Natural Supplement For Herpes – Spirulina?

Natural Supplement For Herpes – Spirulina?Whilst researching Spirulina for the different types of conditions that Spirulina helps with, we have come across evidence (1) that Spirulina can also help alleviate Herpes. This Mexican study (1) that is lodged with the US National Library of Medicine found it was effective to inhibit the herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2) virus. This Israeli hospital also suggests that it may be a helpful Natural Supplement For Herpes.*


Evidence from a Japanese study (2) further describes how Spirulina “inhibited” the Herpes simplex virus type 1.

If you or a loved one suffer from periodic outbreaks of Herpes, you may wish to try the Spirulina super food. It may help to raise your defences against viruses, and help to prevent, or slowly build up your immune system, to prevent outbreaks of herpes*.

It may be worth your while exploring our site further, as we have either experienced or found numerous conditions where this astonishing super food supplement appears to help, including*:

Allergies and hay fever

Andropause (male menopause)


Blood Pressure

Helping to stabilise blood sugar levels in diabetics,

Candida and IBS


Helped with our memory and there is evidence it can support those who suffer from Dementia & Alzheimer’s disease.

Depression and Anxiety.

Body detox

Boosts energy levels

Eases symptoms of Macular Degeneration

Gastrointestinal conditions

Fatty Liver – that’s the stage before Cirrhosis of the liver

Muscle development and growth,


Weight Loss.

But ALWAYS under the guidance of a doctor or medical professional*.

You might find it hard to believe, when you have searched for a Natural Supplement For Herpes, but Spirulina is loaded with nutrients. One gram of spirulina is the equivalent of 1 kilo of fruit and vegetables in terms of nutrients. Check this video for more details:

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Origin & History of Spirulina

The history of Spirulina is fascinating. You can find details of its origin and its history on our page, “What is spirulina about?”

We also explain the importance of selecting the right Spirulina for you.

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Spirulina FAQs are here

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(1) Hernández-Corona A1, Nieves I, Meckes M, Chamorro G, Barron BL. Departamento de Microbiologi;a, Escuela Nacional de Ciencias Biológicas, IPN, Carpio y Plan de Ayala S/N Casco de Santo Tomás, Apartado Postal 102, México, DF 11340, Mexico.

(2) Calcium spirulan, an inhibitor of enveloped virus replication….
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences & School of Medicine, Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University, Japan.

*Please see our “About” page*.  & click through to visit our page on the history of Spirulina, to learn more. Nothing on this website should be interpreted as personal medical advice. Always consult a qualified Doctor or health care professional before changing anything related to your healthcare.


19 thoughts on “Natural Supplement For Herpes – Spirulina?”

  1. I had heard of spirulina but was unsure what it was, the post really explains it so well, as a hay fever sufferer I will definitely be looking into getting some for the summer months. It says that it can help raise defences against viruses, I was struck down with pneumonia 6 years ago so maybe I should look at getting some sooner. Great work.

    • Thanks for visiting our site Mike.  The key to the success of taking Spirulina is to take it regularly, to build up your defences, its not an antihistamine which you take when you already have Hay Fever.  Its more about strengthening your body or your system, before you have a hay fever attack. It seems to work the same for those who suffer from herpes attacks, as the evidence in the article highlights.

      Best Regards,



  2. In all honesty, this spirulina is just magnifociemt in performance. Truly, if it caters for all that has been listed here that it caters for, then definitely, we are in for a big treat. Thank you so much for sharing all these here. To be truthful, having the ability to heal up and also being a natural supplement makes it totally worthwhile for me. I would be getting it solely for detoxification

    • Thank you for the visit Rodarrick. Your comment and feedback is really appreciated. Just be aware, Spirulina is not a “cure” but it certainly helps as a “superfood”. & its brilliant to help detoxify the body!

      Have a great day.

      Best Regards,


  3. I and my wife started taking spirulina yesterday to make our resistance strong against COVID19. It just happens that Vitamin C is out of stock in the drug store where I visited. I’m happy that spirulina is super-food and tablet provides what the body needs equivalent to kilos of fruits and vegetables.

    The more I’m pleased because science proves that it helps in the cure and prevention of herpes. Thank you for this information. It boosted my confidence in spirulina.

    • Dear Abagatan,

      Thank you for visiting us. I´m really pleased to hear that you have just started to take spirulina. You may like to review our latest blog.

      Keep safe during this COVID – 19 Crisis.

      Have a great day.


    • That is great Abagatan. Just to be clear, you need to be aware that there is no evidence that a Spirulina food supplement prevents COVID 19. But it has strengthened my own system and I feel so much more energised, regularly taking this superfood. There are lots of other benefits too, as described elsewhere on this site.

      Best Regards,


  4. Natural suppliments abound all over and not all produce the results they are reputed to do. Thus I am most times sceptical about them. So far, I like what I have read about Spirulina. It’s ability to assist in the healing of many common diseases is promising. I plan to recommend it to a friend of mine who is living with herpes and following almost any sggestion to get rid of the disease. The fact that it is not a synthetic product but instead bio based, is also a factor in me considering it useful. I am also considering promoting this product on my health blog. Thanks for sharing.

    • Dear Russell,

      Thank you for visiting us.  You are absolutely right to be cautious and sceptical about natural supplements.  I recall when I lived in the Caribbean there were lots of so called “cures” that were a panacea for many things.  

      Indeed I was HIGHLY sceptical when I was first introduced to Spirulina.  But I know from personal experience that it works. My results have been astonishing.   Plus you will notice that in all of the articles we post we seek medical, clinical or academic research. 

      Only this morning a friend of mine whose whole village in Italy is in quarantine said to me, “I take 4 spirulina a day, I have been taking it for years, I have hypothyroidism so I swear by spirulina”. 

      I would encourage your friend to try Spirulina for his herpes.  He wont see results overnight but gradually over a period of months he will.  CRITICAL to success is the right Spirulina.  I cannot emphasise that enough.  This page has good suppliers

      We are currently researching all known Spirulina producers, and will be leaving reviews for each on our site.

      Thank you again for visiting us & have a great day.

      Best Regards,


  5. It’s very visible that spirulina is a very good and effective supplement that we should turn to and explore more because I  believe that it has more to offer that is yet to be discovered. Herpes is very bad and it affects a lot of people, I`ve heard some say they are not able to treat  its good to hear that this  supplement can be useful.

  6. Hello there, thanks to you for this really cleverly written article and I feel it can be of help to so many people including some really close friends of mine. A couple of friends have been dealing with herpes and have made use of some really bad products and they haven’t seen any improvement. This spirulina seems promising, I will share it with them. 

  7. Hello there! Thank you for sharing this article on natural supplement for herpes.    I’ve gone through the article and I must commend your effort for dropping a wide detailed and information filled article. It’s often been said that herpes doesn’t have a cure or anything to help it at all, it just comes and go. I have it and it’s really embarrassing. Seeing that spiriluna can help alleviate herpes makes me really happy. I’m going to try it and come back with feedback. Thank you 

    • Hello Sophie, we are pleased you liked the article and the references.  I think the key thing to bear in mind with spirulina and herpes, is that with some people spirulina seems to work as a sort of preventative or prophylactic, preventing or reducing the impact of the outbreak of those painful mouth (& elsewhere) blisters.  Its also really important to take spirulina regularly and in sufficient amounts.  You might initially go through a detox, before you experience the benefits, as happened with me.  I really hope you do try this superfood and we would be very interested to hear if it helps to prevent or reduce the impact of those horrible winter blisters that herpes can cause. Bear in mind the quality of the spirulina is also critical.  Its best to buy on-line.

  8. Hello there! I’ve always had the impression that herpes does not have a cure. It just comes and goes. My husband has this problem from time to time. He tries to do something, but it looks like until it goes through all stages of the cycle it does not go away. 

    Thank you for sharing this information about the natural cure for herpes. I will share this information with him. 

    I’ve heard about spirulina before. It looks like it deserves a deeper study!

    Thank you,


    • Thank you Jane for your comment and visit Jane.  Just to be clear, the article does not say spirulina is a “cure” for herpes, so you are right that there is, to our knowledge, no cure, however, what spirulina does seem to do, as the studies referenced suggest, is that it helps to prevent outbreaks. But here, the key thing, is to take spirulina regularly i.e. on a daily basis and in sufficient quantities. And of course a quality brand. Have you checked the spirulina FAQs?  You might find that helpful.

  9. I have heard in the past of Spirulina but never saw any documentation as detailed as yours.  It seems to me that Spirulina is good for a lot of things.  I am very thankful I stumbled upon your article.  I have so many family members that have been diagnosed with Alzheimer, so this could possibly be very good for that.  

    Question:   Is Spirulina good for people with neurological problems, like ALS?

    • Thank you Carole for your interesting comment and question. If you have family members with Alzheimers, yes, if taken regularly and in sufficient amounts, it might help to mitigate their symptoms. Much depends on how advanced their cases are. For people who have “brain fog now”, I strongly recommend it, again taken in sufficient quantities. We recommend a strategy via this click through.

      This is the first time we have been asked about ALS. Early indications suggest that spirulina could indeed be helpful for ALS. We are in the middle of researching how spirulina can help with Parkinson`s, likewise it seems to help mitigate symptoms, we will be publishing an article soon, with evidence from appropriate research papers. Once that is published, we will take a look at ALS in more detail. And always, remember, its most important that the spirulina taken is good quality. We will shortly be adding a new Chilean Spirulina to our recommended spirulina suppliers. Arguably, it is the best spirulina in the world, produced in pristine conditions. Watch our site for more details.


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