Spirulina For Blood Pressure

Spirulina For Blood PressureSo is Spirulina for blood pressure too? We think so and various studies confirm this*.

Firstly, what is blood pressure? There are two numbers in a reading. A higher number (or the first number) known as systolic pressure and a lower one (second) known as diastolic pressure. The higher one, systolic, is how your heart pushes or pumps blood around your body. And the lower one, diastolic is the resistance as the blood flows around the body.

The UK National Health Service Advice

According to to the UK`s National Health Service,  ideal pressure is between 90/60 &  120/80 (systolic/diastolic). Blood Pressure UK describe high pressure as 140/90 or higher “over a period of weeks”.

If you know your blood pressure reading you can check on this site to give you an assessment of how your Blood Pressure is assessed, low, normal, pre-high or high. If you have pre-high or high blood pressure, please seek help from a medical professional.

Spirulina For Blood Pressure

What the Scientists Say

We do not advocate that Spirulina is a cure for raised blood pressure, but from my experience, it can certainly help*. A 2007 study in Mexico demonstrated that Spirulina has a positive effect in lowering blood pressure and suggested it could be a helpful “dietary supplement”. A further human study in 2016 of 40 people found that taking Spirulina regularly for 3 months helped reduce Body Mass Index (BMI) significantly and demonstrated improvements in blood pressure. It also helped to improve the endothelial of the people in the study. Another more recent study on Spirulina in 2019, led by Dr Albino Carrizzo at the Vascular Physiopathology Laboratory in Pozzilli (Italy) found “a potentially antihypertensive effect”, due to the dilation of blood vessels. He called for further research.

My Experience

My own experience has been that my blood pressure has reduced considerably. It used to be very high, two years ago it was 160/93. I was already taking a medication (Losartan Potasico – Cozar) and I exercised daily. But I had a reading of 160/93.

My last reading was 118/70. I still exercise almost daily and take the same amount of Cozar as when I had the higher reading. My family have naturally high pressure which is a factor. However, for the last 2 1/2 years, I have been taking Spirulina regularly. I have seen my blood pressure drop considerably. I have lost a lot of weight, some 28 kilos. So, I cannot credit Spirulina 100% for the reduction in my blood pressure. However, Spirulina has contributed to my weight loss too as well as the reduction of my blood pressure, confirming to me what the study found. If you decide to try it, I hope it works for you too.

What is Spirulina?

This cyanobacterium (Spirulina) has been around for 3.6 billion years! Researchers think it’s the; “the evolutionary bridge between bacteria and green plants” and yet Spirulina is not well understood, particularly in the “West”. It was one of the building blocks for plant DNA but it’s not well understood!

Let’s be clear, Spirulina is NOT a seaweed. Technically it’s a cyanobacteria. Encyclopedia Britannica defines it as a cyanobacteria. An even higher authority is referenced here.

Spirulina Is The Equivalent of 5 Servings of Fruits & Vegetables !

According to Gerald Cysewski, PhD, co-author of The Hawaiian Spirulina Equation. Just 3 (US) grams of spirulina powder, about 1 teaspoon, can match the benefits of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables.

We recommmend your view the video below from minute 7.07. A scientist describes the benefits of Spirulina and its nutritional content.

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The Benefits I have experienced.

My experience? Spirulina, has really helped me. I´m not a Doctor but I have an interest in alternative remedies. Since I was encouraged to take Spirulina by my Doctor, my health has improved considerably.  I feel more energised as if my body has been renewed.

I have lost weight – a lot, combined with regular exercise. I genuinely feel 10 to 15 years younger than before. I have so much energy. My blood sugar levels have stabilised. My memory has improved immensely, my candida & IBS have gone and oh, and I rarely have gas or wind now! And I haven´t had a cold, an allergy, hay fever or the flu for three years. Blocked noses are now a distant memory.


As well as spirulina, beetroot is also a regular part of our diet. Learn more about the benefit of the humble beetroot via this click through. Did you know; it fights infections and is full of vitamins? It may also help to lower blood pressure too!*

How well researched is Spirulina? Is it right for me?

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We also recommend you check with your Doctor or Medical Professional and visit our About page.

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