Osteoarthritis Natural Remedy ?

Osteoarthritis Natural Remedy?

Osteoarthritis Natural Remedy ?
Osteoarthritis Natural Remedy ?

Is Spirulina an Osteoarthritis Natural remedy?

Osteoarthritis is caused when the cartilage that protects your joints wears down over a period of time. Overweight people in particular may be more inclined to experience osteoarthritis, especially later in life, that may ultimately lead to the need e.g. for a hip or other joint replacement operation.  We know from personal experience that spirulina supports weight loss so in that sense, spirulina does help with Osteoarthritis.  And combined with exercise, which the UK National Health Service recommend, spirulina may help you to redevelop your muscles* which in turn may help those suffering from mild osteoarthritis.  It has for one of our team.

But until more clinical studies have been undertaken, we cannot suggest that it is in any sense a cure or an osteoarthritis natural remedy. But it may help your symptoms by…

How can Spirulina help with Osteoarthritis?

Firstly, it helps you to lose weight.  This can help to ease your osteoarthritis symptoms. And over time, people generally notice they have raised energy levels after taking spirulina for a while.  This in turn may help you to be more active and so help you to get in better shape. And there are numerous other ways it may support your wider health* which you can review via our page; What is spirulina about?

Spirulina is Packed with Nutrients

If you have osteoarthritis and your doctor gives you the green light to take it, then its great news for you. It might be difficult to believe but this super food supplement has approximately 21 times the amount of protein when compared to Whole Milk. Spirulina has 65% protein, so it compares impressively with Whole Milk at 3%. And with other foods:

Animal/fish flesh – up to 25% protein,
soybeans – 35%,
dried milk 35%,
peanuts 25%,
eggs 12%,
grains up to 14%
whole milk 3%.

Spirulina also contains calcium. About 120 mg of calcium per 100 (US) grams.

Or to put it another way, as this scientist describes, just 3 grammes of spirulina, is approximately the equivalent of eating 3 kilos of fruit and vegetables.

Watch from Minute 7.07:

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What is Spirulina? What is the History?

This is fascinating. You can find details of its origin and its history on our page, “What is spirulina about?”

Choosing the right Spirulina

Choosing the right Spirulina to help with your Osteoarthritis is important.

Here we explain the importance of selecting the right well sourced Spirulina.

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If you are considering taking Spirulina for the first time, we recommend you check with your Doctor or Medical Professional first, just to be sure it’s right for you.


Spirulina is not recommended for rheumatoid arthritis or other conditions associated with an overactive immune system e.g lupus or multiple sclerosis.

If you have rheumatoid arthritis or other conditions associated with an overactive immune system including conditions such as multiple sclerosis or lupus. We advise you not (not) to take spirulina until you have checked with your Doctor on your personal circumstances. Only if your Doctor gives you the go ahead should you take spirulina.

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Our About page has the important references*  Click through to discover which other conditions Spirulina can help with and to learn about the history of Spirulina.

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