How To Strengthen the Immune System After Antibiotics?

How To Strengthen the Immune System After Antibiotics
How To Strengthen the Immune System After Antibiotics

Is Spirulina how to strengthen the immune system after antibiotics? With the Coronavirus COVID 19 pandemic currently sweeping the world, those who have a weakened immune system, particularly perhaps after having taken a course of antibiotics, or various courses of antibiotics, or for other reasons, may wish to consider taking Spirulina to strengthen their immune system.*



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killing of the beneficial flora in our intestines
How To Strengthen the Immune System After Antibiotics

According to the Robert Henrikson book on Spirulina, over the last 60 years, antibiotics have contributed to the killing of the beneficial flora in our intestines. This in turn, has made room for drug resistant bacteria. Of course, antibiotics do not prevent viruses, but researchers have confirmed what Henrikson describes in his book, that anti-biotics weaken our immunity (1) to fight bacteria.





Studies Have Confirmed That Spirulina Can Help Boost The Immune System*

How To Strengthen the Immune System After Antibiotics

In our post of 17 March, we highlighted the best food supplement to boost
your immune system and described the benefits we had experienced. Studies have also confirmed how Spirulina can help boost the immune system, although calls for more studies have also been made.

The Evidence

How To Strengthen the Immune System After Antibiotics

A Polish rowing team were involved in study (2) whilst undertaking intense rowing training. The study demonstrated how Spirulina helped them to maintain their immune systems in these tough conditions. And in another study, it was demonstrated that Spirulina may counteract, slow down or resist immunosenescence (this basically means the steady or progressive deterioration of our immune system that naturally and normally occurs as we get older. The US study (1#) involved 40 Volunteers over the age of 50. The study also found it helped to counteract anaemia too. The limitations of the study were recognised and called for further studies, as most of these studies do!

The strengthening of the immune system with spirulina was further described and mentioned in a UN report (3), undertaken by the Chinese, involving radiation.

Personal Experience

From my personal experience, I can confirm that my own health has seen a huge boost having taken spirulina for the last 3 years. My own health was really poor. We are quietly confident, that Spirulina is how to strengthen the immune system after antibiotics.*


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  1. Thank you for the article, I should mentioned that you just gave me homework. I have a lot to learn about Spirulina. I have not heard of it before. What caught my attention most is the emphasis of strengthening the immune system after antibiotics. It leaves me with the question , does the antibiotics weaken the immune system?

  2. The strengthening of the immune system this period especially is very important. In fact, this should be the number one thing people should look out for. It helps when we eat good food and sleep well, but it’s not enough. There are many plants and herbs that nature has given us to boost our overall health. Like me, I’m a huge fan of Kratom herbs. But now I’m beginning to learn about Spirulina. Is it for all ages?

  3. Hi,

    From my research the immune system is a complex cooperation between cells and proteins that protect our body against harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. There are several ways to strengthen the immune system and reduce the susceptibility towards infections, they are as follows, keep your body fit, avoid stress, balance diet, support the intestine, drink water, good hygiene. Its great to learn that spirulina can also help to boost the defences of the body too.

    Thank you for your post..


    • Thank you Aluko for your comment. You clearly have a good understanding. We are glad you have learnt how spirulina can also be a great ally to boost the body`s defences, particularly after anti-biotics. Remember the key is to always take quality spirulina.

  4. From my research, the immune system of the body is boosted through exercises, taking citrus fruits, eating almonds, spinach and so on. It’s amazing to see spiriluna can also boost the immune system.

    • Thank you for the visit Sophie, yes, spirulina certainly seems to help boost our immune system as the sources in the article confirm. Thank you for visiting our site and leaving this comment. You might find our Spirulina FAQs helpful too. Have a great day.

  5. The human immune systems is a powerhouse on its own and can break when you don’t take care of it or give it all that it needs to function better when faced by diseases. I have seen a few people who fall sick because of a weak immune system.  Learning about a way to improve or stregthen the immune system, makes me really excited and I’ll love to share with my friends

  6. I really appreciate this article as I have not used Spirulina for quite some time. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I understand the importance of using Spirulina to strengthen the immune system especially if antibiotics have recently been used. I will research Robert Hendrikson’s book. I saved your link to the products as I have not used Chlorella recently either. 


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