Simple Ways To Improve Diet – It’s So Simple And Effective, It May Surprise You.

Simple Ways To Improve Diet

Importance of Good Nutrition Post Covid-19

Combined with a balanced diet, spirulina could be a simple and quick way to improve your nutrition.

The importance of good nutrition to improve your diet, has increasingly been coming under the microscope during the Covid-19 crisis. And looking ahead beyond the crisis, what is also clear, is the growing importance of having a much more healthy diet in a Post Covid-19 World.

You might look to Spirulina to play a supporting role in your own diet.

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Those At Risk from Covid 19

According to a United States CDC report, 90% of Covid 19 patients that have been hospitalised, have had an underlying condition such as Hypertension (High Blood Pressure), Obesity, Chronic Lung Disease, Diabetes or Cardiovascular Disease and are most at risk.

The UK´s NHS also highlight those who are the most vulnerable to Covid 19, if they become infected with the virus. Unfortunately for many, it’s quite a long list. However, there are some conditions that we can do something about or try to prevent. These include obesity or those people who are borderline diabetes type 2.

Those with Diabetes & Obese

Obesity has been a growing trend across the world for many years now, with rates in the USA at 37.9% for men and 41.5% for women. Whilst in England rates of 26% for men and 29% for women are being seen. You can check your own country statistics via this link with the World Obesity Observatory.

If You Are Obese And Also Have Raised Blood Pressure

If you are obese and also have high or raised blood pressure, you may wish to check our page on how spirulina might play a supporting role in helping you to reduce your blood pressure too.*

Diabetes – 35% of The Global Population

Recent predictions of the number of cases of people that will be living with diabetes, have been estimated to be 35% of the World`s population by 2040. And the global cost of Diabetes is predicted by Statista (1) to rise to US $803 billion a year. Perhaps with regular spirulina super food supplements, you might help to reduce your risk of joining the statistics.

Progress with a Covid 19 Vaccine

Whilst we hope for the best for an effective vaccine and soon, being realistic, even if one is produced quickly, its unlikely to be available for at least 12 to 18 months. And then sufficient supplies need to be produced and distributed. There are now concerns that even those who have survived the virus, may not be immune to reinfection which may complicate things further.

You can monitor progress of the main vaccine developers via this site.

We May Be Living With Covid 19 For Some Time

So, it looks as if we are going to have to live with Covid 19 for some time. Until an effective vaccine becomes available, it looks like we will all need to be flexible and adapt. The suggestion being that for the time being and perhaps for some years to come, we will need to live and work with Covid 19. And of course, that includes nutrition too.

Losing weight, preventing or reducing obesity, to try and stop becoming a diabetic type 2, has never been more important. If you are obese or borderline diabetic, now is the time to try to do something about it. Spirulina might help you in that process. It did me.*

Simple Ways To Improve Diet

One of the simple ways to improve your diet is to start to take spirulina on a regular basis. Chlorella may also be highly beneficial*. Spirulina has been described by scientists to be so beneficial for our health, that just 3 grams of spirulina is the equivalent of 3 kilos of mixed fruit and vegetables. The video below describes more.

Spirulina can Help You With Your Nutrition

Simple Ways To Improve Diet

As you can see from the video, spirulina is loaded with numerous nutrients, essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, and vitamins, which may help you with a range of conditions.

If you are overweight or obese, providing you play your part by exercising,  spirulina can help you to lose weight sustainably. And it might help you to control your blood sugar levels if you at risk of diabetes.





If You Are Obese.

You should also check with your Doctor to see if spirulina is right for you. I for one went from being extremely obese to being “normal” or “regular” weight for my height, supported by regular supplementation with spirulina. It might just help you too. And it has also helped me to manage my glucose levels.

Once you take spirulina regularly, after a while, you are also likely to experience raised energy levels. Thus making you more inclined to exercise, so helping you to reduce weight further.

Where To Buy – Choose Carefully

You can learn more about the many benefits of spirulina via our FAQs page. And the History page describes those few conditions where spirulina is best avoided. Please also check our advice on how much to take. Its important to build up quantities slowly.

If you decide to try spirulina to boost your diet, please be sure to buy carefully. Its likely to be better not to take it at all, than to buy a cheap brand. We explain why on our what is spirulina about page. Its best to buy a reputable brand where there is regular turnover in stock, produced to high quality standards. If you buy via links on this site, it will be the same price, and you will support further research into the benefits of this super food.

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