive impairment.” And this study reports; “Spirulina intake has also been found to prevent damage caused by toxins affecting the heart, liver, kidneys, neurons, eyes, ovaries, DNA, and testicles”. Adding, “that there have been “dozens of human clinical studies that have shown no harmful effects with Spirulina supplementation.” And this study adds that they found “a spirulina-enhanced diet offered neuroprotective benefits against” Neurodegeneration.

Very encouraging, all good so far

Is there a flip side to Spirulina?

Of course. Where you obtain Spirulina supplies from is key. The growing environment is critical.

Wherever Spirulina grows, it acts like a sponge, picking up and absorbing anything in the water it grows in.  This might include toxins if they are in the water.  Some supplies, notably from China, when tested, have been found to contain some toxins, including toxic metals. Where I live there are Spirulina supplies available at Knop from Chile & China. As I am sure you know, Chilean wine, fruits and Salmon are excellent. Chile has very high health and safety standards. If I cannot obtain a stock of Spirulina from these suppliers, who have well sourced and safe Spirulina, I will only buy the Chilean Spirulina. Its possible the Chinese supply is safe and knowing Chile´s strict regulations, that is likely, but I for one, am not risking it.

study from Guam has cast some doubt about Spirulina´s benefits with regard to Alzheimers and calls for further research. That is typically the way most research documents seem to end, “a call for more investigation or research”. There is nothing conclusive. Its possible the food the people in Guam were consuming was contaminated.

At we emphasise the importance that if you consume the Spirulina super-food, that you should do so from a reliable and safe supply, that has not been contaminated by toxins of any kind.

Where does it come from?

We go into some detail (not too much) about this in our history of Spirulina page. Its worth a read.

So is it safe to take?

This is a common question we hear.  For most people its fine. And typically once they try it, they rave about it afterwards. particularly when you notice the boost in energy or receive compliments about “how good” you are looking.  Please check out this click through for more details.

However, please carefully note,  there are a couple of exceptions for people with pre-existing conditions e.g. rheumatoid arthritis or other conditions associated with an overactive immune system e.g lupus or multiple sclerosis.

However, its great for Osteoarthritis* Just double check with your Doctor or health professional if you have this condition. I suffer from Osteoarthritis, and had a hip replaced 16 months ago. My Doctor told me, “its great stuff and its great for you”.  

You may find it helpful to check our Spirulina reviews.

Let us know if you have any questions by sending us a quick comment on the page, only your first name will appear on the site.

Spirulina FAQs are here.

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*Its important to refer to our About page to review the references* & the history of spirulina is described in our click through page here. It will help you understand it so much better.

You may also wish to check this short U-Tube Video that discusses how spirulina can help improve brain health:

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  1. Very Comprehensive, a great deal of information to absorb. I am a great believer in Natural Health. I’m 82 and take zero Medication. Kumbucha Tea might be a great addition to your product line.

    • Thank you for visiting us Richard. Thank you for the suggestion about Kumbucha Tea. Where does it come from? I cannot say enough how much spirulina has helped to turn my physical health around. I was a typical “man”, only went to see the Doctor when I was dying and that I think was delayed by many years thanks to spirulina. As you are so honest about your age, you might find the following articles interesting and helpful: energy & andropause. I no longer need to buy a certain blue pill and I have so much energy its unbelievable. I`m 60 this year but feel as if I am in my late 30`s – 40`s with my energy levels.


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