Natural Treatment For Gingivitis [Its simple & it’s great nutrition!]

Natural Treatment For Gingivitis
Reduce the number of your dental visits by using spirulina?

Spirulina Significantly Reduces Dental Plaque and Gingivitis!

A 2017 study (1) involving 30 patients in India, found that a spirulina mouthwash, significantly reduced dental plaque and gingivitis.*





What is Gingivitis?

According to the Mayo Clinic, Gingivitis is a common and mild form of gum disease. But Gingivitis has been linked to Alzheimer’s Disease.  See below for details of the possible link between Gingivitis and Alzheimer’s Disease.

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Prevention – Spirulina as Part of The Prevention

Prevention is obviously better than cure. In order to prevent Gingivitis, that can lead to inflammation of the gums, and can ultimately progress to periodontitis and even tooth loss, toothpaste manufacturers, recommend regular brushing with their particular brand of toothpaste.   According to the 2017 study (1), Spirulina appears to help reduce dental plaque and gingivitis. And if you take spirulina as a superfood supplement, it will also give you a boost in natural vitamins, protein, and minerals such as calcium that are important for bone and teeth health.

Concerned About Gingivitis?

If you are concerned about Gingivitis that might lead to gum disease and the risk of alzheimer`s (3) , you might wish to try spirulina
as part of your treatment, by taking the superfood as a supplement and by using a mouth wash that contains spirulina.  A simple homemade recipe to make a spirulina mouthwash is below.

If you have Gingivitis, you would be well advised to take steps to treat it. You should, of course, check with your doctor or dentist but Spirulina is also packed with nutrition and it could be a natural way to help you overcome gingivitis.  Whatever you do, please make sure you do get it sorted out, or it might lead to more serious health issues.*

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Gingivitis linked to Alzheimer’s

A  2020, study (3) highlighted by the US National Institute on Aging, has linked the gum disease bacteria to Alzheimer’s disease.

Beyond being a great superfood supplement in terms of nutrition, we know from other research, that Spirulina also appears to be supportive with brain and cognitive health. Ever since I have taken spirulina regularly, I no longer have brain fog and I find I am thinking much more clearly and quicker, than I used to.

Spirulina is Loaded with Calcium and Phosphorous

Natural Treatment For Gingivitis [Its simple & it’s great nutrition!]
Natural Treatment For Gingivitis [Its simple & it’s great nutrition!]

Spirulina is high in calcium and phosphorous. Did you know that phosphorous is the second most common mineral in the body? Calcium and phosphorous are known to strengthen teeth and improve gum health.

Spirulina is rich in protein and this amazing superfood is also loaded in calcium.  Gram for gram, it contains more calcium than milk does!  As you may have heard before, calcium is important for bones, including teeth.  Also, neural transmissions to muscles.  Its known that women with calcium deficiencies can possibly lead to osteoporosis in older women. (2) . Calcium is known to be important to help prevent osteoporosis and bone disease, as it is regarded as an important building-block for our bone tissue. Spirulina is packed with calcium.

Natural Treatment For Gingivitis [Its simple & it’s great nutrition!]
Natural Treatment For Gingivitis [Its simple & it’s great nutrition!]

Choose Carefully

If you would like to try some spirulina, we advise you to select the spirulina carefully. The reasons for this explained in our history of spirulina page. You may also wish to check our FAQs to see what other conditions ,that well selected spirulina might help you with.  There are one or two conditions where its best to avoid spirulina, which we highlight in this click through.

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Mouthwash Recipe

Here is a suggestion to make a simple spirulina mouthwash

What You Need:

    • ½ cup mineral, clean or distilled water
    • 1 teaspoon of baking soda
    • 1 teaspoon of spirulina powder.
    • A glass bottle with a lid

1. Use a funnel and pour all of the ingredients into the bottle.
2. Shake the bottle to mix together all of the ingredients and pour a small amount (1-2 tablespoons) into a cup. Place the mouthwash in your mouth and swish around for about 60-90 seconds.

      • Spit the mouthwash into a sink and brush your teeth as normal.

Do not swallow the mouthwash.

However, we do recommend that in addition to the mouthwash, that you also take spirulina tablets.*

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  • (2) Spirulina World Food by Robert Henrikson
  • (3) US National Institute on Aging.

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