Treat Allergies Without Medication – Spirulina?

  The Winter has gone. Its Spring outside. But suddenly you start sneezing. Other symptoms can include a cough, an itchy nose, fatigue, itchy, red eyes, runny nose and nasal congestion. Those who suffer from nasal congestion may find it unpleasant having a “blocked nose”. … Read more

Reduce Cholesterol And Triglycerides

Studies Show, That Spirulina Is One Of The Natural Ways To Reduce Cholesterol And Triglycerides According to an article by the US National Library of Medicines, Spirulina is now listed by the US Food and Drug Administration under the category of Generally Recognized as Safe … Read more

Body Detox Naturally – with Spirulina

DETOX with Spirulina – is recommended by experts to help your detox. Alternative Medical Practitioners Although mainstream medicine does not advocate or regard a detox diet as useful or necessary many Alternative Practitioners including mine, do advocate a periodic detox diet as beneficial to you. … Read more

Natural Energy Boosting Food – Spirulina

Natural Energy Boosting Food – Spirulina I found one of the surprising advantages of regularly taking Spirulina were my increasing energy levels. It seemed Spirulina was a natural energy boosting food. Where I noticed almost by accident that my energy levels were higher than they … Read more

Why Should You Consider Using Spirulina?

Why Should You Consider Using Spirulina? Why should you consider using Spirulina? I did and it changed my life. No seriously, it really did! Evidence suggests Spirulina helps in the management of;* Diabetes; Thyroid, Pancreas and Liver problems; Lowers “bad” LDL cholesterol and may increase … Read more