Natural Remedy Anemia [Try Spirulina!]

If you are looking for a natural remedy for anemia (anaemia) you are in good company [1]. A daily supplement of spirulina might be the easiest, cheapest, quickest and best solution for you. Unless of course you fancy taking iron tablets made from iron salts. Seriously, you want to see how iron tablets are made!

Or another option is to eat LOTS of liver, meat, beans and heavy vegetables.

A daily supplement of spirulina could well be your quickest and simplest solution as a natural remedy for anemia*.

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World Health Organisation

According to the World Health Organisation, “Iron deficiency is the most common and widespread nutritional disorder in the world” [1] Its prevalent in Western and Developing Countries. According to academic/medical reviews [2] some 52% of pregnant women have an iron deficiency. Furthermore, its quite common for women on weight loss diets not to get enough iron, and so become anemic.

Your Doctor Tells You, “You Are Anemic”

So if your doctor tells you, you are anemic, “take some iron tablets, you can collect them from your pharmacy, drug store or chemist”. But before you do so, you might want to stop and think how they are made? According to irondisroders (dot) org iron tablets are typically made from iron salts prepared in a process that starts from iron fillings that start their supply chain being dissolved in “sulfuric or hydrochloric acid”. Sure it’s a quick option, but you might want to consider a more natural approach.

Improving Your Diet Could Help

If you don´t fancy taking iron tablets made from iron salts, you might want to consider changing your diet to increase the amount of iron in your diet.

Natural Remedy Anemia [Try Spirulina!]
Cooked Turkey

You Could Add Sea Food and Meat To Your Diet


Shellfish, Liver, Red meat and Turkey are all great options to enhance your iron intake, providing of course you can afford them, and you are not a vegetarian.




Vegetable and Bean Alternatives Include

Legumes or Pulses, Pumpkin seeds, Quinoa, Broccoli, Spinach, Tofu made from soya beans

Natural Remedy Anemia [Try Spirulina!]
Natural Iron Levels in Spirulina

Spirulina, The Simpler Option To Boost Your Iron Levels

Or instead of all that extra heavy food or iron tablets, you might want to consider another much simpler option, by simply adding a Spirulina supplement to your daily diet. Spirulina is loaded with nutrients and is high in iron too [3]. If you are used to Chlorella, that is another option worth considering but as this can take more time to get used to, our suggestion, particularly for Mothers to be, is to start with a quality spirulina.*

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Pregnant Women and Spirulina.

If you are a pregnant woman, nutrition is especially important. Iron deficiency in mothers is common [2]. Its also common in children [2], for whom spirulina is a great boost in other nutrients too, particularly those fussy eaters! Pregnant women can easily top up their iron levels by taking spirulina’s extra easy-to-digest protein and natural iron, without consuming more calorie loaded saturated meat fats. In fact, in India and Vietnam, spirulina is prescribed for pregnant and nursing mothers.[3] *

Other Benefits of Spirulina – There are Many

There are so many, that we have developed a Spirulina Frequently Asked Questions page. Above all, after a few weeks, you are likely to notice that you have a boost in your energy levels. Now for a pregnant lady, this might indeed be a welcome helping hand. But for the Dads to be, with those sleepless nights heading your way (sorry!), you too might appreciate enhanced energy levels. Much better than sugar loaded energy drinks or caffeine! So for a Natural Remedy Anemia [Try Spirulina!]

A Word on Sourcing Quality Spirulina – This is So Important

If you are going to take spirulina to boost your iron or energy levels, we cannot emphasize enough the critical importance that you obtain a quality supply that has been produced to the highest quality standards. This is important for anybody, but doubly so, if you are a Mother to be. Come on Dad´s, show your support and join them with a spirulina energy boost. In fact, something the new Mum in your life might appreciate, is a delicious smoothie or shake brought to her in bed. Just think of the easy brownie points this will score you!

Spirulina Is literally Like A Sponge

Consider for a moment how when you wash your car, how the sponge soaks up car shampoo? Spirulina is the same. As it grows, it soaks up anything in its environment. So, please ensure the supplier you purchase from, has strict production standards or you will not see the benefits. The reverse may happen. It might even harm you. We know that the suppliers listed on this site have good and clean processes. It won´t cost you anymore to buy your spirulina via links on this site and it helps to continue to fund this site, supporting ongoing research. Thank you so much.

How Much To Take?

So you have obtained a quality supply. How much should you take? This is a question we have been asked frequently so we developed a page to offer some advice. As spirulina is a super food, there are no officially recommended amounts. Nobody tells you how much broccoli you should eat right? Likewise, with spirulina. However, if you are new to spirulina, we would suggest you slowly build up, how much you take. This is the link to our suggestions on the page, “how much spirulina to take?” Oh, and the following morning, in the loo or bathroom, you might just notice a slight tinge of green! Its normal!

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Can Everybody Take Spirulina?

Most people can take Spirulina supplements with no difficulty at all. However, there are a few conditions such as those with an overactive immune system or those who need to take blood thinners for whom Spirulina is not generally recommended. Check this click through for details* And check with your doctor for advice on your personal circumstances. There are exceptions, even for gout sufferers.* We would be happy to suggest advice, if you fall into one of the few conditions where spirulina is not generally recommended. Drop us a line with your questions via the comment box below.

Spirulina History of Use

This fascinating story goes back almost to the beginning of our planet. There might even be a reference in the book of Genesis, but we are not entirely sure. You can learn the details of its origin and its history on our page, “What is spirulina about?”

Frequently Asked Questions

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[1] World Health Organisation Nutrition


[3] Spirulina World Food

*Nothing on this website should be interpreted as personal medical advice. Always consult a qualified Doctor or health care professional before changing anything related to your healthcare.


15 thoughts on “Natural Remedy Anemia [Try Spirulina!]”

  1. So it is also possible to treat Anemia with spirulina? Wow, that’s something that I find really fascinating at this age and I feel it is beautiful that it can help with something like this too. More people should most definitely give spirulina a try and see just how good it will work for them too.

    • Yes Jackie, spirulina  also helps with Anemia (US spelling) or Anaemia as others spell it.  The main reason for this, as the article explains, is that spirulina has high levels of iron.  Please check out our FAQS and history of spirulina for further information on this amazing superfood.

  2. Hi Trevor,

    Thanks so much for writing this article. I love natural remedies and I too have experienced anemia. Just like you mentioned in the article, my doctor suggested that I take iron tablets along with vitamin C. I did not realize that I was anemic because I had not been experiencing the traditional symptoms (tiredness, headaches, shortness of breath, etc.) So I took the tablets for 6-7 months in addition to adding iron rich foods to my diet. I am no longer anemic, but I am quite sure that it may return as I am at child-bearing age. I enjoyed reading this blog post. 🙂


    • Hello Terese.  Thank you for your comment and feedback on our article.  It is particularly helpful to have the sort of first hand experience that you describe.  If you are considering having more children, spirulina could well be helpful to you, both to reduce the risk of anemia but also to have the extra energy that spirulina can provide.  You might find our FAQs helpful to peruse too, as there are so many benefits with spirulina.

  3. Hello Trevor, 

    We go around looking for answers to all our questions and I have finally found an answer in this article of yours and it makes me really happy. The importance of a good site has and can never be overemphasised and I like as they have stated it here that a good diet would help and from here we can all make provision for that. This is a very simple natural food, making it so much the better and it seems to help anemia. I will let my girlfriend know. 

  4. Hi Trevor,

    I had no idea that standard iron supplements used iron filings treated with various acids to break them down.  Yuck!  I’m never taking another iron supplement again!

    How does spirulina taste when added to smoothies?  I would imagine it doesn’t have a huge impact on the flavor, but I just wanted to ask.

    Thanks for sharing this information with all of your readers, so we can consider spirulina as an alternative option.



    • Thanks for the visit Michael and the questions.  Yes, we were surprised by the way iron tablets are made!  Spirulina in smoothies tastes great, providing you add it with other ingredients, you might want to check out these simple spirulina smoothie recipes (nothing fancy and ideal for the busy person), I whip them up most mornings with fruit, some low fat yoghurt and some organic stevia.

  5. Great article about Spirulina. I used Spirulina for about a month many years ago but didn´t continue and lost out to the effects of eating Spirulina. I have read up on Spirulina though, and know about its good effects on the human physiology. What I didn´t know was that it is a good alternative to iron tablets if you are anaemic. That is very good to know and didn´t know how the iron tablets were produced either so I have learned quite a bit form your article.

    It is definitively a tremendously better alternative to energy drinks like Battery or Red Bull.

    Your advice on the amount to eat and also your highlight on good manufacturing practice is great It is incredibly important to get a quality product to avoid any side effects.

    How is the effect on blood pressure? Is it beneficial to either low or high blood pressure?


    • Thank you Roy for your great comment and question.  Yes, taken regularly (and that is the key to success with spirulina) and in sufficient quantities, to give you an idea I am now up to 4 grammes of spirulina a day (thats roughly the equivalent of 4kg of mixed fruit & vegetables!) Spirulina is so much better than red bull with all that sugar!  

      According to the scientists, Spirulina is also great for helping to control blood pressure but as that article is now a number of months old, I think we might add blood pressure to our “to do list” to see if there is any more current information on how spirulina helps to reduce blood pressure*  It has certainly helped me!  I speed walk 8km a day and also have a weights and plank session on top of that for 45 minutes.  & then I have the energy to work until 8 or 9pm each day too.  Seriously Roy, start taking spirulina again.  You might find the advice on the following pages helpful:

      Spirulina FAQs
      How Much Spirulina To Take

      Thank you for stopping by & commenting.

  6. Hi! I’d like to ask you what you think of Spirulina and vitamin B12? There is some controversy surrounding it that Spirulina’s B12 is pseudo type that can block the true form of B12. However there are sources that claim Spirulina fed rabbits and rats increase their B12 status and actually true methylcobalamine can be found in Spirulina.

    • Thank you for your comment Vladimir. A Good quality spirulina will contain some B12, but much will depend on the producer. That is why we emphasise the importance of obtaining your spirulina from a quality and reliable source. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. Best Regards Trevor


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