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Andropause is the male version of Menopause. Might spirulina be an andropause natural treatment?

Many of the symptoms for andropause read like a list that we know from our research and personal experience that Spirulina can help with or ease symptoms. In particular, Low energy and fatigue, Loss of Muscle Mass & Strength, poor concentration and short-term memory problems. That leaves Depression, Low Sex Drive and Erectile Dysfunction. We have now researched and published a page of the benefits of Spirulina for anxiety & depression. This post is about how Spirulina might help with Erectile Dysfunction.*

So where is the evidence?

Studies have demonstrated that Spirulina improves blood lipid profiles

High levels of Cholesterol result in poor blood lipid profiles. We know from scientific studies that Spirulina helps to reduce bad cholesterol with no negative impact on “good” cholesterol.

Spirulina appears to help blood vessels to dilate and help with blood circulation, thus permitting blood to flow more easily. That would include the penis.

Anecdotally, we can confirm that this makes sense. One of our team members suffered from Low Sex Drive and Erectile Dysfunction for about 6 years. Even “morning glory” erections had disappeared. He had to buy Viagra. Since taking Spirulina regularly for 3 years, he has not had to buy any Viagra at all. If you suffer from Erectile Dysfunction, might spirulina be worth a try? It’s a lot cheaper than Viagra and has lots of other benefits as described elsewhere on this site.

So where is the evidence?

Good question. We searched and this is what we found.

Findings in a 2018 study related to diabetes found that spirulina has a positive impact on cardiovascular biomarkers in humans. This includes blood lipids. This may explain why it would appear that spirulina might in certain circumstances, particularly diabetics, help men with erectile dysfunction*. Spirulina may also lower blood pressure by increasing blood flow which of course includes to the penis.*

What the Scientists Say

We do not advocate that Spirulina is a cure for raised blood pressure, however there have been studies that suggest it may help*. A 2007 study in Mexico demonstrated that Spirulina has a positive effect in lowering blood pressure and suggested it could be a helpful “dietary supplement”. A further human study in 2016 of 40 people found that taking Spirulina regularly for 3 months helped reduce Body Mass Index (BMI) significantly and demonstrated improvements in blood pressure. It also helped to improve the endothelial of the people in the study. Another more recent study on Spirulina in 2019, led by Dr Albino Carrizzo at the Vascular Physiopathology Laboratory in Pozzilli (Italy) found “a potentially antihypertensive effect”, due to the dilation of blood vessels. He called for further research.

So does it work?

It could be that the weight loss in our colleague, helped improve his cardiovascular health and therefore his problem of erectile dysfunction. We know of no studies that can confirm 100% that Spirulina helps to ease the problem of Erectile Dysfunction but in his particular case, it seems to have helped. So it might help you or your partner too. Bearing in mind that one gramme of spirulina is the equivalent of 1 kg of fruit and vegetables (see the video below) in terms of nutrition. What do you have to lose trying it?

This scientist explains the benefits of Spirulina more and says that 3 grammes of spirulina is the equivalent of 3 kg of fruit and vegetables in terms of nutrient value: Watch from Minute 7.07:

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How well researched is Spirulina? Is it safe? Is it right for me?

Which Spirulina supplier? Its wise to check this carefully.

Where you obtain your supplies of spirulina from is important to consider. To help you understand this better, we have researched and we describe this in some detail on our; “What is spirulina about” page. Please click though to understand spirulina better, so as to be reassured that its right for you. Please, also check with your Doctor too. We only support producers on this site with  rigorous production and supply chain procedures.

You can check spirulina FAQs via this click through. Or leave a question or comment below, and we will try to answer it or sign post you in the right direction.

Please check out our Post Do Men Get Menopause, for further information on Andropause.

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Andropause Natural Treatment
Andropause Natural Treatment








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6 thoughts on “Andropause Natural Treatment”

  1. Great article! Grateful for introducing a cheaper way to reactivate my almost dying libido!

    What seems great with spirulina is, its versatility which apparently shown that it doesn’t only help men with erectile dysfunction but also treats or reduces related old aged illnesses such as diabetes and high blood pressure aside from supporting weight loss, decreases bad cholesterol among many others!

    Thanks a lot!

    • Dear Julius,

      Thank you and ha ha ! I hope it helps! It won´t work like viagra but slowly over a period of time you will notice you don´t need it anymore – if you did !
      There are numerous benefits from this superfood. Particularly for older people. Get some and have some extra fun and jump in your step!

      Have a great day.

      Best Regards,


  2. Spirulina sounds like a one stop shop for so many conditions. Watching the video and finding that it is natural makes it more inviting for me. A friend of mine has been battling with diabetes for some years now. I should introduce spirulina to her. It’s good to know that other conditions such as low sex drive and high blood pressure will be taken care of as well. 

    • Dear Juliet,

      Thank you for visiting Yes, you should suggest it to your friend. She may also like to review this page on “What is Spirulina about“, that we have just added. This explains things in a lot more detail.

      I was very surprised to find it also helps older men suffering from a low sex drive too. But as a member of our team can confirm, no more viagra bills!

      The reduced blood pressure has been another benefit – all linked probably.

      Thanks again for visiting us and have a great day.

      Best Regards,


  3. I can speak from personal experience with my partner. Spirulina has proved to be very helpful regarding sexual disfunction with men. I can say and testify that we are enjoying the best time ever. We are like in our twenties, (rabbits) really worth taking it. It also helps women during menopause!

    • Thank you for your feedback. I am glad spirulina has helped you in your personal life to the extent you describe. It is very interesting to read how it has also helped you with menopause. We are currently investigating the benefits of spirulina for Menopuase and once we have completed the research we will be adding a page to this site. Have you had the opportunity to explore the other benefits of spirulina as highlighted opn this click through? Thank you for visiting the page and leaving a comment.


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