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I found one of the surprising advantages of regularly taking Spirulina were my increasing energy levels. It seemed Spirulina was a natural energy boosting food. where can I noticed almost by accident that my energy levels were higher than they used to be. It didn´t happen overnight but over a period of weeks, I found I was getting up with more bounce, I was less tired and as I walked or cycled to and from the gym, I just “felt” stronger and more energised.

Royal Energy? Longer Life?

It would appear our experience with  spirulina is something members of the British Royal Family have already experienced.  Is this a part of their secret to “long life”?  They do generally seem to lead quite lengthy lives. Check this click ,through for details.

The people in Chad who by comparison to the Royals, lead a totally different lifestyle,  seem to have discovered the secret to long life some time ago. There is a video describing this via this page.

How to increase energy naturally?

Despite my weight, I have always been a regular gym user. However, whereas before I typically averaged a thirty or forty five minute session, perhaps one hour session at most, I noticed I now had far more energy. I was not tiring so easily. Instead of an hour session, I could comfortably manage two hours and still not feel tired. But I didn´t immediately credit Spirulina for this. I thought it was due to losing weight. I started to research Spirulina more. I wanted to be sure that Spirulina really was as good for me as this Doctor had told me. I discovered there were some scientific reports saying that Spirulina increased energy levels. Was this why I noticed an increase in my energy levels? When I checked with my Doctor again, he confirmed this, but it was reassuring to read what the scientists had to say.

What the scientists say?

As I researched this new supplement I was taking, I was reassured and delighted to learn that it was “win-win” for me and helped me to increase energy levels. I was fascinated to read this scientific sport study of some “moderately trained” men, that explained “a significant increase in exercise performance”. And as an added bonus, it was helping with fat oxidation in my body too!  I was also losing fat at a faster rate than normal. I could exercise longer and harder so further decreasing my fat levels, now that was a result worth having! As well as my gym sessions, it appeared that I had the combination of Spirulina & exercise to thank for this. As I researched about Spirulina and fat oxidation more, I learnt that my exercise habit of exercising before breakfast was further contributing to me losing fat and weight.

Sports performance and Spirulina

With further research of Spirulina I was discovering more and more indicators that helped to explain my increase in energy levels. I saw more studies that helped to explain scientifically why Spirulina was helping with my rise in energy levels and why I could exercise longer and not feel tired. I was finishing two hour gym sessions and I was still “bouncing” with energy! This supplement I was taking, really was “win-win”.

From Very Obese to Overweight – Next Stop Healthy Weight!

When I first faced up to my weight problem, it made for some very uncomfortable reading. Undoubtedly it had been a major factor in my diabetes test results and was also a factor in my high blood pressure. But now with the combination of regularly taking Spirulina, combined with my increase in energy levels, led to my dramatic drop in weight. I lost 23 Kilos over six months and I went from being Very Obese to Obese and then to Overweight. For me that was quite a result, even if it meant a number of trips to a seamstress to reduce the size of my favourite clothes! Plus a few trips to the Mall to buy new ones!

I continue to exercise regularly and to take Spirulina each day and so look forward to the day when I move into the Healthy Weight category. I will post here, when I do

How well researched is Spirulina? Is it safe for me to take?

Is it right for me? The more I researched Spirulina, I came across a few but rare examples of people who had not had a good experience with Spirulina. Clearly if you are considering taking Spirulina to increase your energy levels you would be wise to check with your Doctor or Medical Professional first, just to be sure its right for you.

You should also be aware that in some cases, contamination of the Spirulina algae can contain harmful toxins polluted with bacteria, heavy metals or possibly microcystins. So you need to be sure that the Spirulina you purchase comes from a reliable and secure supplier. So please be careful. I am providing in the links below details of some that you may wish to try.

Where can I find Spirulina?

I have bought Spirulina in Mexico, on line and in Chile. My experience has been very positive. It has helped me to considerably increase my energy levels and if that is something you would like to do naturally, you may wish to try some yourself.

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If it’s right for you, you can find specific Spirulina reviews  on this page.

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Check our Spirulina FAQs here.

Check our Spirulina FAQs here.Natural Energy Boosting Food – Spirulina


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