Weight Loss and Spirulina

Weight Loss and Spirulina
Weight Loss and Spirulina

Weight Loss and Spirulina:

Spirulina has numerous benefits which are highlighted on our FAQ page.* But did you know that spirulina can also help with weight loss, helping you sustainably? In addition to the numerous other benefits, for those who are overweight or obese, spirulina can help you to shed the pounds or kilos! There is a weight loss and spirulina benefit too!* See the paragraphs below on how regular consumption of a quality spirulina, helps your body to obtain a balanced equilibrium.




Quality Spirulina Matters

Here at whyspirulina.com we have, until now, focused on the specific benefits that pure good quality spirulina provides. Caution: Not all spirulina products are, so choose your spirulina carefully. We explain the importance of this in this click through.

Our Personal Experience

Initially our site articles highlighted and researched conditions that we have had personal experience of, e.g., overcoming fatty liver. The primary objective for me in taking spirulina originally was to overcome a fatty liver. Losing weight was an additional benefit. I lost 28 kilos which I am pleased to say, I have kept off.

Our FAQ page covers a wide range of conditions that we have researched. All our articles are sourced using academic or clinical papers from experts in their fields. So, they are all evidenced based.

Weight Loss and Spirulina – it helps your body return to a balanced equilibrium*.

To be honest, there are so many “weight loss” products, we did not want to be associated with yet another weight loss fad without hard evidence.

Whilst we know from taking spirulina regularly, losing weight ourselves and from anecdotal evidence from friends and readers, that weight loss and spirulina are linked. But where was the “evidence”? Spirulina scientists and experts, we have spoken to, describe how spirulina helps to return or re-balance your body to an “equilibrium” *. So, for those who are obese or overweight, that typically involves weight loss. Whilst for those who already have an ideal weight, it offers the many other benefits described on this site. It does not lead to additional weight loss for those who already have an ideal weight. In fact, it’s ideal to add to the diet of somebody who is malnourished too.

Weight Loss and Spirulina – My experience

Steady sustained weight loss from being obese has been our experience. In my case I have lost 28 kilos and I have retained a healthy weight ever since. However, I have also experienced an impressive reduction in blood sugar, enhanced personal energy levels, improvements to my memory and seen many other benefits.

Spirulina & The Malnourished

Regular consumption of a quality spirulina helps your body to maintain a healthy equilibrium. So, whilst for many people today, weight loss may be the goal, for others, it can equally help those who are malnourished or underweight. For hundred`s of years, spirulina “has been the secret of the good health” of the people who live in Chad. You may wish to see this short United Nations Video in English about Spirulina in Chad.

Spirulina Even Helps Children Improve Their Grades at School!

Spirulina has even been used to help children in Africa improve their grades at school, after just two months of taking only 2 grams of spirulina a day!

This makes a lot of sense as we know it helps to improve the memory.

Spirulina Helps Your Body Reach A Healthy Equilibrium

The key point we are trying to highlight, is that regular consumption of quality spirulina helps your body to re-balance, to have a healthy equilibrium. So if you are overweight, it helps you to lose weight and if you are underweight or malnourished, it gives your body a nutritional boost.

Chilean Flag

Recent Anecdotal Evidence From Chile – Spirulina Helps A Mining Engineer Improve His Memory

A 55-year-old mining engineer from Copiapó, Chile commented, after we introduced Chilean spirulina to him about 6 weeks ago; “I was surprised to remember the license plates on mining trucks that I rented, as well as names of people and the emails of people I have met on jobs and I could not write their details down at the time. I didn’t initially attribute this to the spirulina I was taking, but before taking spirulina, I had to write everything down”.

“The first time I noticed my memory had improved was about three weeks ago. I purchased a truck in Santiago, Chile in September last year. We used it to move scaffolding. The thing is, I didn’t drive it until a few weeks ago. When I went to register at the mine checkpoint to enter the Mining plant, they asked me for the patent number. I remembered the number !  But I still doubted myself a bit. When I got back to the truck,  I confirmed I had given the correct plate number!. I didn’t understand why I remembered it, as I hadn’t driven it for a while. I now find I am remembering contact names and their e-mails much more easily now too. I realized it must have been the spirulina I`m taking, as this is only change I have recently made in my lifestyle. Spirulina has certainly helped to improve my memory!”

Boost Your Energy With Spirulina
Boost Your Energy With Spirulina

Spirulina Helps an Elderly Lady Improve Her Energy Levels

Whilst an elderly lady, has been delighted to see her raised energy levels for her morning walks.






The Evidence Weight Loss and Spirulina Are linked

A March 2020 review of several clinical and preclinical trials [1] [3] published in the US National Library of Medicine highlights, how spirulina “Significantly lowers body weight”. 62 obese people took just one gram a day for a period of 12 weeks and noticed a 4.16% reduction in appetite and a -1.9% reduction in body weight.

The number of spirulina tablets they took each day in this study, was tiny, just one gram a day and even at this minimal level, they saw a 1.9% drop in body weight! Imagine how much these obese people might have lost, had they been taking 3 grams or more a day?

The study [1] [3] also highlights the benefits of spirulina in relation to, anticancer, antiviral, anti diabetic, anti-inflammatory, immunity boosting properties and cardio protective “properties”.

How Much Spirulina To Take?

Our page on how much spirulina to take, suggests an approach and advice on how much spirulina to take. But typically, once you are used to spirulina and have gone through any detox, we suggest at least 3 grams a day but there could well be good reasons to take much more, for which we recommend that you ensure this is an iodine free spirulina. I typically take 5-8 grams of an iodine free Chilean spirulina each a day.*

Spirulina Is Loaded with Vitamins and Antioxidants

Spirulina Is Loaded with Vitamins, Minerals, Protein and Antioxidants

Spirulina has numerous antioxidants. These include, phycocyanin, tocopherols, beta carotene, micronutrients, in particular gamma-linolenic acid and phenolic compounds. A good quality spirulina is absolutely key to success with taking spirulina. The Chilean brand we use, also contains Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, Vitamin E, Zinc and of course chlorophyll. You can learn more about what spirulina is on our history page.



NASA & The European Space Agency (ESA)

NASA and the ESA have also recognised and recommended the use of spirulina in the diet of astronauts involved in long-term space travel.

Weight Loss And Spirulina. Now add Lecithin.

Lecithin is a naturally occurring substance found in foods, including eggs, soy, peanuts, red meat, sea food whole grains and green vegetables including Brussels sprouts.

Weight Loss Spirulina and Lecithin?

Lecithin is known to lower cholesterol [4] and a study has indicated that it can also help to reduce raised blood pressure [5] whilst another weight loss study (not spirulina) that included soy products including lecithin additives [6] saw the subjects losing an average of 3 – 4 kilos over a 12 week period.

Now throw into the mix Spirulina and this may be a powerful ally for anybody who is overweight or obese, who is looking to lose weight*. A Chilean company who produces an excellent iodine & gluten free spirulina, are now producing spirulina combined with lecithin. The combination of spirulina and lecithin may be a powerful and effective way to satiate the diet of those with a tendency to overeat or are nervous eaters.

The Chilean company have developed a formula that combines Spirulina + Lecithin 375 mg spirulina and 150mg lecithin (made from soya). As well as the usual benefits of spirulina, the lecithin may help to eliminate excess body fat and appears to have other benefits such as reducing diastolic blood pressure [2], and helping with digestion.

Choosing the right Spirulina

Choosing the right Spirulina for your diet is critical. Selecting the right well sourced Spirulina is described via this click through.

If you have any questions, please leave us a comment on our page, and we will try to answer you or signpost you to other resources.

==>Click Here If You Are Interested In Buying Quality Spirulina Or Chlorella<==

Spirulina History of Use

This story that goes back almost to the beginning of our planet indeed historians and acedemics think it was involved in helping to clean the atmosphere of toxic gases from the many active volcanoes in the early life of the planet.  There might even be a reference in Genesis, but we are not 100% sure. Discover the details of its origin and its history on the page, “What is spirulina about?”

Thank you, For Stopping By.

Thank you for visiting our site whyspirulina.com We hope you found the information helpful. Comments or questions are welcomed as we continually seek to improve the information we offer, kindly leave them below and we will get back to you.

Weight Loss and Spirulina










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[1] Effects of spirulina on weight loss & blood lipids: a review

[2] Lecithin derived from ω-3 PUFA fortified eggs decreases blood pressure in spontaneously hypertensive rats

[3] Spirulina platensis effectively ameliorates anthropometric measurements & obesity-related metabolic disorders in obese or overweight people: A randomized controlled trial

[4] healthline (dot) com

[5] Beyond the Cholesterol-Lowering Effect of Soy Protein: A Review of the Effects of Dietary Soy & Its Constituents on Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease.

[6] Changes in cardiovascular risk factors with participation in a 12-week weight loss trial.

*Nothing on this website should be interpreted as personal medical advice. Always consult a qualified Doctor or health care professional before changing anything related to your healthcare. *Please see the About page for the references.


61 thoughts on “Weight Loss and Spirulina”

  1. I have never heard of this product before and found it a very informative read.  Your stories of how people have benefited really will be helpful to people trying to lose weight.  Sometimes just hearing other people’s success stories motivates a person to think outside the box.

    Thank you for sharing your post and I am certainly going to see about taking this for myself in the future.  Good job.

  2. Really interesting and informative article! It’s great to read all the success stories and the facts.
    I have started taking Spirulina and I can definitely see an improvement in my memory so far!

  3. As an ex diplomat I know that Trevor John is a person who takes responsibility seriously. You can be sure that Trevor is offering Spirulina because he knows it works. It sounds like a wonderful, easy-to-ingest product that can be taken to improve various aspects of your wellbeing.

    • Thank you Charles for this comment. I did indeed need to be convinced by personal experience of its efficacy. I am only an enthusiastic spirulina advocate because it has turned my health around and I was genuinely surprised that it was not better known. So I wanted to share the good news so others could benefit to improve their health.

      We do not “make money” with this site, although we do have affiliate links, for which the minimal income we receive does not even cover the cost of paying for the platform where we are hosted, or for that matter our coffee. But we believe passionately in what we do and hope that others will start to take quality spirulina and improve their health as a result of our work here. At a time of a global pandemic, improving one´s health seems even more important today than ever. If our advice helps to improve the quality of life of one person or helps to reduce the cost of medications for another, then we will have helped a few people improve their lives and hopefully they will then share that good news with others.

      The challenge most spirulina companies have is that they are generally very small, so have tiny marketing budgets. Profit margins are thin. Unlike say Big Pharma who have $Billions to invest in marketing and research.

      Its critical to choose the best quality spirulina you can. we know from personal experience that the Chilean brand is good quality, likewise those we highlight via this click through. You may find our spirulina FAQs page of interest and also the history page. Thank you for stopping by.

  4. I have heard of spirulina when I was young because my aunt and uncle were taking spirulina capsules and it was famous in our small rural area. Thank you for this detailed information about spirulina, now I understand why it was famous. And up until now, a lot of people in the Philippines are taking spirulina.

    Is this safe to take even when breastfeeding? I want to lose the post partum weight but still currently breastfeeding.

    • Hello Julai, yes I understand spirulina is popular in the Philippines.  Just be very careful that the one you consume comes from a good and above all, clean supplier.  We can recommend the brands on this page, but we are aware that not all suppliers have the same good quality standards. 

      Your question about breast feeding is an excellent one.  YES.  You can.  But even better than that, your baby can take spirulina too!  We are aware of how babies in the north of Chile from about the age of 2 months, start to add bottled spirulina to their diet !  We can send you pictures if you are interested! Indeed children taking spirulina seem to perform better at school, so I would encourage you to do so!

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  5. Good afternoon Trevor,

    The video on Chad was interesting. I do hope that the local women will benefit when Spirulina becomes more known. Often a big multinational will step in and get the profits.
    The fact that Spirulina helps to lose weight when one is obese does interest me. I do not think I am really obese but could lose over 10kg. In 2020 because of COVID-19 a lot of people put on weight. Stress, worry, binge eating as a lot of healthy activities were being curbed.
    I spend a lot of time at home at the computer, gained slowly but surely and I am not pleased with myself.
    Thank you for this extensive information on a natural product. I try to keep chemicals out of my life as much as possible.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Good afternoon Taetske. Thank you for your comment and feedback. I`m glad you found the Chad video interesting. I agree with you regards to Covid 19, “lockdowns” and gaining weight. And with regards to the multinationals.

      Where spirulina seems to help most is by helping to place our bodies back into an equilibrium. If you are looking to lose weight I can recommend you add spirulina to your diet. I understand there is a small organic and good spirulina producer in Spain or you can check the suppliers I have listed via this click through.

      I also think you are wise to avoid chemicals !

      Best Regards,


  6. That is very interesting, sad I have never heard of Spirulina but then again the big food companies especially the sugar industry are not supportive of natural foods that are healthy for us. After all, they want to make money. A natural product that is so good for our health and yet so few know about it. I am a health-conscious person and staying healthy is a big goal for me.

    The truth is that the only way we can find out about these quality products that are actually better for us is by good people like you who take the time out to share them with us. I appreciate you sharing this information, I am now eager to learn more about Spirulina and to give it a try. Thanks again

    • Thank you Rick.  I appreciate this comment.  I agree with you regarding the large food producers and sugar companies.  It never ceases to amaze me how soft drinks, loaded with sugar and indeed so called “energy drinks” typically loaded with sugar too, are high profile in advertising and in supermarket locations.  Spirulina is actually fantastic for boosting energy levels in a sustainable way and has many benefits.  You can learn more about them via our FAQ page.  The history page is also worth reviewing too.  If you are serious about giving is a try, please ensure you buy a good brand.  And I personally prefer and recommend spirulina that is iodine free.   You can learn more via this click through.  Advice on how much to take is available here. Have a great day and thank you for your substantive comment. 

  7. I did not realise that spirulina can be used to have sustained weight loss, so found this to be a very interesting article on weight loss and spirulina. You mentioned that you lost 28 kilos, but over what period of time did you loose it? 

    This will certainly benefit anybody who wants to loose weight and sustain the loss. Add the other benefits like improved memory and one cannot go wrong with using spirulina as a supplement. 

    • Hello Line, thank you for stopping by.  I lost the weight over an extended period of time, about a year/18 months, so it was a gradual process, I have retained my current weight of 88.-90 kilos for a couple of years now.  You may find our FAQ and history pages worth perusing too. 

  8. It sounds great, a product that’s sustainable and helps you lose weight. It’s wonderful that we have the opportunity to get acquainted with spirulina, the experience of cleaning the liver and losing weight is very inspiring. Our health should come first and if we still disappear the pounds that are excess, wonderful. And the very fact that they recommend them to astronauts inspires confidence given their strictly controlled diet. That’s a great article!

  9. This article is timely for me. I am a 67 year old female, fit and careful about my health. I was adding spirulina to my diet some time ago, but after my supply ran out I did not buy anymore. After this long time, I forgot the reason why I started taking it in the first place. Right now I could drop a few pounds and on reading this, I think I could get some spirulina so I could get the benefit of weight loss and also the many other benefits that it gives. Thank you for the information.

    • You are welcome JJ.  As well as weight loss, it has many other benefits, but above all, its essential you purchase a good quality spirulina.  Some brands are not produced in optimum conditions.  Choose very carefully, in fact one of the worst locations you can buy is from your local “health food shop”, unless you can be very sure they have regular turnover of stock and then, choose the brand carefully.  We make some suggestions via this click through

      Do also check the history page and you may also find it helpful to peruse the how much spirulina to take page.  For success with spirulina, you need to be consistent, taking it daily.

  10. I enjoyed your article on spirulina. It is well researched. I was particularly impressed with the article by the US National Library of Medicine. It affirms that spirulina seems to have positive results on weight loss.
    Spirulina has high vitamin k content. I enjoyed the video showing that it has been known and used for centuries to maintain good health.

    All the best.


    • Thank you Carolyn, yes, there is evidence that spirulina helps with weight loss and you have picked up on Vitamin K in spirulina.  That is very important for the eyesThis article about how spirulina supports eye health might be of interest to you.  Anecdotally I can tell you that my eyesight has definitely improved.  I used to be short sighted, I still am, however, I have noticed it improving considerably with the amount of spirulina I take.  I no longer need to wear glasses or contact lenses when I am working, just when I am driving.  Do check out the Spirulina FAQs, I think you will find the extensive list quite helpful.   

  11. Thanks for the good read. As a Jamaican, I have used spirulina in my smoothies and other beverages. I knew about most of these health benefits but didn’t know about the weight loss aspect. I did not know about the effect it has on kids. All the more reason to give my younger siblings in the morning before school.

    • That is great Dane.  One of the original locations for spirulina in recent history is Mexico, so I`m not surprised its available in Jamaica.  Yes, it really does help children at school, and helps them to improve their grades.  Do check out this article and the supporting evidence from Africa. I would definitely encourage your younger siblings.

  12. This is the first time in my life that I get to know about spirulina. It provides a lot of benefits, so people should consume it. It seems to have some great  medicinal properties  and provide us with vitamin, proteins and minerals  that our bodies needs. It works like a “megadose” of any kind of the already known vitamins. It has some properties and ingredients that are new to me.  Thank you for this post and highlighting the benefits.  What is the Lecithin made of?

    • Hello Luisa, thank you for your post.  Firstly, the lecithin mentioned in this post is made of soya.  Some people are allergic to soya, so thank you for highlighting this.  We generally encourage the consumption of pure spirulina, but this Chilean company mentioned in the article do offer a version with “leticina” (Lecithin) which seems to help with weight loss.

      You are absolutely right, spirulina has many benefits.  We like how you describe spirulina being a sort of megadose of vitamins.  You are right, its really a multivitamin with lots of protein and minerals too!

  13. This was a very interesting article. I had never heard of spirulina. I’m considering ordering some to facilitate my own weight loss. I find it amazing the things people discover to eat and for survival. Like, why did somebody decide to boil an egg? From the video, why did a woman living in Chad decide to scoop some of that green algae out of a pond, dry it in the sand, and then use it as a foodstuff? Amazing!

    • Hello William, We are glad you found it interesting. Indeed, why did they decide to scoop algae out and try it? Perhaps they were hungry and decided to try it?  Needs must! You may find the spirulina FAQ page helpful as well as our history of spirulina page which from your comment above, I think you will find interesting.  Did you know, it helped planet earth to clean up its original toxic atmosphere caused by the many volcanoes that used to the active? 

  14. I have never used spirulina although I have heard about it. You make a good point about using good quality spirulina particularly the one from Chile. Not only is it an aid for weight loss, but other benefits such as helping for better memory and malnutrition are of importance as well. I certainly would be interested in learning more about it and you direct the reader to click onto the appropriate “link” for information. The affiliate ads are well placed and an explanation is provided as to what affiliate means. Well presented.

    • Thank you Helen.  We are glad you have learnt about the many benefits of spirulina. The spirulina FAQs page is a good place to start, as we have found dozens of conditions where spirulina helps (not as a cure, but helps people to manage different conditions) . Although we do have affiliate links, in all honesty, this site is not about making money, indeed it doesn´t even keep us in coffee!  We wanted to help people to understand the many benefits of spirulina, as we have benefited so much in our daily health, we wanted to spread the word.  Who knows, it might even help people save a little money on traditonal medications.  It has us! But if they do click on some of our links, it will certainly help us buy the next jar of coffee to enjoy whilst we research the next spirulina article :-;  Thank you for the feedback on the presentation.

  15. Great article I learned a lot more about Spirulina.  I was first introduced to it as a product that would increase my general well being.  Because I got it from a trusted source, I didn’t research it myself.  So to learn of the varying benefits of Spirulina now from your article, is just mind blowing.  It’s something that my entire family can benefit from as it has health benefits for all ages.

    I really liked the fact that for persons like myself with an ideal weight, the Spirulina would not cause any weight loss because that was an initial concern when I read the title of the article.

    Wonderful content.  I plan to restart this supplement and most importantly with a good grade one as recommended by you.

    • Hello Roberta and thank you for your feedback.  Yes, there is no need to worry that you will lose weight if you are already at an “ideal weight”.  Its great for your general health and acts to help put your body into an equilibrium, so for those overweight, they typically lose weight, whilst those at a normal weight, they typically see other benefits, such as raised energy levels or the many other benefits as highlighted in our spirulina FAQs.  & yes, be careful about the quality of the spirulina you and your family use. 

  16. Very interesting.  Spirulina sounds like it is useful for many maladies.  A sort of “fountain of youth”.  I think I will check it out after I talk with my doctor since I am currently taking diabetes medication.  I would love to put a halt to that disease before I become insulin dependent.  You did a very good job at presenting the facts.

    • Hello Kay.  Do check with your doctor.  Spirulina is fantastic to reduce blood sugar levels and help control diabetes type 2.  You might find this article useful to look at.  I for one feel much younger, indeed many of my friends say to me “wow, you look so good”.  So yes, it is something of a “fountain of youth” and save for those who should avoid it (see this click through with the very short list) it really should be in everybody´s diet.  It changed my life, I would encourage you to start using it, (under doctor´s orders of course) bearing in mind its a superfood, not a medication.  And THE most important consideration is the quality of the spirulina, as well as consuming the right amount. You might find our spirulina FAQs helpful too.  And so check this page for the very few conditions, where it is best avoided. 

  17. Reading this article has brought back so many memories. I actually used to buy Spirulina from my local natural foods co-op. I was turned on to it because I was looking for ways to be more healthy and have more energy. Thinking back, I do remember I had gained some weight prior to taking the Spirulina and was already working out 3 to 4 times a day. I was shocked after taking the spirulina each day how fast I lost weight. I didn’t know until reading this article, that Spirulina actually helped me lose weight faster. I do remember that once I lost that 20lbs it took years before I gained it back.

    One point that you made in your article that I must stress as well,  is that it is very important to buy the right Spirulina. See I tried three different brands and when I found the one that gave me the best results I stuck with it. So please note, not all Spirulina is created equal. I also would like to add that your post and website has become a Godsend to me. See the past couple of years I have not been taking care of myself as I once did. I have been a caretaker for my mom with MS and I have gained weight and developed high blood pressure because my focus has been on her health and not my own. I am at the point where I am ready to make a change and become healthy again. So thank you for reminding me how I can become healthy again. 

    • Thank you Moody, we are delighted our site has been helpful to you and reminded you of a great way to improve your health.  We too were surprised by the weight loss aspect of spirulina as in my case, I took it to overcome a fatty liver and manage my diabetes.  The weight loss was a bonus in my case ! And I lost 28 kilos! 

      Your point about not all Spirulina being created is so right. The common brands we highlight on this site we can recommend, however, there are many spirulina´s some quite cheap that may not have the right growing conditions and in the worst case scenario might be bad for your health.  So choosing wisely is very important.  

      Whilst the Hawaiian brands are good, bear in mind they contain some iodine & too much iodine is not for everybody.  The Chilean brand we highlight (Spirulina Mater) is in our view, one of the best, available.  

      I would encourage you to restart your daily regime of taking spirulina to help you reduce your blood pressure. It has certainly helped me, check out this click through for details. You might find this suggestion on how much to take useful. Providing its iodine free, The spirulina scientists we have spoken to say you can´t overdose on spirulina.  Today for example (15 February 2021) I have taken about 14 grams and whilst its hot today, I feel full of energy mid afternoon & had a long 8km walk this morning. 

  18. Hi, I had never heard of such a thing as spirulina before, and it was even more surprising that it helps to lose weight. And what was a big surprise for me was that this product improves memory, two of these solutions I would never have been able to put together.

     That it is possible to put together things like memory improvement and weight loss exciting indeed, as I understand it, this plant grows in South America and seems to have an exciting name. Is it a Latin name or a local language?

  19. This post on Spirulina is coming to me at the right time. I love the testimonies of people that have used it highlighting that it has other benefits as well as losing weight. Recently I had an injury in my left leg and I could not keep up with my aerobics. I gained a couple of kilogrammes in weight. Now I need to lose weight.

    • Do give it a try Juliet, in fact it may even help your injury heal quicker.  I know that may sound strange but it certainly helps cuts and wounds heal up.  I have found that using spirulina regulary has reduced the size of old scars a spots on my body.  Also burns and cuts heal really quickly for me now.  

  20. I had never heard of Spirulina before reading your post. I like how you go into detail about the benefits of using Spirulina. I specifically like how it helps the malnourished. I plan on adding spirulina to my daily supplements. I am a vegan and hope to find a vegan friendly option to take each day.

  21. Thank you for this detailed article on spirulina. I did know of it as a superfood with a multitude of benefits. But I didn’t know that it was good for pre-diabetic. I’m going to use it now so I can get rid of my diabetes.

  22. First time to here about it but am really impressed by it’s benefits. Am worried about the woman when the authorities start mass production they will be cut out.

  23. Spirulina is a high-nutrient, low-calorie food that contains a lot of nutrition in a small amount of powder. Introducing spirulina to the diet may help people lose weightwithout losing nutrition. The results of a 2016 double-blind placebo-controlled trial suggest that spirulina may aid weight management.Spirulina is a potent source of nutrients. It contains a powerful plant-based protein called phycocyanin. Research shows this may have antioxidant, pain-relief, anti-inflammatory, and brain-protective properties. Many antioxidants in spirulina have anti-inflammatory effects in the body

  24. Having a health-based website myself made this topic quite interesting to me. At first, before reading multiple pages of your site, I was a little skeptical that anyone could create a website about nothing but spirulina but you have obviously done a lot of research and found the product to be life-changing in more than one way. I’ll be linking to your site from mine in the future. Thanks for the great site and especially for the personal experiences you show. I believe those experiences being shown are very validating for any product rather than just some sales pitch without the reader really being able to see that it has done something for you too. Thanks again!

    • Hello Steve.  Thank you for the feedback. Its good to be skeptical.  I was when I first tried spirulina but was persuaded it was the way to overcome my fatty liver.  & it did. & Lots more besides!  I have a confession, this site was a learning site and to be honest, I thought it would be built and up with all possible angles on spirulina covered quite quickly.  But the more we researched, the more we realised, there was a lot to cover and so the different sub niches just grew and grew. There are still subjects we still need to cover and are researching.  Please drop us a line at contact@whyspirulina.com and lets explore possible backlinks.

      You may also wish to check out our spirulina FAQs and spirulina history pages

  25. This is an amazing write up, your explanation and the use of examples are really amazing.  From your writing, I understand and discovered that with spirulina you can really lose weight and keep it off!. And spirulina is good because it helps your body return to a balanced equilibrium. I have gone through it and the reviews are amazing. The testimonies from the users are great. Congrats on a job well done.

  26. Thank you for the information.  I did not know about all the benefits of weight loss and brain function.  I believe it is good for people who have a low functioning thyroid.

    I also did not know about its use for fatty liver and that is a huge benefit as so many people have that problem even if they don’t know about it.

    I will definitely be trying out spirulina again 

    All the best


    • Hello Sheen.  yes spirulina is great for weight loss (if you are over weight) and is also great for the brain and the memory.  There is also anecdotal evidence that it can also be helpful with some thyroid problems, in particular  hyperthyroidism.  However caution, its essential the spirulina is IODINE FREE. , for other thyroid problems, providing it is iodine free, it might be appropriate, but we always advise people to check with their doctor or medical professional first in such cases, as they may have very specific conditions.  For anybody thinking of taking spirulina for thyroid problems we advise people to check this page and of course, ask their doctor. 

      Fatty Liver was the reason I first started taking spirulina and it certainly worked for me.  For anybody with a fatty liver, it is definitely worth considering, in consultation with your medical professional. Thank you for your comment.

  27. Very interesting post.  I had never heard this about spirulina before.  It seems it is designed to bring homeostasis to the body, which is a very good thing.  It’s good to hear people are having success with it, as obesity is such a challenge for many people now. Thanks for sharing this.

  28. Hi First off I have never heard of spirulina I am 88 years old and in very good shape. This is worth looking into and doing some research on as weight control is a big problem in my life  I was just going to do a quick read but you got my interest after all this is a very good article and well researched I believe I can use spirulina to replace some of the meds I am now using Thank you for all the good information

  29. Hi there! I heard of spirulina before but never really knew much about it. When I came across your article, I was blown away by all the information you wrote on it. I did not know that it helped so many medical conditions (I saw this on your FAQ page) besides weight loss, memory, diabetes, allergies and that it works as an anti-aging skincare product?! WOW! I really enjoyed the video about spirulina in Chad and reading about the history of it. This really is what I would definitely call a superfood! I see that spirulina boosts energy levels too. Thank you for all the information you have provided. I am going to get some for myself.



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