Spirulina and Children – [Its A Powerhouse Of Nutrition]

Spirulina and Children - [Its A Powerhouse Of Nutrition]
Spirulina and Children – Its A Powerhouse Of Nutrition
A study has shown that children who take spirulina, may improve their performance at school, when they regularly take spirulina, that is loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, protein and beta carotene. Spirulina and children – [its a powerhouse of nutrition] for a growing child.

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Spirulina and Children - Its A Powerhouse Of Nutrition
Spirulina and Children – Its A Powerhouse Of Nutrition

Improved Academic Performance

Evidence from a study in Senegal where 549 schoolchildren from 6 randomly selected schools, were given a daily supplement of 2 grams of spirulina, observed how children`s academic performance improved.

We would highlight that these results, were from a relatively poor country, so these results might have been due to the original baseline for the children`s nutrition, being poor, before they added spirulina to their diet, which led to the improved academic performance. However, we do know from personal experience and research into other conditions, that spirulina helps with cognitive and brain health*. So, the success of the study, demonstrating improved academic results, might equally be due to the high levels of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, protein, carotenoids and essential fatty acids that spirulina contains. That is the hypothesis that we believe to be the case. You might want to give spirulina a try, if this is something you would like to see.

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Spirulina and Children - [Its A Powerhouse Of Nutrition]
Spirulina and Children – Its A Powerhouse Of Nutrition

Children Can Be Fussy Eaters – A Simple Way To Improve their Diet

We all know that children can sometimes be fussy eaters. It might surprise you, that just half a gram (500mg) of spirulina is the equivalent of half a kilo of mixed fruits and vegetables. This video explains more from minute 7.15




The video also highlights our own vision, that one day, homegrown spirulina will be much more common. But before you start growing your own, you may wish to try some for yourself, to start to experience the many benefits of spirulina.

Eat Up Your Vegetables !

Having a healthy diet is important for young and old alike. Spirulina is a powerhouse of nutrition and it might be difficult to believe that 1 gram of spirulina equals 1 kilo of mixed fruit and vegetables in terms of nutrients!  But Spirulina is great for young and old alike, particularly for that  fussy eater in your home, to make sure they receive all the necessary nutrients they miss if they avoid vegetables.

Learn more about how diet and lifestyle impacts our brains at mywellbrain.com

Selecting The Right Spirulina For Your Child

It’s important to understand that when spirulina grows, it acts like a sponge. Think of how a sponge soaks up shampoo in a bucket of water with car shampoo. Spirulina is similar, it takes in anything in its growing environment. So, you need to ensure that you purchase from a producer with good growing conditions that are toxin free. We only recommend quality suppliers with a regular turnover of stock, as the longer it is stored, the more it loses its effect.

Please, do not be tempted to buy from a cheap supplier, this is not something you should be doing if you want to see the benefits of spirulina. Whilst there are some new and cheaper brands on the market, you need to be certain of their quality and growing conditions, in particular the water it is grown in. Better not to take spirulina, than to risk buying from an unknown and unproven supplier, whose growing conditions are not secure. The water it grows in, needs to be toxin free. We only suggest suppliers and companies with effective quality control & purchasing processes.

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That Taste

Honestly, for most people, unless you are very unusual (some people do like the taste), the taste is horrible. There are a few exceptions, but not many. If your child cannot easily swallow tablets, which might look quite big for a child, we recommend you give it to them from powder, contained in a smoothie. You can do this by adding powdered spirulina mixed into a smoothie including yoghurt, fruit, water and stevia or another combination. We have some suggestions for recipes via this click through.

How Much To Take

Please remember, spirulina is a superfood. So, there is no official recommendation on how much to take. As adults we now take about 3-4 grams a day by supplement and in a daily smoothie. For advice on how much to take, we recommend you review our page, how much to take. For children, we suggest reducing the amount by 50%, depending on age. For very young children, you might wish to start them on smaller amounts.

Babies & Spirulina

Some suggest you can slowly introduce spirulina into your baby’s diet after the baby has been weaned. Just be careful on the amount you feed. You can add small amounts into your baby’s juice, slowly increasing to a maximum of about 3-4 grams a day, particularly if your family has a vegan lifestyle. Don’t forget the advice on supply.


Its possible, depending on the age, body weight and traditional eating habits of your child, when you first introduce spirulina into their diet, he/she, may initially experience a detox. This might, like my own experience, not be very pleasant, possibly causing some diarrhoea, headaches, and some bloating, perhaps feeling a bit dizzy. If this occurs, it is likely that it is due to the spirulina detoxing your child. Try to stick to the programme, you might want to reduce the amounts and build up slower.

Check With Your Doctor

We always recommend that you check with your doctor or medical professional, before taking spirulina. However, if it is like our experience, after this initial period of discomfort (if a detox occurs), your child is likely to experience the benefits. Please bear in mind, there are a few underlying conditions for which spirulina is not recommended. These are explained in our “what is spirulina about page”.

The Benefits of Spirulina

Assuming your child does not suffer from those conditions (which seem to be mainly associated with adults), and your medical professional has no reservations about your child taking spirulina, you and your child are likely to slowly notice the benefits of taking the spirulina superfood regularly. And who knows, it might even help improve their academic performance at school (1).

Wider Potential Benefits of Spirulina

We are currently researching how spirulina might help autism, attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity. Initial findings suggest that it may help in some cases.

Spirulina History of Use

This goes back almost to when planet earth first started to turn from molten lava with a poisonous atmosphere, into a habitable planet. There might even be a reference in Genesis, but we are not 100% sure. Learn the details of its origin and its history on the page, “What is spirulina about?


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  • (1) Contribution of supplementation by spirulina to the performance of school children in an introductory course in Dakar (Senegal)

*Please see our “About” page.

Nothing on this website should be interpreted as personal medical advice. Always consult a qualified Doctor or health care professional before changing anything related to your healthcare.


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  1. Many thanks to you for sharing with us an informative and healthful article. The main content of the Article is that spirulina acts as good nutrition for children. Spirulina contains all kinds of minerals including vitamins and minerals which are very beneficial for human health at any age. In this case, it will be very beneficial for the children because all the ingredients in it, are good for the health of any child. So I give it to my baby to meet his nutritional needs.

    My personal opinion is that since it has so many nutritional qualities, it should be adopted by all children.

    • Thanks Md for your feedback. You clearly have a good understanding of the benefits of spirulina, having read this article, which I am pleased to see. Yes, in small amounts, using good quality spirulina, babies can have it added to their food, after they have been weaned. We think if you can get a child to eat spirulina regularly it could be a great boost to their educational achievements too. The article above highlights the educational success of children in Senegal who were fed spirulina. Do check out our FAQs for our list of all the benefits we have researched as well as a few where it is best avoided. How much spirulina to take is also very important too. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Oh! The health benefits of taking a spirulina is definitely immense and when administered for kids could really make the whole difference. What you have shared here is definitely worthy of a read and worthy to see. I actually agree that it can be the perfect power house where kids can develop their nutrition’s on. Thanks

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