Body Detox Naturally – with Spirulina

DETOX with Spirulina – is recommended by experts to help your detox.

Body Detox Naturally – with Spirulina
Body Detox Naturally – with Spirulina

Alternative Medical Practitioners

Although mainstream medicine does not advocate or regard a detox diet as useful or necessary many Alternative Practitioners including mine, do advocate a periodic detox diet as beneficial to you. Spirulina is regarded by super food experts as a healthy way to help your body detox naturally. You might wish to consider adding Spirulina to your home detox remedies.

Spirulina is regarded as nutritious by the World Health Organization who advocate that it has enormous potential to combat malnutrition.

The Medical Evidence for the Removal of Toxins

Does Spirulina help you to remove toxins from your body? Many Millions of people living in Chile, Taiwan, India and Bangladesh are exposed to arsenic through drinking water. Studies that were also published in the US National Library of Medicine have demonstrated that Spirulina “may be useful” for the treatment of arsenic poisoning with melanosis and keratosis. But the medical researchers added that more trials were needed. However, the results from the Spirulina study were encouraging.

Anecdotal evidence suggests Spirulina is widely regarded as being effective to help your detox with the removal of toxins.

Anecdotal evidence from Healthcare and Economically advanced Chile suggests that it does. In Chile, Spirulina is widely available and popular with people, particularly in mining Cities like Antofagasta with a history of arsenic poisoning in the tap water caused by many years of copper mining. The Alternative Remedy Pharmacy Chain Knop in Chile stock a wide range of Spirulina that is a popular product in Chile, even though the water now comes from a desalination plant rather than ground contaminated water caused by years of mining.

The impact of Spirulina on Cholesterol – Reduces “Bad” Cholesterol

Spirulina studies have also shown that with regular consumption of Spirulina, there was no “significant reduction of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, otherwise known as “good” cholesterol but it “reduced significantly” the low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, the “bad” cholesterol. The UK Newspaper The Daily Express highlighted the danger low-density lipoprotein (LDL) “bad” cholesterol and described how Spirulina had been shown to reduce the “bad” cholesterol.

So why detox?

Whilst the human body has its own amazing in house detox system, with fast food and modern diets, from time to time, it’s helpful to give it a helping hand.

The three essential organs involved in detoxing the body naturally are the liver, colon and kidneys. Spirulina has been found in studies to help.

The liver, acts a bit like a filter preventing poisonous and toxic substances e.g. alcohol, entering the blood stream. Your kidneys also act like a filter too but this is with your blood, expelling toxins via your urine. Your colon has many bacteria that help your body to expel the waste from your body. As your Mother or Grandmother may have told you, its wise to keep this “regular”. Do you remember the effects on your colon after over eating chocolate? I used to eat excessive amounts of chocolate, since I have reduced and started to take Spirulina regularly, another benefit I have noticed is almost no “wind” or “gas”. The people I live and work with are very pleased !

Your liver, colon and kidneys need to be kept in good shape with nutritious food. As Spirulina is so nutritious, this is where it can help in your body detox as its packed with antioxidants that are great in the detox of your liver. But even if you choose not to “detox”, taking spirulina regularly is really helpful to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Spirulina is alkalizing to the body, supporting your liver so it acts as a liver detox food. It contains chlorophyll which is used to remove heavy metals and other poison from the body.  Its also packed with healthy vitamins and minerals. So it really is win win.

How well researched is Spirulina? Is it safe for me to take?

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Where can I find Spirulina?

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