Spirulina Uses & Benefits

Discover the numerous spirulina uses and benefits here on whyspirulina.com motivated by our experience of how this amazing supplement has improved our health.  If you are looking for an alternative remedy to help yourself or a loved one, Spirulina might be just the superfood supplement that you need. Check the numerous spirulina uses and benefits that have been researched.

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    Discover The Many Benefits Of Spirulina

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Explore our FAQs for information on spirulina research.  Our FAQs highlights the many conditions where spirulina can help mitigate symptoms.  It also points out the few exceptions where spirulina is best avoided.

How Much To Take

Learn how much you need to take to avoid the mistake of taking too much or too little to see the benefits.

The History

The History of Spirulina describes human use of spirulina over the history of the planet including the role it played to purify the air and water, when the earth was full of active volcanoes.  Did you know that much of our plant, tree and vegetable life is linked to spirulina?

Ensure You Buy From A Clean Supplier (Some are not!)

Where To Buy Spirulina explains the importance of obtaining spirulina from a clean and well sourced supplier.  In summary, spirulina soaks up anything in its environment, so ensuring you have a reliable supplier with clean spirulina (& Chlorella) is essential.

Our Blog

And Our Blog has a wide range of articles on the practical use of spirulina and more recently chlorella.

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