Food To Detox The Body

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Body Detox Naturally – with Spirulina.

Food to Detox The Body

Is Spirulina a food to detox the body? It has certainly been used under some pretty extreme circumstances to help people who have suffered arsenic and radiation poisoning. There are even unconfirmed reports that it was used in combination with other treatments, to help those who suffered from “agent orange” poisoning in Vietnam.

If this superfood was useful in those extreme conditions, it might well be a helpful food supplement to detox your own body under less extreme conditions, both for you and your loved ones*. But also to generally detox and boost your health*.  Please see the various other health conditions that we have either experienced benefit from using Spirulina for, or researched*.  We have a list on our What is spirulina about? page.

Helps Detox Arsenic.

Scene from Chernobyl, Food To Detox The Body
Food To Detox The Body – used in Chernobyl

And it was used to help mitigate radiation poisoning in Chernobyl

Spirulina has been demonstrated in a human trial to detox the body of arsenic poisoning (1) . In a 2008 study highlighted by the FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANIZATION OF THE UNITED NATIONS (2) it has also been demonstrated in animal trials in China to help mice to survive longer after radiation poisoning (2). And after the major accident at the Atomic Power Station in Chernobyl, (3) children (page 35 of the link) and survivors were given spirulina to help them detox. With some considerable success.

There are also claims it was also used to help detox people who suffered from “Agent Orange” poisoning. However, we have not found any formal evidence of this, but we will continue to search and will update this page if and when we find it.

Alternative Medical Practitioners

Whilst mainstream medicine does not champion or encourage a periodic detox, many Alternative Practitioners do, particularly to those of us who may have abused our bodies with excessive food, deserts, sweets, candies, sugary drinks and perhaps an alcoholic drink too many.  Well, perhaps only on occasions?

Spirulina is regarded by many as a super food supplement to detox the body. Or to help it.

The Evidence

As well as the studies listed above (2-3) a study lodged with the US National Library of Medicine (1)  (paragraph 2.6) describes how Millions of people living in Chile, Taiwan, India and Bangladesh are exposed to arsenic through drinking water and “results showed” it may have been helpful to remove toxins.  As is typical of these cautious research papers, more research was called for but the “results were described as promising”.

Anecdotally we know from economically advanced Chile, who have quite a sophisticated Healthcare system by Latin American standards, that well sourced Spirulina does help.

Spirulina is widely available in Chile.  For good reason, as there is a history of arsenic poison in the tap water, caused by many years of copper mining.  This has mostly changed now as much of the drinking water now comes from desalination plants, rather than ground water. However, it used to be a major problem, particularly in mining centres such as Antofagasta.

The Alternative Remedy Pharmacy Chain Knop in Chile, stock a wide range of Spirulina that is a popular product in Chile, even though the water now comes from desalination plants.

Why detox? – antibiotics can destroy beneficial flora

When the human body is functioning well, it has its own efficient detox system. i.e. The liver works as a filter, reducing poisonous and toxic substances e.g. alcohol, entering the blood stream. Your kidneys work in much the same way with your blood, expelling toxins via your urine. Your colon also has many bacteria that help your body to expel the waste from your body.

However, although the human body has its own astonishing in-house detox system, with fast food, modern diets & too much sugar, from time to time, it’s helpful to give it a helping hand.  Particularly when you add antibiotics to the concoction of things you have been consuming. The anti-biotics may have destroyed the beneficial flora in your body. Anti-biotic resistance is also a considerable concern for the World Health Organization.

Food To Detox The Body

Lady relaxing in water after drinking a spirulina drink, Body Detox Naturally

My Alternative remedy Doctor recommended Spirulina to me to help to detox y body generally but specifically to clean my liver, colon and kidneys. These are three essential organs involved in detoxing the body. Spirulina has been found in a study (4) to help these organs. From my personal experience I can confirm that it works, not least because I now have such astonishing energy levels.

3 grammes of Spirulina is the equivalent of 3 kg of fruit and vegetables!

It may be a surprise for you to hear that just 1 gramme is more or less the same as a kilo of different fruit and vegetables in terms of nutrition.  I take 3 ½ grammes a day, so about 3 ½ kilos of fruit and vegetables a day in terms of nutrition. From minute 7, of this video, you can learn more.

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Stops Hangovers too!

Man suffering from a hangover, Food To Detox The Body
Helps Stop or Reduce the effects of Hangovers too!







Spirulina helps your body to detox as its packed with antioxidants that are great in the detox of your main organs. But even if you choose not to “detox”, taking spirulina regularly will help support a healthy lifestyle. And by the way, although I drink far less than I used to, I have not had a hangover since I started to take Spirulina regularly!

History of Spirulina

Click through to visit our page on the history of Spirulina

We also describe here, the importance of selecting the right brand carefully.

Questions? Leave one in the comments below, or check our FAQs to learn which other conditions it might be helpful to you or a loved one.

Is taking food to detox the body right for you? Clearly if you are considering taking Spirulina to detox, you will wish to check with your Doctor or Medical Professional first, just to check its the right thing to do, particularly if you have any pre-existing conditions to consider.

Please visit our comment page, to send us a question and and we will try to guide you or point you in the right direction. Now is it time for that detox?

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