Natural Alternatives For Mental Health – Its Surprising!

Natural Alternatives For Mental Health
Natural Alternatives For Mental Health







It might surprise you to learn, that spirulina, taken over a period of time, can help to mitigate feelings of anxiety and depression*. After taking spirulina for a number of months, I first noticed, quite by accident, that somehow, I felt “bouncier” and happier. But is there any “evidence” to support our anecdotal experience? Keep reading to find out.



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The Evidence

A 2018 Paper (1),  describes how the lack of good nutrition may be a factor in mental illnesses. It said how nutritional supplements, that contain tryptophan, which is the “natural amino acid precursor in 5‐HT biosynthesis,” that increases serotonin in the brain,” could help. The suggestion being, that spirulina reduces brain swelling. The paper explains that spirulina contains or helps with the production of tryptophan, going on to explain that the nutrients contained in spirulina, are a good source of “nutrients, needed for our body, especially the brain”.

The importance of trytophan in the production of serotonin is highlighted in this interview with Dr Emeran Mayer, gastroenterologist and author of The Mind-Gut Connection. He highlights how trytophan that is produced in the stomach, helps to produce the serotonin our body needs. Its a lengthy video, the reference to trytophan is covered from minutes 19:58 to 22:40:


Academic Performance Improved

Interestingly in an unrelated study (2), evidence from a study in Senegal (2), where 549 schoolchildren from 6 randomly selected schools, were given a 2 gram supplement of spirulina a day, they found that the academic performance of the children improved.

May Protect The Brain From Degenerative Diseases

Researchers have also found in animal studies (3) that Spirulina may be helpful to protect the brain from damage and degenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. We have previously looked into Dementia
and the super food, appears to help.

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Natural Alternatives For Mental Health
Natural Alternatives For Mental Health

You Are What You Eat

Spirulina also contains Alpha Linolenic Acids, and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), fatty acids, which help to reduce inflammation, (5) encouraging healthy cells. Which include brain cells which may be a reason why it appears to help with anxiety and depression, and might help other mental health conditions*

The way these essential fatty acids encourage healthy cells may perhaps explain the additional benefit as it also, helps to keep the skin beautiful, proving the old adage that you are what you eat (4)! So it might help mental disorders.

How It May Help Mental Disorders

The author of the paper, Sileshi Demelash (1) from the Research and Training Department of Amanuel Mental Specialized Hospital, describes how most mental illness, “results from a brain and chemical imbalance”, explaining that nutritional therapy is an effective way to improve mental disorders. He describes how it helps with anxiety and depression.

He goes on to say that such supplements can help to manage and help to prevent mental illnesses; “such as Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Eating Disorders, Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder, Hyperactivity Disorder and Substance Use Disorder”.

We are not (not) advocating the latter, as we have not so far found any specific additional supporting evidence, whereas we do have personal experience of the positive benefits of how spirulina eases anxiety and depression. And very clear personal experience of how we have lost the “brain fog” that we used to experience. It is an absolute delight to have a sharp and crisp memory again. So, we are inclined to think the Demelash paper (1) is on the right track with regard to the brain.

There is further evidence of how it helps the brain.

How It Helped My Memory?

Spirulina is packed with antioxidants helping to protect the memory by reducing inflammation in the brain. Spirulina studies with animals (6) (7) (8),) have demonstrated that spirulina can help to protect brain health from environmental toxins and so help to balance the metabolic health of the brain, reducing the risk to memory loss and, impairment.

Looking into Other Conditions.

We will be looking into the other conditions described in the Sileshi Demelash paper (1), to see if there is any merit and evidence for its use in these conditions, beyond good diet, which of course it is excellent for*. Bearing in mind spirulina is used as a treatment for those who have suffered from Radiation and Agent Orange Poisoning, it seems logical that it could also be helpful in treating substance abuse. We are researching further.

Discover the many benefits of spirulina
Discover the Many Benefits of Spirulina



You can check our FAQs via this click through. You might be surprised at the number of conditions spirulina can help with*.




Natural Alternatives For Mental Health
Natural Alternatives For Mental Health

Its Worked Well For Us

Its been a great supplement for our health. Indeed, it has helped to turn my health around. I genuinely feel much sharper, stronger and energetic. I feel at least 10 year younger in fact. And its been a great boost to my overall mental health. From our perspective, it is one of the best natural treatments for mental health.* It might help you or a loved one.



Where to Buy Spirulina? Its Wise To Choose Carefully.

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Where you buy your supplies of spirulina from, is important to consider carefully.

Please do not be tempted to buy a cheap poor-quality spirulina that has been sitting in your local health food shop or its warehouses for months. This really is a case of you pay for what you get.  However, top end spirulina suppliers are not a great deal more expensive than cheaper brands. Some people who do buy the cheapest brands are the same ones you may find on review sites complaining; “it made me sick”.

You want to be sure the spirulina supplement hasn’t been sitting in a warehouse for a long time, getting stale and so less effective. The suppliers we recommend have regular turnover.

To Help You Understand it Better

To help you understand the importance of this better, we have researched and described this in some detail on our; “What is spirulina about” page. Please do review the what is spirulina about page (History) as there are a couple of underlying conditions where we do not recommend spirulina.

We also recommend you review our page about how much to take as you may also go through a detox.

Subject to a check with your Doctor, we hope you do try spirulina. With patience and consistency, over a few months, like us, you are likely to see some terrific benefits. But it won’t happen overnight. Do check that how much to take page.

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Would Love To Learn Of Your Experience

If you decide to try spirulina, once you have tried spirulina for a while (how much to take) , we would love to hear of your experience. Please leave us a comment in the box below. Your email will not appear on the site. If you need any suggestions or advice, we will be happy to try to guide you.

We hope you have found this article and research useful, and that it can help you or a loved one. Have a great day.

Looking For Further Information Or Advice On How To Manage Depression or Anxiety?

If you are suffering from mild depression, we hope the suggestion to try spirulina will help you.

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Do you know if you are suffering from depression? This blog by westressfree (know if you suffer from depression) offers further advice. Its well worth checking out!

Have you tried meditation to help with stress?  Why not learn more and get some practical advice on how to do it effectively at getthroughburnout.

If you are suffering from serious depression, we recommend you consult a Doctor.

Thank you, For Visiting

Thank you for visiting whyspirulina. We hope you found this information helpful. If you have any comments or questions, kindly leave them below and we will get back to you.

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(1) Sasie, Sileshi. (2018). Spirulina as a main source of tryptophan for mental illness: Improving level of serotonin through tryptophan supplementation.

(2) Contribution of supplementation by spirulina to the performance of school children in an introductory course in Dakar (Senegal)

(3) Neuroprotection by Spirulina platensis protean extract and phycocyanin against iron-induced toxicity in SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cells

(4) French author Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

(5) The Science of Fatty Acids & Inflammation

(6) Spirulina prevents memory dysfunction, reduces oxidative stress damage & augments antioxidant activity in senescence-accelerated mice

(7) Neuroprotective effect of Spirulina fusiform & amantadine in 6-OHDA induced Parkinsonism in rats

(8) Oral phycocyanobilin may diminish the pathogenicity of activated brain microglia with neurodegenerative disorders

*Please see our “About” page. Nothing on this website should be interpreted as personal medical advice. Always consult a qualified Doctor or health care professional before changing anything related to your healthcare.

27 thoughts on “Natural Alternatives For Mental Health – Its Surprising!”

  1. Hi Trevor,

    Thank you for introducing spirulina to me. We have been looking for natural alternatives that will help a member four family who suffers from PTSD, excessive anxiety, and depression. After reading your review and dig deep into your website to read more about spirulina which is a cyanobacteria, I am convinced that this is the solution we are looking for. The medication for doctors can help but those antidepressants have side-effects like having difficulty to fall asleep, headache, bad dreams, etc. So, by having a natural antidepressant like spirulina could be just what we need right now. Thanks once again.


  2. Although I have always known how beneficial spirulina is for our health, I had no idea that it was also excellent for mental health. Although I was going to buy spirulina at a local grocery store, after reading your recommendations, it will probably be best to get it from the supplier you recommended in this article.
    This is great information! Thank you for sharing this!

    • Thank you for visiting us Christine. Yes, it was a surprise for us at first, something I noticed at first in myself. I was pleased to find some evidence that confirmed my anecdotal experience. I´m glad you have taken on board the importance of where you obtain your supply of spirulina from. The risk of obtaining a contaminated supply is always much higher when its a cheap brand. Our history page explains more. And to avoid any problems when taking it, we recommend you follow the advice in how much to take?. Thank you for visiting us today and I hope the spirulina helps you too!

  3. Hi Trevor,

    I came across your site whilst searching for a natural remedy for a mental health issue. I’m very pleased I did because I’ve never heard of Spirulina before and after reading through your excellent work we have decided this would fit the bill nicely. The sufferer also has mild depression symptoms and some memory loss.
    Thank you for the great information.


  4. Spirulina is one good supplement for the body. It has dense rich nutrients. I have been and still use Spirulina for a long time. I think everyone should try and experience the benefits it provides. But you have to be careful of cheap sources that can contain heavy metals and other unwanted harmful stuffs as you’ve pointed out. Thanks for the review.

    • Thank you John.  Its good to know that you are a fan of spirulina.  Your advice on sources of spirulina is absolutely right.  Its very important to buy spirulina from good suppliers to prevent the risk of buying contaminated spirulina. 

      You might find it helpful to check out our suggestions on how much to take and to also peruse our FAQs. The history is also fascinating. 

      Thanks again for stopping by.

  5. An informative and healthy article to share with everyone. I did not know before that spirulina works as a very effective supplement for mental health but after reading your article I came to know its completely beneficial aspects. Honestly, I myself have been suffering from depression for a long time and have been thinking of taking some supplements that will be good for my mental health but after learning about this spirulina I decided to take it. I hope this will download a lot of my mental health.I will inspire others to accept it.

    • Thank you Mohd for your thoughtful comment and thank you for spreading the good news too.  Yes, it was news to me, I certainly felt a boost but then I was able to find the “evidence“,  that reasonable people seek.  I suspect it has not had many studies, as spirulina manufacturers are not typically large or wealthy.  Try it, it might help you.  You may wish to check out the other benefits of this amazing superfood by checking our FAQs.  For advice on how much to take, check this click through.  You may also be interested to learn about the history of spirulina too.  But please remember the advice on selecting from a good source. Thank you again for stopping by. 

  6. Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. I am sure this quality information will be of great help to anyone who come across this post as it is to me.

    Spirulina is an excellent dietary supplement, and as a vegetarian, its one I probably couldn’t do without. It’s a complete protein that has all of the necessary amino acids, and it is a supposed great source of energy.

  7. This is such a great post and rings so true for me. I also have experience of nutrition significantly affecting my mental health. It’s partly the body’s ability to use the nutrients we feed it and partly the nutrients themselves. The explanation of spirulina treating inflammation particularly in the brain makes a lot of sense.  

    • Thank you Emma.  Im pleased that the article rings true for you.  Spirulina is quite an underrated natural super food supplement.  I think because we have been on a global “diet” of “where is the evidence” for so long.  And of course when compared to big pharma, there is less money available for studies of a superfood that might undermine a multi million or billion industry! Thank you for the comment.  If you would like further information on how spirulina can help other conditions, please check out our FAQs.  For how much to take?, That is also important to get right, we have a page dedicated to this.  The history is also worth checking out. Its fascinating how it has helped our planet over the millions or even billions of years.   Thanks again for stopping by. 

  8. Do you think this Spirulina would help a stroke patient? 

    What interesting content did you have an issue with this I need to site here and pick your brain from the sound of it I definitely need it so when I can, I just mighty purchase a bottle do you know the amount in USD we don’t use Italian currency here lol.

    Thank you for such an informative site  

    • Thanks Bill. We are glad you found the site to be informative.  If you were checking the E-Vitamins page, you need to set the E-Vitamins page,  to the currency for your country.  I`m sorry that Euros came up for you. In the US, they currently retail at $15-53 for a bottle of 200 tablets. We recommend E-Vitamins as they have a good turnover in stock.  Shelf life matters with spirulina. The older it is, the less effective it is.  A well know company that started selling books online, do not always have fresh stock.  So we recommend smaller specialist companies, E-Vitamins (for any Country) and Whole Foods in the UK, is also an option.   

      You ask an excellent question regarding stroke patients. Bearing in mind that spirulina is first and foremost a superfood, I don`t think it should make any difference.  However, we always recommend that people check with their doctor first, in particular if they have preexisting conditions.  We will research your question in detail and will offer more specific advice regarding stroke patients. Thank you for your comment.

  9. Hi, Trevor,

    I remember reading about spirulina a couple of years ago. It definitely has a lot of benefits like the ones you mention: Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc. Isn’t it amazing that we can protect our bodies by giving them the right elements?

    I also watched a video where they explained that spirulina would become the food of the future. With a sharp increase in population and an enormous demand for meat and other foods, we will eventually meet a dead halt. It’s unsustainable. Spirulina may be a viable alternative.

    There a few farms in my country where it’s produced. I’m sure they will become successful in the near future.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you Enrique for this thoughtful and considered comment.  Spirulina, really does have so many benefits.  Only yesterday I was watching a Utube video of how food may be the best way to overcome disease, rather than filling our body with poison via pharmaceutical medications. 

      Did you have a chance to check our FAQs, page? That page covers many conditions where spirulina can be helpful (and a couple where it is not).  Our history of spirulina page might interest you.  Its fascinating! How much to take is also as important,  as well as where to buy spirulina, those pages are worth checking too.  Thank you for your comment.  

  10. Hi Trevor  – This  is the first time I’ve heard of Spirulina, but am always happy to learn of all natural remedies.  With the side effects of prescription drugs, sometimes it isn’t worth it, to take them. Especially when treating mental health. One advantage they do have is the speed when they are effective. As you mentioned, Spirulina takes some time to experience the benefits. It’s great that you have experienced such benefits from Spirulina. 

    • Thank you Nathaniel for stopping by to leave a comment.  I fully agree, the side effects of prespcription drugs can impact on the wider health of your body. In fact, some doctors are increasingly moving to suggest that diet should be the way to manage different conditions. Bearing in mind 1 gram of spirulina is the equivalent of eating 1 kilo of mixed fruit and vegetables, (check the video) its a pretty powerful ally to ensure you have a good supply of nutrients each day. 

      You make a critical point regarding spirulina that it is not a quick remedy. It takes time and some patience to see results. Many people will also go through a detox, that is why we recommend a cautious approach to how much to take. This click through provides suggestions on how much spirulina to take of the superfood Its something that takes a couple or even a few months before you really notice a difference. And the detox can be a bit unpleasant, particularly if you are obese, as I was. But it really is worth it in the long run

      Most people experience a boost in energy levels, commenting “I  have so much energy” once their gut has been restored to health. You can say goodbye to those sugar packed energy drinks!  In my case, I only noticed the improvements to my energy, my cognitive health and my mental health, quite by accident, as I had been taking it for a while.  The benefits overcoming IBS and Candida were a real bonus, as I originally took spirulina to mitigate my diabetes, on advice from an alternative remedy doctor. And then I found I was losing weight and I was getting stronger too! Win win win !

      Did you check our FAQs page?  We have listed a range of conditions where it might help, but we also highlight the few conditions where spirulina is best avoided. We also advise in our site to check with your doctor, particularly if you have certain pre-existing conditions before you take spirulina.   Above all, if you are going to use spirulina its most important to buy from a good supplier, there are many on the market now, but we do not recommend companies until we are really sure of their safety and production standards as spirulina is like a sponge when it grows!  You may want to check these suppliers out.  The price is no different if your buy via this link, than if you go direct. And you will also be supporting further research into different conditions it can be used for. Thanks again for the visit.

  11. Lots of interesting stuff! I drink a greens powder that has Spirulina in it but from what I read in your article I’m guessing it is not high quality Spirulina.

    Your personal experience and testimony with taking it over time is compelling evidence. Was it your personal experience that lead to you wanting to write blog posts about it?

    I also find it intriguing that it can help improve serotonin levels. I will certainly remember that when I’m talking with someone who is struggling with depression or anxiety.

    Thank you for doing the research and writing the article

  12. Lots of interesting stuff! I drink a greens powder that has Spirulina in it but from what I read in your article I’m guessing it is not high quality Spirulina.

    Your personal experience and testimony with taking it over time is compelling evidence. Was it your personal experience that lead to you wanting to write blog posts about it?

    I also find it intriguing that it can help improve serotonin levels. I will certainly remember that when I’m talking with someone who is struggling with depression or anxiety.

    Thank you for doing the research and writing the article

    • I`m glad you found this interesting Glen.  Did you check out the FAQs page? We have collated a wide range of conditions where spirulina can help reduce or prevent conditions.  Eating the spirulina superfood regularly is a great way to enhance your health, providing of course you do not have one of the pre-existing conditions that we also highlight on our history page.  In fact some doctors are increasingly thinking that diet could well be the future of healing illnesses, rather than pumping our bodies full of poison, to kill another poison that then impacts on our wider health.  Check the comment from Rodrigo on our FAQs page where his wife has overcome IBS and stomach problems after seeing the advice on our site, and using spirulina regularly for 2 months.  Taking spirulina regularly has helped her to detox and solve her stomach problems.

      Yes, it was my personal experience that led me to creating this site and blog.  I was obese.  No, I was very obese.  I was diabetic.  I had low energy. I had IBS and Candida.  I can`t say I have completely cured my diabetes but it is now controlled and I have so much energy and my mind is just so much sharper.  And I have lost many kilos (a few gained back during lockdown but I`m still far below the size I was

      Whilst researching for this site, I discovered that Spirulina contains an amino acid that can help with serotonin levels and in fact, it has made a huge difference with my partner who suffered problems with low serotonin. No longer ! So all round spirulina has been a great boost for ourselves. We wanted to share the good news because its still not widely known about.  Do check the spirulina you are taking, if the supply is not good, you may not be helping but might be slowly poisoning your body!  Having a clean and secure supply is critical for the reasons highlighted on this click through but also mentioned in our how much to take? page.

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment and apologies that the reply is so long!

  13. I have heard about spirulina but never researched it much.  I am interested in any thing that promotes healthy blood flow and particularly things that prevent and reduce plaque.  Anything that promotes better blood flow is probably good for that too.  Maybe it is here somewhere here and I missed it, but I didn’t see any specific mention of that. 

    • Thanks for your visit John.  When you say plaque, are you talking about the build up of plaque in your blood or in your teeth? Or both? Its true we have lots of information which is why the FAQs page is worth reviewing.  

      As far as tooth plaque is concerned, you may wish to check this post, which covers how spirulina can help to prevent the build up of plaque and help with gingivitis.  

      As far as blood flow is concerned, there are studies highlighting how spirulina helps to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides. I think it might help to produce a blog on your specific question about blood flow, so we will look into doing that.  I can certainly say it has helped to boost my energy and helped my cognitive health, i.e. my memory!.  

  14. Although I have been into natural health for years as my uncle was a naturopathic physician and I currently use many natural products, I have not used Spirulina for some time. Your detailed description of its benefits has re-ignited my interest in this product not only for myself but for my family and friends as well. Your point of purchasing only high-quality products is well taken as I learned long ago the ineffectiveness of products of low standards. I have done extensive research in this regard and have located excellent suppliers for the products that I do use. As in any type of product or service you get what you pay for. I appreciate this vital information as I will once again consider using it but more importantly share it with those I know and care about. You have done a great job in describing these benefits.

    • Thank you Joseph for your positive feedback and comment on our site.  I think we are on the same wavelength as far as natural products are concerned.  If you would like to understand benefits of spirulina better, I thoroughly recommend our FAQs page which then has links to pages on how spirulina might help (or not), with different conditions.  The history of spirulina page is also worth checking out.  And arguably the most important page after you have chosen the right high quality product, is the page on how much spirulina to take?  As it can take a little while to get used to it, particularly for those who are more likely to experience a detox. Thanks again for your comment.


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