Best Spirulina To Buy?

Best Spirulina To Buy?

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Best Spirulina To Buy
Best Spirulina To Buy?

Is Pure Hawaiian Spirulina the best spirulina to buy? This product review considers the Pros and Cons of Pure Hawaiian Spirulina Powder/Tablets.

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Is Pure Hawaiian Spirulina The Best Spirulina To Buy?

Pure Hawaiian Spirulina is produced by Cyanotech Corporation under the brand name of Nutrex Hawaiian Spirulina.

With any spirulina, not just Pure Hawaiian Spirulina, its important to understand that whilst spirulina grows, it picks up and absorbs anything in its growing environment.  So, for the best spirulina to buy, it’s important to do so from a clean and reliable source. The evidence suggests that Pure Hawaiian Spirulina is a good source.

Well Regulated

The Nutrex Hawaiian Spirulina production process is regulated by US and State Authorities. They also have regular independent audits to confirm their production standards.  Nutrex mainly use fresh water from the Hawaii Island’s water aquifer in their growing ponds. The water is recycled. Nutrex Spirulina is cultivated in a “bio-secure zone” and certified free of pesticides, herbicides, and industrial pollution.

Contains Iodine but its a small amount

Nutrex use 5% seawater from 2000 feet below the Pacific Ocean in their growing processes. This they say, is to add trace minerals and elements to the Spirulina. Which means there is a small amount of iodine in Nutrex Hawaiian Spirulina. But with relatively small quantities. 3 grams of spirulina provides approximately 15 mcg (micrograms) of iodine, which is 10% of the US recommended daily intake for iodine (150mcg).

For those concerned about Iodine, this article explains further.


Great for boosting your energy*.  Much more effective on a sustainable basis than sugar loaded “energy drinks or bars”.  Both older and younger people find it gives them a sustainable boost. People “notice a considerable difference to their energy levels”*

Great For Faster Recovery & Muscle Growth*.

“It makes me feel euphoric”. It helps to mitigate anxiety and depression*. This article provides the evidence.

Helps the Skin & Hair* you can; “increase your overall wellness, improve your appearance & have a natural glow to your skin”That has certainly been our experience. Some people say it stops their hair falling out.*

Helpful for asthma, allergies and sinus problems*.

“And it seems to help with my memory issues, helping in particular with “brain fog”*. That has been my experience.

Great for a detox. Check out how much you should take. Build up slowly. When the candida left my body it was not a pleasant experience.  I had periodic diarrhoea  but advised by my health professional, I`m glad I “stuck with the programme” as my health has been turned around.

Helps with Acne*  Some people report that it helps, we are researching an article. It has certainly helped to “clear up” tiny marks and warts on my skin.  And my skin now heals quickly after burns and cuts.

Helps with inflammation.*

Boosts your immune system”* Some people report that it helps to reduce the number of common colds or influenzas they have.  “I have not had the flu once since taking spirulina regularly, and sinus problems or blocked noses are now a thing of the past”. There is some anecdotal  and some sports study evidence that it strengthens the immune system.

Great For VegansSome people describe how they have been able to “wean” themselves off meat using spirulina.

Great for Vegans and Vegetarians as its loaded with Protein. Some people describe how they have been able to “wean” themselves off meat using spirulina.





You can check the many potential benefits of Spirulina in our FAQs.

Please carefully note that with all of the “benefits” described here, it requires regular and consistent taking of spirulina, over a period of time.  It is also important to build up quantities slowly to avoid an unpleasant detox.

The Cons:

Contains some iodine – it’s a small amount.  Please read this article for more information. We understand some vegetables contain more iodine.

The Taste “some people find the taste disgusting” – However, if you take the tablets this is not an issue.  Or you can mix it into smoothies with stevia.

Some people complain it makes you smell.  This is very unusual. For the many benefits, its not typically a problem.

It’s not good for people with with an overactive immune system e.g lupus, multiple sclerosis or rheumatoid arthritis. This is true. If you think this is the case, please check very carefully with your doctor before you take spirulina.

Its typically not a problem with Osteoarthritis* But please check with your Doctor first, just in case you have any underlying conditions that it may

“It upset my tummy”.  Initially that was my experience, but it was due to my body going through a detox.  Once I went through it, I have never looked back.

Please check the FAQs for full details of the the different conditions it can help to mitigate.

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Its A Good Brand

Overall, despite the cons,  providing you follow advice on how much to take, our assessment it that Hawaiian Spirulina is a very good spirulina brand, that is carefully and well produced.  If you are looking for Spirulina, this is a brand that we can confidently recommend.


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Pure Hawaiian Spirulina


Pure Hawaiian Spirulina



  • Boosts Your Energy Naturally
  • Fantastic For Faster Sports Recovery & Muscle Growth
  • Gives You Radiant Skin & Shiny Hair
  • Helps With Asthma, Allergies And Sinus Problems
  • Helps With Memory Issues


  • Contains Some Iodine
  • The Taste “some people find the taste disgusting”
  • Some people complain it makes you smell
  • “It Upset My Tummy”
  • Careful With How It Detoxes You

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