Spirulina For Hair Growth

Spirulina For Hair Growth

Spirulina For Hair Growth







“We are what we eat” (1) so said the French author Anthelme Brillat-Savarin. So perhaps it’s not surprising when we hear that the condition of our hair, skin and nails is a reflection of our inner health. The nutrients from the food we eat, spread to the outer surfaces of our body in our skin, nails and hair after the nutrients have been processed through our internal organs. So is it helpful to take spirulina for hair growth?* Or just to have healthier and stronger hair?



Protein and amino acids are the building blocks of life

Protein and amino acids are the building blocks of life. When you compare different sources of protein, spirulina has the highest protein of any natural food (4).

One thing for sure, Spirulina is packed with nutrients including protein, vitamins, iron and essential fatty acids. My own hair and skin often receive comments such as; “you look so good for your age”. My hair grows fast and so do my nails. I`m confident it’s the spirulina helping me with this.

Most children are encouraged to eat fruit and vegetables because they are good for us. It is estimated that 3 grammes of spirulina is roughly the equivalent of 3 kilos of fruits and vegetables in terms of nutrients. I know it’s a bit hard to believe at first. Watch the video below from minute 7.

If it has that much nutrition, surely spirulina must be good for our hair?

Check our Spirulina FAQs here.

Spirulina For Hair Growth

So, are all these nutrients in spirulina good for the hair?

Well, team members have certainly found anecdotally that their hair grows noticeably quicker after taking spirulina on a regular basis. But we wanted to find “evidence” that it is good for the hair. We think we have found the reason why and perhaps the evidence for why it appears strong and healthy.

Whilst researching we found many claims on the internet that spirulina is good for the hair. It promotes “hair growth”. It can actually “stop dandruff” and makes “hair glossy and stronger”. Most of these claims were strongly associated with expensive shampoos, treatments or private clinics.

Whilst we can speak anecdotally from personal experience how we have seen our hair to be shinier, growing faster and abundantly, is there any solid evidence we can point to? We wanted to find some evidence for this and we think we have. But with one slighting controversial caveat regarding Vitamin A (see below) where opinion seems a bit divided.

Losing hair? Suffering from hair loss?

If you are suffering from hair loss, our recommendation, is that in the first instance you should consult your Doctor or a medical professional first. Our research has however found, that “iron deficiency (ID) is the world’s most common nutritional deficiency”. An iron deficiency is also a “well-known cause of hair loss” (2). We do know that spirulina is an excellent source of iron, so if iron deficiency is a factor in your case, your doctor may well agree or recommend adding some spirulina super food supplements to your diet. There are of course a wide range of other reasons and benefits for you to take the spirulina super food too. Please explore the various pages, perhaps via our FAQs.

Spirulina For Hair Growth


Spirulina is rich in Iron

Vegans and vegetarians may be at a higher risk of having an iron deficiency (2) so for vegans & vegetarians in particular, spirulina is a good superfood supplement to consider taking.

According to the Houston study (2), those with a deficiency of “essential fatty acids linoleic acid (an omega-6 fatty acid)” may also be more susceptible and could also result in changes to the hair that might include loss of scalp hair, eyebrows and perhaps lightening of the hair.

We know that Spirulina is a particularly good source of essential fatty acids:


Spirulina is packed with Protein

Spirulina For Hair Growth


Hair is Made of Protein

Hair is made of protein (3). Protein deficiency can also “result in hair changes including hair thinning and hair loss” (2). Spirulina is packed full of protein and gramme for gramme has far more protein than meat:

Spirulina For Hair Growth

Vitamin A

The same study (2) highlights that vitamin A has been shown to stimulate hair follicle stem cells. It would be remiss of us not to point out that the same Houston study (2) also mentions that an excess of Vitamin A supplements has a link to hair loss. However, the BBC good food article actually recommends Vitamin A to enhance healthy hair. However, If you don’t want to risk it without checking, we recommend you speak with your doctor before supplementing your diet with the spirulina super food.

Is Spirulina safe for me to take?

Most people have no difficulties with Spirulina at all.* However, a few people have nut, strawberry and seafood allergies. To better understand spirulina, and explore what other conditions, the spirulina super food might be helpful to you or your family, please check out our page, “What is Spirulina About”?

History of Spirulina

This is an interesting story that goes back almost to the beginning of our planet. Discover the details of its origin and its history on the page, “What is spirulina about?”

Still not sure?

It seems our enthusiasm for spirulina is something members of the British Royal Family share, Check this click through for details.

Choosing the right Spirulina for your hair

Choosing the right Spirulina for your hair care is critical.

Here we describe the importance of choosing the right well sourced Spirulina.

By all means contact us, if you have any questions, by leaving us a commment on our page, and we will try to answer you or signpost you to other resources.

This video describes other benefits of Spirulina that users claim*:


Where to buy a reliable well sourced spirulina?

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*Nothing on this website should be interpreted as personal medical advice. Always consult a qualified Doctor or health care professional before changing anything related to your healthcare. *Please see the About page for the references

18 thoughts on “Spirulina For Hair Growth”

  1. Your information about Spirulina was very informative.  I have read about it in the past, but have never incorporated it into my daily routine.  I do have arthritis.   I noticed that you mentioned that it should not be taken without referring to my medical care provider, of course, a good idea regardless. I did not understand what I might expect as a result should I take it with this condition.  I would like to have more information before speaking with my caregiver.  Do you have an information source you prefer over others?

    It would seem that Spirulina has been used with success for many, and for many years.  Did any of the information sources you researched mention taking smaller doses, throughout the day? The protein aspect added to the other things that are affected by this addition to my diet sound interesting.  Diet and healthy ageing go hand in hand, this article has given me something to think about and look into.

    How many years have you taken the product, and do other members of your family take it as well?  I appreciate the difference in Spirulina and seaweed being explained. I am sure this is what I read more about in the past, the seaweed.

    • Dear Sami,

      Thank you for your detailed comment.  You raise a number of important points, not about the hair article but about other conditions.   Probably the most important point is regarding arthritis.  You need to be very clear what type of arthritis you have.  Do you have  Rheumatoid arthritis or Osteoarthritis? I have osteoarthritis, I had a hip replaced last year, as mine was chronically bad from excessive wear and tear caused by road and marathon running, parachuting, trekking/mountaineering and being Very Obese for some years. The other hip started to show mild symptoms before the operation, but since I have increased the amount of spirulina to 2-3 grammes a day, the pain has eased to almost nothing. Indeed with my massive weight loss, helped by the spirulina, it has eased to 1 or 2 % of what it was starting to show too.  In my case the spirulina has helped ease the inflamation. Considerably.  So first of all clarify with your Doctor that it is osteoarthritis that you have?

      It seems, that Spirulina appears to help inhibit inflammatory reactions that occur when you have osteoarthritis, decreasing your osteoarthritis and pain. When we undertook the research on the osteoarthritis article a few months ago, there were insufficient clinical and academic studies that could be quoted.  We will be researching further and updating our article in a couple of months.  You may wish to bookmark our site to check in for the update.

      If it is osteoarthritis, then after a check with your doctor, bearing in mind your full circumstances, we think you could  start to try this super food supplement.  

      However if you have  Rheumatoid arthritis, our strong recommendation is that you check carefully with a specialist doctor before taking spirulina. Any condition associated with an overactive immune system needs to be carefully monitored.  Its possible he/she may say in your condition that you can, but please do check first.

      As to the amounts of spirulina to take.  We recommend you start slowly with small amounts.  This is because well sourced spirulina tends to detox your body (cleans you out so to speak – imagine how your body would react after giving up smoking or stopping to drink coffee – there is likely to be a reaction) before you see benefits and it might cause some mild headaches or in some cases some mild diarrhea – I did.   I experienced this as it cleaned out my previously fatty liver and high blood sugarblood sugar levels and it also helped my IBS & Candida in the same way.  Perhaps you can see now why I am such an enthusiast.  I was in a bad way health wise before I took spirulina. 

      My advice? start with 500mg a day, increase to 1 gramme in about a week and then increase up to about 3 grammes a day over a period of a month or two.  ITS ESSENTIAL YOU OBTAIN well sourced spirulina.  But check this with your Doctor first, in case you have other any condition related to an overactive immune system. 

      There is a huge difference between seaweed and spirulina.  One of the best brands does use a tiny amount of deepsea seawater in their processes to add minerals (and hence a small amount of iodine) but many only use fresh water.

      I have been using spirulina for 4 years now.  It has transformed my life.  I used to be very obese. I am now of average weight.   I used to have very raised blood sugar, it is now within normal levels. I had tired and blotchy skin, now it is much younger looking, small marks have disappeared and small warts likewise – gone.  My hair is now soft and grows fast!   I used to have a fatty liver, IBS and Candida, and little energy.  Now. I have more more energy than when I was in my 30`s.  I am 60 this year. I genuinely feel rejuvenated. I can workout in the gym for two hours and cycle to/from home 6 km.  I have not felt as strong as this since  I served in the British Parachute Regiment.

      I hope you get to try some.

      I hope this answers your questions fully and please do stop by again.

      Best Regards,


  2. I’ve been reading your post about spirulina and found you have included a lot of good information. I’ve used it before and now maybe since your research shows it helps with nails too, I plan to start using it again. Thanks for this helpful article -Shirley

    • Dear Shirley,

      I`m really grateful for your visit to our site. I`m glad I have motivated you to consider using spirulina again. Yes it definitely helps with your nails, we mention this in passing on this page. We will in due course write a more detailed article covering nails. Speaking from experience I can tell you it makes mine grow fast!

      Have a great day. & please check out this page for all the other conditions, spirulina can help with. And it covers a few conditions where its best to check with your doctor before using it.


  3. Hi Trevor,

    The way in which you introduce the product by means of your initial paragraphs, focusing on health and what we eat, is very good.

    I’ve heard a lot about Spirulina a few years back, and I thought it was discontinued. 

    Wow! The history of Spirulina is quite interesting. Now I am also familiar with its origin. Very interesting story!

    I’ve also been in the health products business before (Herbalife), and I enjoyed your article very much. Thank you!

    • Thank you Andre. 

      Spirulina is one of the building blocks of our plant and vegetable life.  Think about that for a moment.  It means its the very building blocks that make up the vegetables and fruit that we eat, which we are generally encouraged to eat from a young age, to ensure we have a healthy diet.  

      I am sure that in the future, most people will grow their own spirulina to help them lead longer and healthier lives. 

      Do check out page on “What is Spirulina About?” to discover the potential benefits 

  4. Hello, thanks for such a very informative and educating post, my friend mentioned this to me some time ago but I didn’t take into consideration. I recently remembered and decided to do some finding out about Spirulina and my findings here have been so amazing here, so such benefits really exist, with so many benefits to personal health.

     Thanks for sharing once again.

    • Thank you Jomata for the visit and comment.  We have certainly benefited greatly from spirulina and you might too if you try some. The source is CRITICAL.  Those who have not benefited from Spirulina invariably have poorly produced spirulina. So getting the supply right is essential. Details of potential benefits are highlighted via this click through. Have a great day.

  5. Spirulina is not just known for hair growth alone,it has bunch of benefits, Spirulina Is Extremely High in Many Nutrients,Powerful Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Properties,Can Lower “Bad” LDL and Triglyceride Levels,Protects “Bad” LDL Cholesterol From Oxidation,May Have Anti-Cancer Properties,May Reduce Blood Pressure,Improves Symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis,May Be Effective Against Anemia.Thanks for sharing,keep up the good work.

    • Thank you Wilson for the visit and comment. Check this page for details of how it may help with different conditions.  We are currently developing an FAQ page which we will be adding soon too

  6. I am glad to read this article about spirulina for hair loss. 

    My sister has used spirulina for her joint pain without much success. However her hair is dense, shinny and beautiful. She had good hair to start with. Maybe it got better, hard to say.

    I am curious about the quality of spirulina you buy. This product is prone to oxidation. How does one make sure, the product you get is compositionally correct?

    • Dear Anusaya,

      Thank you for the visit. You have posed one of the best questions we have received as it goes to the point about supply. We repeatedly say that good supply is essential. We actually encourage people to grow their own too!

      Spirulina research has revealed that it is one of the building blocks of plant and vegetable life. Consider that for a moment. It means that Spirulina is part of the building blocks (the DNA) that make up the vegetables and fruit that we eat, which we are typically encouraged to eat from young, ensuring we have a healthy diet. The problem arises if the supply is not secure (its contaminated in some way) or it is old. It needs to be stored in a cool, dry and dark location. So the fridge is fine, but not in a hot kitchen with your other vitamins that so often happens. I keep my stocks in a walk in wardrobe as its dark, cool and dry.

      Your sister might be using a spirulina that helps her hair but it might be slightly contaminated. You need to be very careful with suppliers from China where contamination can be a problem – and to some extent India too. We are very careful about which suppliers we recommend. I use a spirulina produced in Chile as it used to be essential in Chile due to contaminated water due to the mining industry. They now use desalinated water in those parts of the Country where that is a problem, but its still very popular and they have very strict production procedures.

      I hope this fully answers your question and thank you again for the visit.

      Best Regards,


  7. Hey,

    Hair loss is one of my worst fears. I am 27 and I see some of my peers who are already balding and it scares the hell out of me. It looks like that Spirulina actually works and people love the product. My friends have been struggling to find something that works and they are also scared about losing the rest of their hair. I will let them know about this product. Thanks a lot.

    • Thanks for the visit Brandon.  Spirulina is certainly worth adding as a part of your diet to help strengthen your overall system including your hair.  My own hair has been growing abundantly since taking spirulina.  Why not give it a try and let your friends know about it too.  Learn more via this click through about all of the other potential benefits.

  8. This is total news to me!! I am a vegetable and fruit fanatic, but find it is blowing my stomach up. So even though I was looking for a method to strengthen my hair, I might have found a solution for my stomach as well!! Thank you so much, I will try it, your information is very convincing.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you for visiting us Jana. You may well find you need far less fruit and vegetables if you regularly consume spirulina as it is loaded with so many nutrients. You can find a good source of suppliers herehere

  9. Hi Trevor

    I’ve read your post and I don’t regret it because it was informative

    After this pandemic I will likely get some of your products.

    Nice job


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