How To Protect Against Coronavirus – COVID-19 – Spirulina?

Is Spirulina how to protect against Coronavirus

Is Spirulina how to protect against Coronavirus? COVID-19?

On 11 February, the World Health Organisation (WHO) announced the formal name of COVID-19 for the Coronavirus that has spread throughought the World.  The WHO (European Office) encouraged the European Region to prepare for COVID-19.

Does a Spirulina food supplement offer any kind of protection against the Coronavirus – COVID-19 ? Whilst there are studies 1, 2, and a report from a health institution that indicate that Spirulina may help to strengthen the immune system*, there is NO (Repeat NO) evidence it will protect you against the Coronavirus – COVID-19 or any other virus.

Covid Statistics below.  Updated 7 April 2020.
At home due to Covid-19? This click through may be helpful to you.

Stay at home to stop coronavirus spreading.

Strengthen Your Immune System

“But is there something I can take to boost or strengthen my immune system ?”  The jury is still out. There has been one clinical trial (where they also say their study had limitations and call for larger studies) where spirulina demonstrated it fortifies the immune system in older people.

Another study of 19 members of a Polish Rowing team undertaking strenuous training, highlighted the effectiveness of Spirulina in maintaining the immune system. The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (UN) have also highlighted Chinese studies that demonstrate how it enhances the immune system.

Global Pandemic

According to the WHO and the BBC, the COVID-19 virus is now a global pandemic. The World Health Authority (WHO) says that Europe is now the epicentre of the global pandemic. Former UK Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, described on UK Channel 4 News on 13 March,  how maybe up to 10,000 people already had the virus in the UK, (this compared to officially known statistics at the time, of 769 active cases).

Italy is now in “lock down“. In Catalonia, Spain 4 towns have now been quarantined and are planning a “lock down” too. France have shut schools and public areas. Whilst an expert has criticised the UK for not taking stricter measures to control the virus. Former UK Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt,  appears to agree with this criticism of the Boris Johnson led, Government response to the pandemic.The herd policy highlighted in this video clip on Twitter in a speech by PM Johnson,  was criticised but there has subsequently been a “u-turn” with people now being advised to avoid social contact. On 23 March PM Johnson announced stricter measures.

Global stock markets have seen large falls in response to the Global pandemic.

How To Protect Against Coronavirus - COVID-19 - Spirulina?


If your body has a healthy immune system, strengthened by a balanced diet, that includes the regular consumption of a well sourced spirulina super food, spirulina might support your immune system* at this time but we repeat, there is no evidence it will protect you against COVID 19 or any other virus.

To generally boost your immune system, my Alternative Remedy Doctor advises adding Spirulina to your balanced diet, as well as other natural remedies to boost your system. He also recommends you include include plenty of vitamin C, Complex B vitamins, ginger and garlic tea with orange peel & cinnamon with honey.

3 Grammes of Spirulina = 3 KG of Fruit and Vegetables

1 gramme of Spirulina is the equivalent of consuming 1 kg of fruits and vegetables in terms of nutrients, this scientist explains:

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I´m certainly taking Spirulina regularly. It has certainly boosted my health in so many ways. And it might help you. You may also find the history of Spirulina interesting.

It is also interesting to observe the number of COVID cases in Chad and Hawaii where spirulina is well known and used by a lot of people, both quite remote but their statistics are low. UV light might also be a factor.  I am not suggesting there is a correlation between spirulina helping and covid 19 as there is NO evidence we can point too. But it would be interesting for a study to be undertaken in both of these locations at some point, to test for antibodies in these populations. 

What is the Coronavirus? COVID-19 Prevention Advice?

CoronavirusCOVID-19, was first identified in the Chinese city of Wuhan in 2019. The UK National Health Service provides some practical advice and, at the time of writing, 10 Feb 2020 ” The NHS have recently raised the risk to the Public of catching the virus in the UK from low to moderate”. 

Symptoms are described as:

  • a persistent cough
  • a high temperature
  • shortness of breath

They additionally advise:

“Stay at home for 7 days if you have either:

  • a high temperature
  • a new, continuous cough

If you live with someone who has symptoms, you’ll need to stay at home for 14 days from the day the first person in the home started having symptoms.

Do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital”.

They now advise:

“Stay at home to stop coronavirus spreading

Everyone must stay at home to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

You should only leave your home for very limited purposes:

  • shopping for basic necessities, for example food and medicine, which must be as infrequent as possible
  • one form of exercise a day, for example a run, walk, or cycle – alone or with members of your household
  • any medical need, including to donate blood, avoid or escape risk of injury or harm, or to provide care or to help a vulnerable person
  • travelling for work purposes, but only where you cannot work from home”

Please refer to your Health Authorities (in the UK, the NHS) for advice on prevention

This link is to a U-Tube video made by A UK hospital doctor dealing with Covid 19 patients; Dr Sarfaraz Munshi who describes a vital breathing technique for corona virus Covid-19 patients:

You can see the World Health Organization advice via this click through. They have some clear and simple downloads to help people. They also have some helpful myth busters worth reviewing.

Spanish experts are advising that two other symptoms have been noticed.  They say this is quite a good way in particular for teenagers and young people to know that they might have the virus:

  1. A loss of the sense of smell and,
  2. A loss of taste with food and drink.

Harvard Scientists explain in English why, in this click through.

Video in Spanish:

According to the BBC (10 Feb), The Department of Health has described the coronavirus as a “serious and imminent threat” to public health with the overall risk level to the UK remaining “moderate”. But the Department of Health qualify this (10 Feb) by saying; “The risk to the public has not changed. This is a legal term which we announced this morning as part of changes to make it easier for health professionals to do their job”. 4 March: The Guardian On-Line gave a useful update on the situation in the UK. 

How To Protect Against Coronavirus - COVID-19 - Spirulina?


Cases and Deaths from Coronavirus

Worldometers are providing objective statistics on the reported** number of cases. These include the number of cases and Europe´s first death on 15 Feb in France. There are now considerable numbers in Europe, particularly in Spain & Italy. Covidvisualizer have a dramatic looking red rotating map of the world, based on Worldometers information, where you can also see the number of cases. Probably not for the nervous to look at.

You may wish to monitor this page or this site for statistics.

According to Worldometers, globally to 30 April there have been a total of 3.3 Million ** cases notified with a total of 233,518** deaths notified as caused by COVID-19**. 1,271,164 cases are described as “closed”, of these 82% recovered and 18% died.   There are currently 2.0 Million known (reported)** “active cases” of which 97% are described as mild, 3% as serious or critical – thats a slight downward trend.

**Statistics from the UK have not until 29 April 2020 counted deaths or cases in the wider community. Official statistics are artificially low. Until that date only deaths at hospitals were counted and many people were “sent home” to be in their home environment. Current official statistics exclude those deaths in the community prior to 29 April.  French and Irish deaths in Care Homes are estimated at 46% and 53% respectively.  So adding 50% to the UK death figures perhaps produces a more realistic number.  How many other countries are under reporting? Which in turn may be leading to people not following the advice to stay at home.

The USA now has the highest number of cases with known cases (c) reported as 1.1 M with 63,642  deaths (d) Death rate per million is 192.  Spain (29 April ) still have the highest number of reported cases in Europe,. Italy and Spain are reporting numbers of, Italy  205,463  with 27,967 deaths.  And Spain 239,639 c and 24,543 deaths.

China is now reporting 82,862 cases and 4,633. The rate of increase for both of these numbers had been dropping dramatically, but their day on day reported new deaths jumped +1,290 in 1 day on 17 April.  Catching up with deaths from the community? Or under reporting earlier?

All European countries are now seeing large numbers of cases, including inter alia;

Italy (d) 205,463  and 27,967 deaths (463 deaths per 1M)
United Kingdom 171,253 cases (a) 26,771 deaths** (394** deaths per 1M) 6000 new positive cases on 30 April. 

Spain (c) 239,639 cases, 24,543 deaths (525 deaths per 1M)
France (e) 167,178 cases (c) 24,376 deaths (373** deaths per 1M)

UK: (50,000**?).  A Financial Times FT “conservative” estimate is that the number of deaths including  those dying of COVID 19 outside hospitals, e.g. Nursing Homes, Prisons, or at home by 28 April was now 46,000.  There has been much controversy regarding the under reporting of C19 deaths in the UK where people are still not required to wear masks in public. (25 April)

Belgium (k) 7,594 deaths, 48,519 c (655 deaths per 1M)
Germany (e) 6,572 deaths, 162,530 c – (78 deaths per 1M)
The Netherlands (i) 4,795 deaths from 39,316 c (280 deaths per 1M)
Turkey (m) 3,174 deaths from 120,204 c (38 deaths per 1M)
Switzerland (j) 1,737 deaths, 29,586 c – (185 deaths per 1M)
Russia 1,073 deaths from 106,498 c (7 deaths per 1M)
Portugal (q) 989 deaths  from 25,045 c – (97 deaths per 1M)
Austria (l) 584 deaths from 15,452 c (63 deaths per 1M)

RIPEuropean countries have imposed lock downs and border closures.

In Latin America, Mexico are reporting rising numbers with 17,799 cases and 1,732 (13 deaths per 1M)deaths.  Considerable under-reporting of total Mexican cases and deaths being registered under other conditions is suspected. Their controversial President was initially accused of issuing misleading advice and has now said that the virus will pass soon, that the pandemic is good for Mexico because it will help him to do what he has to do to defeat corruption and to “ensure his transformation” policies happen. 60,000 workers in Cancun have been laid off. 

Brazil (k) 85,380 cases,  5,901 deaths. (28 deaths per 1M)
Peru 36,976 cases, 1051 deaths (32 deaths per 1M)

Ecuador (u) 24,934 cases, 900 deaths. (51 deaths per 1M)
Chile (g) 16,023 cases,
227 deaths. (12 deaths per 1M)

Argentina (p) 4,285 cases, 216 deaths. (5 deaths per 1M)
Belize 18 cases 2 deaths (5 deaths per 1M) (high humidity)

Peru have implemented a daily curfew from 8pm to 5 am each day and as early as 15 March, implemented strict measures including:

  • people to stay at home. Except:
  • essential Bank or petrol needs
  • travel to work & home is allowed but employers to implement home working.

Chile (g) have seen 16,023  cases with 227 deaths. But the vast majority of cases are in the central or southern parts of Chile that have seen 95% of cases. The sparsely populated and cold Magallanes region where there is low sunlight and UV is seeing a

60.07% in Santiago, but is by far the worst hit, largely in the wealthier areas. The northern regions of Chile that have had imported cases for some weeks now, have only seen 7.13% of cases, many of these in Antofagasta directly linked to a rogue dentist treating patients whilst ill. See below regarding UV light. Chile have introduced arange of measures. FAQs in Spanish are in this click through.  In Santiago they introduced quarantine for 7 days (renewable depending on the situation) in the following areas of Santiago to enforce social distancing, this may be a reason for the reduced number of cases reported the weekend 4/5 April:

Lo Barnechea, Vitacura, Las Condes, Providencia, Nuñoa, Santiago and Independencia.

Chile have also imposed a daily curfew from 10pm each day to 5 am the following.

From 8 April, the Chilean authorities have said that ALL users of public transport must now use a face mask. They have offered advice on how to make homemade masks, you can see a video through this click through.

Fines are now being issued to those not wearing masks in public places.

Chile have now introduced a tracking App – 23 Apr.

On 10 March, Chile imposed a restriction on airlines for anybody flying from Italy or Spain that they must have been isolated for 14 days prior to taking a flight to Chile. They have now closed all of their maritime and air borders to everything except cargo.

Other borders across the region are now closed too. On 11 March, the USA announced a 30 day ban on all flights from Europe.  The  UK & Ireland have now been added to that ban. Australia initially imposed a 14 day quarantine on ALL international arrivals, but now (20 March)  only citizens or residents can now travel to Australia.

South Korea (p) and Iran have also had major outbreaks. The number of cases in South Korea has now risen to 10,765 with 247 deaths – (5 deaths per 1M) Progress of the virus in SK has slowed considerably and it appears it is now under control there.  Their approach to the management of the crisis has been praised as an example to follow.  Iran has also reported large numbers of deaths, currently 6,028 from 94,640 cases (72 deaths per 1M) – 28 April

The UK report (a) 171,253 cases (26,771 deaths)**(note above). 

There has been much controversy about insufficient testing, and the recording of deaths that have not so far included deaths in the community outside of hospitals, producing artificially low figures. Latest statistics from the Office of National Statistics suggest, 46,000 deaths (23 April) may be a more realistic number.

ITV News Channel have an interactive map of where cases have been reported in the UK.

India (o) are reporting , 34,862 cases with 1,154 deaths and have now announced they are in “lock down”.

US States are reporting a total of 1.1M cases and 63,763 deaths. (193 deaths per 1M) The highest number of cases have been seen in:

New York 310,839 cases/23,780 deaths (1,212 deaths per 1M)
New Jersey 118,652 cases/7,228 deaths (814 deaths per 1M)
Michigan 41,379 cases/3,789 deaths (381 deaths per 1M)
Massachusetts 62,205 cases/3,562 deaths (522 deaths per 1M)
Connecticut 27,700 cases /2,257 deaths

Louisiana 28,001 cases/1,905 deaths
Illinois 52,918 cases/2,355 deaths
Pennsylvania 47,999 cases/2,541 deaths
California 49,840 cases/2,014 deaths
Florida 33,690 cases/1,268 deaths (high humidity)
Georgia 26,237 cases/1,131 deaths
Washington 14,070 cases/801 deaths
Texas 28,087 cases /782 deaths
Colorado 14,758/766 deaths

Selection of other States with lower numbers of cases:

Arizona 7,648 cases, 320 deaths (high UV)
Hawaii 613/16 deaths(The home of one of the leading producers of spirulina). Total population 1.42 million.
Alaska 355 cases/9 deaths

Canada (n) have said they now have 53,021 cases with 3,180 deaths. (73 deaths per 1M)

US Statistics Updated 30 April 2020

UV Light may help in the battle against the Coronavirus

In more positive news, it has been suggested by AccuWeather (f) that Ultraviolet light may help to reduce the impact of the virus.  This Washington Post article also describes how UV light may help break down the virus.A recent report from John Hopkins University appears to support this theory too.

The sparsely populated and low UV region of Chile, Magallanes (Punta Arenas – population 166,000) is seeing a disproportionate number of COVID 19 cases.  Some 4.52% compared to % to 4 Northerly Regions of Chile (Tarapacá 1.24%, Antofagasta 3.41%, Atacama 0.27%, Coquimbo 0.47%) where UV is high. Generally the Southern Regions of Chile are seeing far more cases and some of these are sparsely populated. Santiago continues to have the majority of cases at 60.07%.  With the smog reducing, that as a percentage is worth observing carefully.

This is perhaps some encouraging news, particularly to those who live where there are more daylight and stronger UV hours. (You will need to adjust the page for your area of the globe). But the point here is that the virus may die more easily under UV light e.g. if its left by somebody on e.g. something metal or on the street, NOT that there is any suggestion that if somebody already has the virus that it prevents infection – see the WHO myth busters.

Ian Lipkin, director at the Columbia University’s Center for Infection and Immunity also describes how sunlight “can help break down viruses, as UV light breaks down nucleic acid”. And UV light is effective at killing bacteria and viruses that it is used in some hospitals to sterilise equipment.

24 April: US Scientists appear to confirm the UV theory but have not published their findings in full. (24 April)

A BBC report on a robot using UV light from a company in Denmark, tends to support the Accuweather report & Columbia Director´s theory.

Santiago, Chile has very high smog levels but with people remaining at home this is likely to reduce. The challenge the authorities have, is that a percentage of people are ignoring this instruction. If the UV theory is true, we may see things there tailing off, as smog helps to block UV light – the number of new cases seems now to be declining and Chile has a very low death rate. Percentages of new cases in the high UV Region of Antofagasta (total population 608,000) are not increasing that fast, only  3.35% of the entire Country and people have not been fully respecting the social distancing rules.

Update 28 April: 481 Active Cases (4 deaths) are now reported in the Region of Antofagasta, many of these linked to patients of a dentist who treated his patients on return from Brazil when he was sick. His also passed it to his Mother and this led to 9 cases in the local vegetable market.  He has now been charged by the Police. The same market is now being closed for 14 days from next Sunday 12 April.

Atacama, is another area to watch. 1 case reported there initially led to very slow local infection rates, there are now 35 cases in the area.  Its unclear whether these are from local infection or imported from other areas, e.g. Santiago. Clearly the Accuweather report is not 100% certain, but the evidence from Atacama, Calama, Magallanes (where its low UV) and perhaps other countries with high UV levels, may perhaps offer some hope. Generally the sunnier/higher UV regions in the north of Chile have seen far fewer cases than in the South.  This may be an indicator that UV light is a factor.

Its noteworthy to look at other countries with high UV levels, e.g. Saudi Arabia.  They reported their first cases some weeks ago and yet they only have only reported 22,753 cases and 162 deaths.  It will also be interesting to observe how the virus progresses in Chad, where they have high UV and many consume spirulina, have only reported 73 cases, 5 deaths and 33 recovered.  The Philippines, too (high humidity).  It was close to the original epicentre but is reporting 8,488  cases and 568 deaths.  Australia (h) may be another indicator in this regard, they had cases some time before Europe.  They have now reported a total of 6,753 cases and 91 deaths. Is UV light slowing the progress of the virus in these countries? Or is it just lower population density?

Lets Keep Things In Perspective

The number of deaths from the Coronavirus COVID-19 are still “relatively” (Feb 2020) low when you compare it to normal seasonal flu deaths which according to US estimates are between 291,000 and 646,000 annually. Which in turn compares to the so called “Spanish flu” of 1918 that killed an estimated 20 million to 50 million people. But deaths are rising and the COVID-19 virus is spreading so nobody can be complacent.

The UK´s Independent Newspaper reported that one of the deaths in China included a Doctor who was treating patients with the virus.

According to a Doctor on the UK ITV TV Station there is concern that the virus is mutating as well. Businessinsider has highlighted this concern raised by China.

Who are the most vulnerable with  ?

According to the respected Lancet Medical Journal, people over the age of <50 appear to make up the majority or cases and appear to be the most susceptible. According to open source date (unofficial) from the UK & China, most deaths so far have been among people older than 50. You may wish to check with your own health authority for more detailed and local information.


Does Spirulina help strengthen or maintain your immune system when under stress?

The answer certainly appears to be yes*. (although we repeat again, there is no evidence that it protects against COVID19). Various health institutions
and animal studies1, 2, have suggested that Spirulina can help to strengthen the immune system. It has been shown to support the production of proteins that help to restrict and fight off infections.* And you are likely to experience the other benefits of Spirulina, described elsewhere on this site. 3 grammes of Spirulina is the equivalent of eating 3 kilos of fruit and vegetables in terms of nutrients*.

Further Studies Report on Spirulina benefits for the immune system

Spirulina has been shown in a study of 40 people in the USA, over the age of 50 to counteract Immunosenescence which basically means it slows down the deterioration of their immune system which is brought about by natural ageing. In another report, it highlights the benefits of Spirulina and potential benefits with Immune Support.

In another study of 19 members of the Polish Rowing team undertaking strenuous training, highlighted the effectiveness of Spirulina in maintaining the immune system.

But we repeat, there is NO, repeat NO evidence it will protect you against COVID-19.

My experience

There are many other benefits too.

My experience? Spirulina, has really helped me. I´m not a Doctor but I have an interest in alternative remedies. Since I was encouraged to take Spirulina by my Doctor, my health has improved considerably.  I feel more energised as if my body has been renewed. I have lost weight – a lot. I genuinely feel 10 to 15 years younger than before. I have so much energy. My blood sugar levels have stabilised. My memory has improved immensely, my candida & IBS have gone.  I have lost a lot of weight in terms of body fat, but my muscles have developed.    Its also helped to reduce my blood pressure.

Its also great for allergies such as Hay Fever. I haven´t had a cold, an allergy, hay fever or the flu for three years. Blocked noses are now a distant memory. So anecdotally I can confirm I feel sgtronger.

Any Other Benefits?

Yes, you will find the links to the supporting evidence on these pages too. We have found from personal experience and found supporting evidence that it may be a helpful super-food for Andropause,Osteoarthritis, cholesterol, and it appears to help Dementia & Alzheimers too. Please explore the links on this site.  We are researching other benefits too.  Initial research we have undertaken, suggests, if its added to sunscreen, it may help protect the skin against UV light too.  This may explain why so many make up companies are using it in expensive make up.  You may wish to check this page for details

SpirulinaSpirulina & Space Travel – The History, briefly

Spirulina has been around for thousands of years. This page describes more.

And today, NASA are studying it as a food for astronauts for flights to Mars.



How well researched is Spirulina? Is it safe for me to take?

Is it right for me? The more I have researched Spirulina I have found a few rare examples of people who had not had a good experience with Spirulina. However, let’s keep things in perspective, this is a natural . There are people who are allergic to nuts, strawberries and seafood. Clearly if you are considering taking Spirulina for the first time, you should check with your Doctor or Medical Professional first, just to be sure it’s right for you.

If it’s right for you, you can find specific Spirulina reviews on this page.

Where you obtain your Spirulina is important. The environment where it is grown is very important. This is because as it grows, Spirulina picks up and absorbs toxins from its surroundings. You need to ensure that the spirulina you and your family consume is from a clean and reliable source. This page highlights some safe and secure suppliers.

Any questions or comments?  Kindly leave them on the Home page and we will be happy to try to answer them, or sign post you in the right direction

Please check out our About page to see the references* You can learn a lot more about spirulina, by checking out this click through on the history of spirulina.

Please also see our About page.



No Professional Advice or Medical Information

Please consult our About page to see the references* & click through to find out which other conditions Spirulina is helpful with and to learn about the history.

*Nothing on this website should be interpreted as personal medical advice. Always consult a qualified Doctor or health care professional before changing anything related to your healthcare.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please also see our About page.

Natural Energy Boosting Food – Spirulina




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    • Dear Lauren,

      Thank you for your question asking about muscle development. We will shortly be writing an article for the site about this. The anecdotal evidence we have is that yes, spirulina does help with this, when combined with regular exercise, with weights in particular. But we need to check with scientific studies to confirm this.

      We will drop you a line here, once we have the evidence to share.

      Thank you for reaching out to us with your question.

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  1. I have a set of supplements that I take regularly, but spirulina isn’t one of them. In the past, someone has tried getting me to consume it but it was a direct marketing product so it was more of pushing me to buy the product rather than experiencing the benefits. Your article showed me what to look for in sourcing good quality spirulina and erase whether doubts I have about this power food. Will definitely give it a try while bracing myself for a potential pandemic outbreak. 

    • We appreciate you visiting our site and leaving your thoughts. When somebody “pushes” or has an aggressive direct marketing approach, I know it can be quite off putting. Spirulina in particular requires educating in the “West” because it is not well known or understood. Also there are risks associated with where the supply comes from as Spirulina easily soaks up toxins in the water as it grows. So a clean and safe supply is essential, otherwise you might be adding toxins such as heavy metals and even arsenic to your body. Hence our careful recommendations on our site, you can also find relevant books here too. I´m glad you will look to give it a try to boost your immune system at this time.
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  2. I have heard a great deal about Spirulina and its benefits, but your article explains it really well. I feel a lot more informed about it now, so thank you! I am growing a bit more concerned about Coronavirus as it spreads throughout China. Much like the Ebola scare from a few years ago, it can easily travel to different countries.

    • Thank you Steve for visiting our site, I´m glad you found the information helpful. I don´t think you should worry too much about Coronavirus but it might be wise to give your system a boost by adding well sourced Spirulina to your diet. Best Regards, Trevor

  3. I used to take Spirulina, my father swears by it. I have no idea that it can help us protect against corona virus, this is amazing!  I remembered that it took me sometimes to get used to the Spirulina. It has this side effects like cold symptoms because your body is trying to build up the immune system. Will go right ahead and get some. Do not be one of the stats for sure!

    • Dear Nuttanee,

      Thank you for visiting us. I was encouraged to see that your Father and I agree! I personally haven´t had a cold, allergy or influenza for 3 years. But I must be clear, its not a cure or a super drug. But it is a superfood! Doctors always tell us to eat adequate fruit and vegetables. The amount of nutrients in Spirulina is really impressive.

      We appreciated reading your point about how it gave you the side effect of some cold symptoms at first. Thank you for sharing that. Honestly, that is the first time we have heard of this. We are going to investigate and research this to give you a full reply on this point and we will post it on the site. Our site is meant for information of users. I will be posting the “good and the not so good”. Some people do have side effects just as many people are allergic to strawberries, nuts, cucumbers and other foods. Others, might be consuming it unaware it’s from contaminated supplies. Its possible that happened to you? Before placing a supplier on this site, we check they have adequate production and supply chain security.

      Its, so important to buy Spirulina from safe and secure suppliers. Just as you would NEVER eat vegetables grown in Chernobyl, well at least not for many hundreds of years, its important the supplies of Spirulina come from a reliable and secure producer.

      Its, very important to buy from secure supplies as Spirulina soaks up anything it grows in. You don´t want to be adding poison by accident to your diet. That is why we emphasise supplements from secure sources. The brands I have highlighted on this page are reliable and secure. I will shortly be adding other links to US and Australian suppliers. I plan to add other suppliers soon.

      Have a great day.

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  4. I have never used Spirulina. From reading your article, I have learned a lot about the benefits of the algae. You discussed the vitamin contents and what benefits can be achieved from its use. I am in the 50 and over the group of adults that must keep up with information that helps keep us healthy such as eating healthy and staying fit. I appreciate the info.

    I would instead use fresh fruits and Vegetables. It seems to help me stay healthy.

    Trying to stay Protection from Coronavirus is one of the essential things on my mind today. After reading your article, I decided to increase my vitamin C and B vitamin. My concern is being able to stay protected. Trying to be as protected as we can, we must avoid close contact with people that are sick.

    Remember not to touch your eyes, nose, and be sure to wash your hands. Cover your mouth when you sneeze. Just be careful. Thanks so much for sharing this critical information. I finish watching a video on China today and how they are not sharing the correct information about what’s going in that country. Be as safe as you can when out in public. Thanks again.

    • Dear Elizabeth,
      Thank you for visiting us and sharing the advice from medical authorities about how to avoid catching the virus. Yes, its wise and prudent to avoid those who are sick with Coronavirus. I´m glad you found our article helpful. You are right to ensure you have an adequate supply of fruit and vegetable in your diet. Adding Spirulina might also help you. It might be difficult to believe but this supplement has approximately 21 times the amount of protein when compared to Whole Milk. Spirulina has 65% protein, so compares impressively with Whole Milk at 3%. And with other foods it compares:
      Animal/fish flesh – up to 25% protein,
      soybeans – 35%,
      dried milk 35%,
      peanuts 25%,
      eggs 12%,
      grains Up to 14%
      whole milk 3%.
      Spirulina also contains calcium. About 120 mg of calcium per 100 (US) grams.

      You can pick up a small bottle of 100 tablets from Amazon for about GBP 10 or US$12. There are cheaper brands, but as I emphasise on the site, ensuring you have a secure supply is essential.
      Its very important to buy from secure supplies as Spirulina soaks up anything it grows in. You don´t want to be adding toxins by accident to your diet. That is why we emphasise supplements from secure sources. The brands I have highlighted on this page are reliable and secure. I will shortly be adding other links to US and Australian suppliers. I plan to add other suppliers soon.
      Thank you again for stopping by. And please reach out if you would like any further information.
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  5. I have never used Spirulina. From reading your article, I have learned a lot about the benefits of the algae. You discussed the vitamin contents and what benefits can be achieved from its use. I am in the 50 and over the group of adults that must keep up with information that helps keep us healthy such as eating healthy and staying fit. I appreciate the info.

    I would instead use fresh fruits and Vegetables. It seems to help me stay healthy.

    Trying to stay Protection from Coronavirus is one of the essential things on my mind today. After reading your article, I decided to increase my vitamin C and B vitamin. My concern is being able to stay protected. Trying to be as protected as we can, we must avoid close contact with people that are sick.

    Remember not to touch your eyes, nose, and be sure to wash your hands. Cover your mouth when you sneeze. Just be careful. Thanks so much for sharing this critical information. I finish watching a video on China today and how they are not sharing the correct information about what’s going in that country. Be as safe as you can when out in public. Thanks again.

  6. Hi

    First of all wow with all the bad new about coronavirus recently its a little relief to read about a product that could potentially boost your immune system.

    As to spirulina itself I’m always open for new health products to make you feel better within yourself, and I have to be honest what I am reading is sounding good!

    Thank you for so much useful information


    • Hi Danny,

      Thanks for stopping by to say hello and leave a comment. Yes, I was really encouraged to see the studies saying how Spirulina may boost the immune system. But just to be very clear, there is NO evidence it is a cure or a prevention for COVID 19.

      I know anecdotally from my personal experience that it does. I haven´t felt as fit and as strong as this since I was in the military. I work out daily but the Spirulina has played a huge role in boosting my energy levels. I hope you try it and that you have a similar experience.

      Thanks for visiting us.

      Best Regards,


  7. I know spirulina is good for me but I just can’t make it a regular part of my diet because I hate the taste. Hopefully the rest of my diet is good enough to support my immune system. I think it is because I don’t get ill often. As far as coronavirus goes it all seems pretty weird. People are obviously dying of it in China but getting it in other parts of the world and getting over it quite easily. That is certainly the case here in Australia. Do you think this is because we generally have better diets and better immune systems?

    • Thank you so much for visiting our page and leaving a comment. I think you may well have a good point Deb. If you have a strong constitution, due to a good diet and general good health, it helps considerably to fight off the bugs. What is striking are the number of cases that are developing in Japan and elsewhere in Asia. Some 250 cases in Japan now. 1 death in Japan and they generally have a good diet. So, whilst I agree, it looks encouraging, we must not be complacent. 3 cases in France and Italy have been “critical” for many days now.
      I take your point about the taste of Spirulina. You are right, it tastes pretty strange! There are two ways to get around that. 1. Add it as a powder to stews and other meals or 2. Do as I do, and that is to take tablets or supplements. And I cannot emphasise, enough, supplements from secure sources. Spirulina soaks up any contaminants as it grows, so having a safe supply is critical.
      Thanks again for stopping by.
      Best Regards,

  8. Thanks Leo. We appreciate you visiting our site. Its well known in certain parts, but not that widely, particularly in the “West”. As well as helping me to control my blood sugar levels, to help me overcome Fatty Liver, the greatest benefits I have seen are massively increased energy (I am teased that I am like “Taz” the Cartoon Character. I have a much sharper and clearer mind than when I was 10 years younger and I am seeing muscle growth! At almost 60!

    Some conspiracy theorists might suggest that pharmaceutical conpanies are not to thrilled that this superfood might result in reduced sales for them. But the reality for me at least, and many other regular consumers of well sourced Spirulina, is that we are so much fitter and stronger. Hence the creation of this site, to spread the good news.

    Have a great day and thank you for dropping by.

    Best Regards,


  9. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article, John.  I heard ABOUT Spirulina some time ago but not very much about the benefits.  However, after reading this I am seriously considering adding this to my diet.  The benefits would certainly warrant it.

    I could certainly use more energy and brainpower and who doesn’t want to boost their immune system in light of this new virus that’s making the rounds.  It’s tragic what is happening and anything we can do to lessen our chances of having to deal with this just seems like a no-brainer.  I would love to be able to focus better when writing articles on my laptop.

    Were you experiencing brain fog as one of your symptoms?  How long after you started taking Spirulina did you notice the changes?

    I’m 70 now and I know I should have more energy.  Because I have tinnitus in my ears 24/7 I believe it affects my sleep patterns.  Do you think this might help (maybe not with the noise) with better sleep?

    I’m interested in learning more,


    P.S.  I noticed that when I clicked on some of the links that they lead back to this article.  Not sure if that was your intention.  I thought I should let you know.

    • Dear Wayne,

      Thank you for visiting our site and leaving your feedback. I´m glad you enjoyed our article. You ask some interesting and very goood questions. If you are not taking any routine medications, I cannot recommend Spirulina enough, providing you purchase your supplies from a reliable source. It is after all a “super food”. If however you take regular medication I would advise you to check with your Doctor or Health Professional before hand. Just to be sure, it is right for you.

      The astonishing and perhaps the greatest benefit I have seen are my increased energy levels. So yes, it will help you with that. You won´t notice this immediately as in e.g. a caffeine or energy drink. But gradually over a period of some weeks or a few months you will notice an upsurge in your energy levels. Particularly so if you play your part and do some walking, lifting of light weights or slowly increase the amount of time of your normal exercise routine. Check with your Doctor what is best for you.

      You ask about brain fog. Boy did I suffer from that before I took spirulina! Frankly I was genuinely concerned I had the onset of premature but mild Dementia. My mind is far far sharper now than before and definitely sharper than when I was working 10 years ago. Im faster with crosswords, chess and other, scrabble and other “mind” games. Before I took Spirulina regularly, the number of times I struggled to remember the right word or I forgot details was embarrassing. I used to regularly take Ginko Biloba, it helped a bit, but not nearly as much as Spirulina has helped me. Yes, it will help you with “brain fog”. Its not a cure, you will still forget some things, but I´m quietely confident its going to considerably mitigate that problem for you, well it certainly has for me!

      I also suffer from tinnitus. I have to say I have not specifically observed an improvement in this, but now you mention it, I think it may have eased a little. I will research that to see if there is any medical or scientific evidence to suggest it does. ONe thing I have noticed is that as it increases my energy, like coffee, its best to avoid taking it after midday, otherwise I cannot sleep very well. But overall the benefits are tremendous and in our case, subject to the caveats I have described, I would recommend it. You really will see a terrific boost in your energy levels.

      Thank you again for visiting our site and for kindly leaving some feedback (on the links too. That was very observant)

      Best Regards and good luck with the Spirulina!

      Please do met me know how you get on.


  10. I might have to get some Spirulina.  Sounds like a good thing to have on hand.  Your post is certainly timely, as we are all watching the coronavirus with dread.  Anything that can help us avoid it is valuable.  Thanks for adding this post.

    I am especially interested in the fact that it can help reduce cholesterol.  That’s a problem I’ve been battling for some time.  Now I am sure I have to get some!

  11. Thank you for sharing information about this product Trevor. Do you think this product will be available in Arab Markets , specifically the Middle East?

    • Dear Ali,

      Thank you for visiting our site. Yes. You can obtain Spirulina for the Arab Markets via this link. Kindly scroll down and enter All Other Markets and then click on E-Vitamins. In fact any of the E-Vitamin links on that page will work. I strongly advise you to purchase the brands we recommend as we can be sure they are from a safe and reliable source.

      Thanks again for visiting us.

      Where are you copntacting us from?

      Best Regards,


  12. Hi, Trevor.
    Thank you for introducing spirulina.
    I am currently staying in South Korea, and your article attracted my attention.

    With spirulina, I think our overall health can be improved.
    Good to know that it is also beneficial for improving our memory.
    Thank you for this informative and helpful blog.
    I love to read more articles on your website.

  13. Hello Trevor,

    A most interesting and informative read, your Spirulina I’ve heard about previously only in passing though and I shall be back to look into other articles that caught my eye. The virus is expanding and spreading and figures are already surpassing and situations getting more alarming as in Italy and South Korea to your very recent article’s mention. However if this alternative medicine will help than you must be commended for introducing its efficacy and spread the word to its availability as I believe it is going to be required to help people. Thanks again for your efforts in providing this very useful information.

    • Dear Rami,

      It was good of you to visit our site and to leave a comment. It is quite alarming how the Covid-19 Virus is now spreading. There are now numerous countries with cases well beyond China and Asia now.

      I have recently posted about how it can help with the symptoms of Depression. Our team of researchers continue to find wider benefits for different conditions. These are the areas that we have found Spirulina can be a useful supplement, that you may find interesting to read:

      I have experienced numerous benefits regularly taking Spirulina. The list is quite lengthy of how this astonishing “super food”, or freshwater blue green algae helps us via the nutrients that it packs. Please check the following pages related to:

      Allergies and hay fever
      Andropause (the male menopause – we are researching Menopause);
      Blood Pressure
      It helps diabetics to stabalise their blood sugar*
      Candida and IBS
      It has sharpened my mind & may help Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
      It helps your body to detox
      It has boosted my energy levels
      Eyes – it is recommended as a nutrition to help symptoms of Macular Degeneration.
      Gastrointestinal problems
      It has helped with my Fatty Liver
      Muscle development and growth

      My Alternative Remedy Doctor says it is “Very good for Diabetes, Liver, Kidneys and Pancreas”.*

      And I have lost 28 kilos (over 60 lbs) in two and a half years with the help of Spirulina. It really is an astonishing superfood.

      Best Regards,


  14. Dear Rashaad,

    Thank you for your feedback and for visiting the site. Its appreciated. Just to be really clear, Spirulina is NOT a cure or prevention for Covid-19. What is described on the site is how Spirulina can in certain circumstances help to strengthen the immune system.
    If your body has a healthy immune system, strengthened by a balanced diet, that includes the regular consumption of a well sourced spirulina super food, spirulina might help you* at this time, if there is a global health pandemic with the Coronavirus – COVID-19.
    Please read the article in full for details. It is also essential to buy it from good suppliers.

    Best Regards and thanks again for stopping by.


  15. Hi Trevor

    Thank so much for your article. We’ll researched and we’ll presented! 

    I have forgotten how wonderful spirulina can be, but now that I’m reminded I think I’ll definitely start talking it again. Especially for allergies and general health. I think the best way to combat Covit 19 is to make sure our immune system is functioning optimally, making sure you don’t touch your face, and sanitizing your hands often. 

    Spirulin iis a handy tool in strengthening our systems, especially for older people! Thank good Ness the disease doesn’t infect children as badly as feared. 

    hhope your article is read by many! 

    • Dear Sam,

      Thank you for visiting us. I´m pleased you liked the article and it was a useful reminder to start taking it again. And that you are on the same wavelength as ourselves. We fully agree, prevention is better than cure. But if needed, Spirulina is great for boosting the immune system. Absolutely it is very reassuring to see that it does not impact on children as badly as initially feared.

      If you are going to stock up, don´t forget to buy from a secure source as we recommend on our site.

      Best Regards,


  16. Hi Trevor 

    You have raised an important issue, as we must do everything  in our power to defend ourselves  against the coronavirus  by this is the same for any common virus experienced  at this time of year. What I do not understand is that people are panicking  for no reason as every year there are a number of deaths in winter because of people who have breathing difficulties such as COPD. The virus is no different  from this and yet barely the flu deaths make any headlines.

    Anything you can do to keep your immune system in shape must be encouraged . I cannot see why not spirulina can be used to help in this regard and we can use it as part of a balanced diet. It would be interesting to see how spirulina  helps those who have caught the virus to see if it helps.



    • Dear Antonio,

      We think spirulina is a superfood to boost our systems just as eating a good diet does, but just to be very clear, there is no evidence it will prevent COVID 19.

      As for the over reactions of people. I´m inclined to agree, but I think they are also frightened.

      Its an astonishing super food.

      Have a great day, keep safe and thank you for stopping by.

      Best Regards,


  17. Hi Trevor,

    Thank you for a very informative article. I must admit I wasnt aware of Spirulina till I read your article. I am a healthy eater and take supplements – mainly multi vitamins – along with normal diet. The fact that Spirulina may potentially boost the immune system is definitely a plus and I’ll go to my local health store and check for its availability. Would you recommend it for children too? I have a 14 and a 9 year old at home.


    • Dear Sandeep,

      I´m glad you liked the article. If you start to take Spirulina from a good supplier – you can probably stop many of the multi vitamins you are taking and save a lot of money in the process! I´m glad you plan to check. If you cannot obtain the ones I recommend in this article, make sure you carefully check where they come from and what their manufacturing processes are. We will be preparing reports on a range of suppliers in due course. IN the meantime, these are the ones we recommend.

      Thanks again for visiting us and have a great day.

      Best Regards,


  18. Dear Marc,

    Hello and thank you for visiting us. Im pleased you plan to try this amazing superfood. And that is the key, its a superfood. 1 gram is the equivalent of 1 kg of fruit and vegetables! So absolutely no problem taking it with other vitamins such as Omega 3. But check the Spirulina you buy, you may not need those other vitamins once you start taking it.

    The evidence is very clear on Spirulina and Cholesterol as our article makes clear. Give it a try if your Doctor gives you the go ahead.

    Best Regards and thanks again for stopping by.


  19. This is some great information. Anything that strengthens the immune system and helps to detoxify is a good thing to take.

    I even used Spirulina along with other immune boosting supplements when I was naturally cured of cancer back in 2001. Our healthy immune system is vital for well-being and the natural nutrients are the fuel it needs to function.

    • Dear Robert,

      Thank you for visiting our site and sharing your positive experience of consuming spirulina on a regular basis. It contributed to help cure your cancer!

      I am so impressed and pleaseed for you that Spirulina helped you to overcome Cancer in 2001. Brilliant. What type of Cancer did it help you with? I have seen reports on the internet to this effect. I am cautious about making claims and always use evidence based articles and studies in my articles and reports. You notice we do not say Spirulina is a treatment or cure for COVID 19. There is NO evidence that it might be.

      At the end of the day, its a way of taking on the equivalent, in my case of 3kg of fruit and vegetable nutrition each day, something that doctors and nutritionists have been encouraging us to do for decades, if not longer!

      Spirulina has so many benefits, as highlighted in this report and what we are finding as we dig deeper that it helps with so many other conditions.

      Best Regards and thank you for visiting us.


  20. I have read your very well detailed article with great interest. This is especially so since I will be traveling from Asia (bali) which is up to now free of Covid19 to Europe (Malta) where we ha e just had our first cases this week. I have continued reading more of your articles because clearly Spirulina it totally underrated in terms of its benefits. Very interested in knowing more

  21. Dear Thabo,

    Thank you for visiting us. Yes, it really is an amazing super food. There are numerous benefits. Only today I have been researching the benefits that it provides for the skin as I have noticed that my skin is far softer and incredibly it appears to look somewhat “younger”!

    To be honest I was a bit sceptical about how my skin has transformed and I wanted to find the “scientific evidence”. I think I have, so I will shortly be adding a page on the benefits of Spirulina to the skin and its potential protection against UV light. Thats a bit more tricky to find the evidence for but there is one study I have found so far.

    It also appears to be in better shape even though I live in a very hot and sunny environment. My skin looks smoother and I am nearly 60! I seriously feel as if my body is regenerating. And cuts and wounds that I occasionally have seem to heal really fast.

    I think you are right about it being particularly useful at this time with COVID-19 doing the rounds all over the world! Particularly for older people.

    You may be interested to check out this page which summarises the many benefits along with describing the history of Spirulina, as well as highlighting the importance of choosing the right spirulina for you.

    Have a great day and thank you for visiting us. Its much appreciated.

    Best Regards,


  22. I am glad that I came across this site. I didn’t know much about Spirulina. Your article on this site opened my eyes. I have heard that people who have a bad immune system are likely to get affected by Corona faster than people with a good immune system. I think it will be a good idea to take these tablets beside using masks and sanitizers. I will share this with my friends and family. Thank you very much for this useful information.

    • Dear Nahifabinte,

      Thank you for visiting We welcome all visitors and are grateful to you for kindly leaving a comment. I´m glad it has opened your eyes. I´m also pleased you plan to share this with family and friends. Have a great day and keep safe and well.

      Best Regards,


    • Dear Nahifabinte,

      Thank you for visiting We welcome all visitors and grateful to you for kindly leaving a comment. I´m glad it has opened your eyes. I´m glad you plan to share this with family and friends. Have a great day and keep safe and well.

      Best Regards,


    • Dear Nahifabinte,

      Thank you for visiting us. Just so you are 100% clear, whilst the spirulina superfood can help with many conditions and there have been some studies that suggest it helps with the immune system, there is NO evidence it prevents or is a cure for COVID19. I hope that is clear to you.

      But is has really boosted my own system in so many ways and there is evidence that is described on this site, about how it may help with various other conditions.

      Best Regards,


  23. Wow, a lot of helpful information on your website!

    It’s really interesting to see how things move forward with this coronavirus. How the stock market will recover? How many people will be infected? Will the economy take a long-term hit? Etc.

    You have a nice website. It seems that you really know your stuff. I was just thinking if the header image is quite big because it takes the whole page when someone lands on your page. I might make it a bit smaller so when people land on your site they also see something in addition to the header image right away.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by to say hello Roope. We will be taking a look at the issue of the stock markets and the economy in a later post, but for now , we are concerned to share the good news and how Spirulina can help people, particularly at this time of crisis.

      It was good of you to give us some feedback on the layout. You are right, the header is bit too large. We need to improve that for the reaslon you say. Did you visit us on a lap top or a mobile phone? It looks a lot better on a phone. But I need to find a way to improve it.

      Thanks again for saying helo and leaving a comment.

      Best Regards,


  24. hello here!

    Our company has spirulina in the form of capsules which we sell to alleviate the problems of covid-19 which disturbs the world …
    we can deliver the quantity you want we are based in africa here is our contact 0023769868459
    or write to us via startupane (at)gmail (dot)com

    • Dear Brice,

      Thank you for visiting us Brice. Thank you for the offer of capsules. I have written to you asking for details of your manufacturing process. As we explain on where to buy Spirulina, having the right growing conditions is essential. We would be happy to include your product on our site once you can explain your production and safety standards.

      Thanks for visiting and I look forward to hearing from you by email.

      Best Regards,


    • Thank you for the visit Brice. Whilst we agree that the spirulina superfood helps with many conditions, we would just like to be very clear, we do not know of ANY evidence that it can prevent or cure COVID19. So we cannot endorse your comment that it alleviates the problems of COVID19.

      But for other conditions we have seen the evidence, as described elsewhere on this site.

      Best Regards,


  25. Rather a very great post to see here and I must say that I truly love this post here. Getting information about corona virus and what can help prevent it actually makes me feel this post is worthwhile. I really appreciate the fact that spirulina is capable of helping us to get the perfect hygiene. Thank you so much here. I would also like to address the fact that a lot of people do not have the access to this info and I will be willing to share with as many as I can

  26. Thank you for your post. It is a timely article for all. The coronavirus is everywhere. First, we need to try our best to prevent the virus invading our body and second, we need to boost our immune system so that we have the capacity to kill the virus even though it enters our body.

    Right now it is hard to know where is the virus and everyone has the chance of contacting it. Thus, it is important keep our immune system fit to deal with the virus.

    Here comes the Spirulina. I particularly like your description on Strengthen Your Immune System. I agree with you that even though it is not 100% guaranteed effective, it may help us at this special occassion.

  27. Your post is excellent. I’ve been taking Spirulina for more than a year and it’s definitely amazing. I lost weight, my muscles are in great shape, I haven’t caught a cold for a long time and my brain is working faster.

    • Thank you for the visit. I´m glad you have had similar results to ours. Congratulations on your weight loss and your improved muscle tone thanks to Spirulina and I assume working out in the gym or exercising. Its very impressive that you haven´t had a cold for a long time too! Brilliant.

      Have a great day and thank you again for the visit.

      Best Regards,


  28. Dear Thabo,

    Thank you for the visit. The spirulina superfood is indeed a great food supplement, but just to be very clear, there is NO evidence this superfood is a prevention or cure for the current COVID19 that is sweeping the world. Whilst I am taking it regularly, I am also carefully following the World Health Organization advice.

    Learn more about Spirulina on this page.

    Best Regards,


  29. Its a great food suppplement Leo, but just to be clear, there is NO evidence it offers any protection against COVID 19. To learn more about its wider benefits I recommend you review our page, What is Spirulina About?

    Thanks for visiting us.

    Best Regards,


    • Dear Sarah B,

      Thank you for visiting us. We hope you found our site helpful. You can learn a lot about how it can help you and other people by reviewing this page in particular. As your comment was not directly related to Spirulina I have edited it, but if you have any questions or queries about Spirulina, we would be delighted to add it to our page.

      Have a great day,

      Best Regards,



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