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Teeth Health Care - Spirulina

Teeth Health Care.

A study of 30 patients in Bangalore, India (1), demonstrated in 2017 that Spirulina in a mouth wash, significantly reduces dental plaque and gingivitis. And in a further clinical study (2) using a gel containing Spirulina, showed “significant improvements” and that the gel demonstrated a beneficial effect.






We know from the Spirulina World Food: How this micro algae can transform your health and our planet,” by Robert Henrikson book that Spirulina contains substantial amounts of Phosphorus which is known to support teeth health care. Spirulina according to Henrickson contains some 80mg of Spirulina per 10 grams. And the Henrikson book further describes how Spirulina also contains considerable quantities of calcium, 70mg per 10 grams. Some dentists recommend spirulina to help strengthen your teeth.

Further evidence is found in the book “Herbal Discoveries” which describes how Spirulina supports teeth health care.

The NHS encourages people to eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Spirulina can give you quite a boost in this regard as it is packed with nutrients.

3 grammes of Spirulina = 3 kgs of mixed fruit and vegetables

As children, we were encouraged to “eat up our fruits and vegetables” because they are good for you. This will probably surprise you; but as a rule of thumb, 3 grams (grammes), is the equivalent of 3 KG of fruits and vegetables in terms of nutrients. 3 grams (grammes)!

Sceptical? Watch this video from minute 7.07

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History of Spirulina

This is an interesting and a story that goes back to the beginning of our planet. You can find details of its origin and its history on our page, “What is spirulina about?”

Choosing the right Spirulina

Choosing the right Spirulina is critical.

Here we explain the importance of selecting the right well sourced Spirulina.

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Is Spirulina safe for me to take?

There are some people who are allergic to nuts, strawberries and seafood.

Most people have no difficulties with Spirulina at all.

Please see the, “What is Spirulina About”? page to better understand it.

This explains why a few rare examples of people have not had a good experience with Spirulina, perhaps because they were not careful with their Spirulina supplier.

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(2) Clinical Effects of Subgingivally Delivered Spirulina Gel in Chronic Periodontitis Cases.  Jaideep Mahendra,1 Little Mahendra,2 Jananni Muthu,3 Libby John,4 and Georgios E. Romanos5 1 Professor and PhD Guide, Department of Periodontology, Meenakshi Ammal Dental College, Chennai, India. 2 Senior Lecturer, Department of Periodontics, Annamalai University, India. 3 Post Graduate Student, Department of Periodontics, Meenakshi Ammal Dental College & Hospital, Chennai, India. 4 Senior Lecturer, Department of Periodontics, Meenakshi Ammal Dental College & Hospital, Chennai, India. 5 Professor and Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs, Stony Brook University, School of Dental Medicine.NY, USA.

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