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Helping to Keep The Doctor Away

This site is about the health benefits of Spirulina and some other “natural” and herbal remedies including Grapefruit Seed Extract, Hercampuri, Maca Powder and others.

Experience From Different Countries and Cultures

As a Diplomat over nearly 4 decades, I was privileged to experience many different cultures in my career. During this time, I come across different local remedies not commonly known about or used in the “West”.

This website is primarily about trying to help people. To highlight and to help educate people about the benefits of these herbal remedies and foods that are not particularly well-known in Western cultures. I myself have benefited greatly from Spirulina. This site is about sharing the good news.  It may even save you some money by reducing the number of medications you subsequently need, strictly of course, under the guidance of your Doctor or Medical Professional*

My Experience

As you can read on the site, it has helped me to control my blood sugar level, it has contributed in helping me to lose weight (about 28 kilos). It has helped me to recover from a Fatty Liver diagnosis (the stage before cirrhosis of the liver) and has helped my Pancreas. It has also helped me to overcome Candida & Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). My skin tone has improved, and I have seen an increase in hair growth. Generally, I feel much more energised, healthier and stronger. I haven´t had a cold, allergy or a flu virus in over 3 years since taking Spirulina regularly. My quality of life has improved immeasurably, and I feel and (“you”) look younger.*

Other benefits are highlighted on our historical and information page on Spirulina, which we would encourage you to click through to read.

Sharing The Good News About Spirulina

Passion for the benefits of spirulina led us to create this site

I set up this site, as I wanted to share the good news about spirulina with people in countries and regions such as the UK & NI, Europe, South Africa, Australasia, USA & Canada. For those, who are perhaps not aware of this wonderful super food. Based on my own regular consumption of this super food, I believe it can help people, considerably.

However, there are few conditions that we do not recommend it for, which are highlighted in this click through.

To Help Maintain This Site

We use affiliate links to help cover the costs of maintaining this site. If you would like to set up your own website with free training and hosting, please check this click through.

Discover how I became a Webmaster  and started to earn an income online to help to maintain this site, on my Wealthy Affiliate Profile Page.

An Apple A Day, Keeps The Doctor Away” – time for an update !

Crunchy Apples

 The old saying goes, “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. However, based on my  experience and the evidence highlighted in the links, I think we can update this saying now to; “a spoonful of spirulina day, keeps the doctor away”. It might even save you some money and hopefully improve your quality of life. Possibly extend it too.*

I only discovered Spirulina relatively late in life. I wish I had found it earlier, as I know my now deceased Mother, would have benefited considerably from it, particularly regarding her eyesight and some other illnesses she suffered from in later life.

I hope you benefit from using Spirulina and have a similarly positive experience, when you try Spirulina for yourself. Feel free to reach out to us via comments on the pages or via our contact page.  I will be happy to try to answer your questions or signpost you to relevant resources.

Please bear in mind, I am not a Doctor. You should discuss with your GP or Health Professional whether Spirulina or any other products highlighted on this site are right for you, before using it.

I look forward to hearing from you with your experiences of Spirulina.

Best Regards,

Trevor John

You can check our Spirulina FAQs here.

Thank you, For Visiting

Thank you for visiting whyspirulina. We hope you find the information on our site helpful. If you have any comments or questions, kindly leave them below and we will get back to you.

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whyspirulina.com do not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, and the information included on the Services is offered for information purposes only. Some portions of whyspirulina.com may allow you to submit questions either to us or to third parties who have agreed to communicate with our users. Although we provide information about the products highlighted on the Website, neither our employees nor these third parties are authorised to provide medical or other professional advice through the Services. We also have not confirmed the qualifications of any third party who provides information through the Services, even if that third party lists his or her qualifications. As a result, you should never use the information you obtain on whyspirulina.com for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem or in place of any medication or other treatment prescribed by a physician or other healthcare provider.

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2 thoughts on “About – How to Keep The Doctor Away”

  1. Hi, Trevor. I, too, am a researcher on healthy living. It doesn’t matter if you are starting or have been a long-time user of natural remedies. It just matters that you start. It is by far the best way to go. I am not the conventional WA member; I get carried away with my work. I want others to experience what they can do when they take a healthy approach and for a better life, still living.

    Mother nature has been around for centuries, and we have come a long way, but we seem to be going backwards with Big Pharma thinking they can imitate Mother nature with their Statin drugs. Know everybody thinks that a pill a day will keep the DR away. I feel sad that we have to get sick to find out that this isn’t true, but I am thrilled to come across those that are working on natural remedies. It is said that we are going through a great transition time.

    There was next to no information on the net so I was pleased to learn of your site.

    • Thank you Linda for your visit and comment on whyspirulina.com

      I honestly believe, a part of that transition that you refer to (& believe we are!) includes rediscovering natural remedies. We understand from our research that Spirulina initially helped the earth to cleanse itself acting, as a sort of sponge, soaking up the toxins from the hundreds or more of active volcanoes. You might find our history page and the links, interesting in that regard.

      Our Spirulina FAQs page might be a good resource for you as well as, the how much spirulina to take page. As always, we cannot emphasise enough the importance of taking quality spirulina. If its grown in toxic conditions, that is how the spirulina will be to your body. Toxic. So its wise to be cautious. And the difference between top end quality spirulina and cheap spirulina is minimal!

      We are in the process of adding a shop to our site, adding what we believe may be the best spirulina in the world, probably. Do check back in due course to check it out. Its a Chilean spirulina that I take and its made a HUGE difference to my energy levels and overall health.

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.


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