Is Spirulina a natural cure for diabetes type 2?

Is Spirulina a natural cure for diabetes type 2?

Treat Allergies Without Medication

My 70-year-old Chinese alternative medicine Doctor looks about 45. He has many years’ experience and is the Doctor to many TV, film Stars, singers and celebrities in Mexico. With this amazing skill to look at somebody´s eyes, then pull the skin below your eye down and study your eyes carefully. After studying your tongue too, he then makes a diagnosis. For those used to Western Medical practices, the speed he makes a diagnosis and then makes recommendations is astonishing.

“You have a problem with your kidneys and Liver”. “Take 5 Spirulina tablets twice a day in the morning and lunchtime to help. You should also take a tablet of milk thistle daily too, that will also help your Liver”. Spirulina, “very good to help your Diabetes too”. So, is this just the latest cure for diabetes I wondered?

Sceptical or Skeptical?

Initially, I was. How could this “superfood” made from Green Algae help or be a natural cure for diabetes ? I continued to take my western, traditional type 2 diabetic medication on a regular basis. But I started to take the Spirulina too. Regularly, 10 tablets a day. About 4 or 5 grams a day. Recently there have been occasions due to supply problems where I live, when I have gone days or sometimes many weeks without taking the traditional medicine. Honestly, I have felt no ill effects. Quite the reverse in fact, when I only take Spirulina, I still feel incredibly energised. I also exercise on a regular basis. I believe the combination of a relatively careful diet, regular consumption of 4 grams of Spirulina a day, combined with vigorous exercise, has helped me. A lot.

Increase Energy Levels

Thanks I believe to Spirulina, I have far more energy today than ten years ago, with none of the typical symptoms of type 2 diabetes:

Symptoms of type 2 Diabetes

If you do a search for Diabetes symptoms, these are the classic ones you will find:

Frequent urination.
Increased thirst.
Always feeling hungry.
Feeling very tired.
Blurry vision.
Slow healing of cuts and wounds.
Tingling, numbness, or pain in the hands or feet.
Patches of dark skin.
Itching and yeast infections

When I was first diagnosed, I suffered a lot from needing to “pop to the loo” regularly, British English for going to the bathroom, I was often thirsty, hungry, felt often tired and my skin itched. A lot. No longer. And this includes the now quite lengthy periods when I have stopped taking the western medication. I am NOT advocating that if you are a type 2 Diabetic you should stop taking your traditional medication, but I am encouraging you to try Spirulina. It has changed my life for the better. It might help you.

I should add, I am very careful with my diet, avoiding any products with added sugar and ideally only with Stevia, but over the Christmas or “the Holidays” as people in the US prefer to say, I was also quite naughty. And at weekends I still enjoy a regular glass or more of red wine. But with the Spirulina, I feel no diabetic symptoms.

What the Scientists and Doctors Say?

Type 1 Diabetes

Korean researchers studying type 1 diabetes found that spirulina indicated a “protective role in the disease. Concluding that Spirulina may be used to enhance the survival of cells in type 1 diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes

Researchers found in 3 separate lab tests and studies with animals ( One, two, three, detailed report), that Spirulina reduces blood sugar levels.

In a study of 25 people, 2 g/day for 2 months produced results demonstrating “an appreciable lowering of fasting blood glucose” These findings suggest the positive impact of Spirulina in the control of blood glucose levels. Spirulina was also found to improve the lipid profile of those with type 2 diabetes. In a further study
there were encouraging results but suggested a further longer term study with a larger group should be undertaken.


Can we say at this stage that Spirulina is the natural cure for diabetes type 2 or type 1? Whilst it seems to help, the answer to this is No. However, we intend to follow up regularly on this site with information as more studies are undertaken and released. But, as you can see above, Spirulina certainly seems effective in controlling blood sugar levels. In my own case, I have personally seen excellent results with the regular consumption of Spirulina.

How well researched is Spirulina? Is it safe for me to take?

Please refer to the information on our What is Spirulina about page?

Any Spirulina you purchase should be sourced from a reliable supplier. So please be careful. You may wish to check this link with suggestions.

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Where can I find Spirulina?

I first bought spirulina in Mexico, later in Chile.  Above all I have learnt that obtaining the right quality spirulina is essential. Particularly if you hope to see the sort of benefits as outlined in this video:

If it’s right for you, you can find specific Spirulina reviews  on this page.

How much spirulina should you take?  Check out our how much to take page for advice

Please take a look at our About page to see the references* & to learn more about spirulina, click through to visit our page on the history of Spirulina. There are also extensive supporting links on our pages to see the evidence for yourself.

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