Vitamin Supplement For The Eyes – Spirulina?

Vitamin supplement for the eyes – Spirulina?

Is Spirulina recommended as a vitamin supplement for the eyes, particularly for Macular Degeneration? Yes. Is Spirulina recommended generally as a vitamin supplement for the eyes? Yes. But why should people with Macular Degeneration take Spirulina? Is it a cure? No. However clinical, studies have shown that it can help.*

My Mother suffered from Macular Degeneration

My Mother suffered from Macular Degeneration, I wish I had known about Spirulina 10 years ago. It would have helped her in the last few years of her life. I was fascinated to discover when researching Spirulina that it was good for your eyes. Had I known more about it, I would have recommended it to my Mother who suffered badly from Macular Degeneration and had several eye operations. She used to love to sing and was highly distressed when she could not see the singing scores (sheet music) to sing from. It would have helped her energy levels too. Here she is when she was fit and well during WW2, on leave from the Royal Navy Wrens with her friend.

She Didn´t like Carrots

I used to tease her because she didn´t like carrots. Her parents had made her “eat them up,” before and during WW2 because they were “good for her eyes”. She really did not like carrots and said it was a fallacy that carrots were good for your eyes. Not quite Mum. According to this report, “under certain conditions eating carrots will improve eyesight”. The reason for that is the Vitamin A in carrots. And that is where Spirulina trumps carrots. By far.


Spirulina has very high levels of Vitamin A

Spirulina has been found in studies to contain very high levels of Vitamin A. Or more specifically, something called zeaxanthin. In a study of 14 adult men, they demonstrated that Spirulina is a rich source of zeaxanthin and went on to explain that clinical researchers have established that consuming high levels of zeaxanthin and lutein (its related isomers), correlate to a “significantly decreased risks of cataract and age-related macular degeneration”*

I continue to research Spirulina to see how it can help with eye health and other ailments too but I think the evidence from this clinical study is pretty clear. Spirulina is a potent dietary source of zeaxanthin which in turn helps to “decrease risks of cataract and age-related macular degeneration”* But still eat your carrots. They are also good for you.

Spirulina – The History, briefly

Spirulina has been around for thousands of years. It grew wild in lakes in Africa and Central and South America. When Cortes arrived in America, It was known to be a food consumed by the Aztecs. In the 1960´s French Researchers found Spirulina in abundance at Lake Texcoco, Mexico.

In the 1940´s, A French botanist found that people in Chad were eating a dry bread called “daei”; it was made of Spirulina. It is still harvested from their lakes and used for cooking. Likewise, in Mexico where it is known as Tecuitlatl. And it’s not just ancient and traditional tribes. NASA are studying it as a food for astronauts for flights to Mars.

How well researched is Spirulina? Is it safe for me to take?

Is it right for me? The more I have researched Spirulina I have found a few
rare examples of people who had not had a good experience with Spirulina. However, let’s keep things in perspective, this is a natural super food. There are people who are allergic to nuts, strawberries and seafood. Clearly if you are considering taking Spirulina for the first time, you would be wise to be cautious, to check with your Doctor or Medical Professional first, just to be sure it’s right for you.

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